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The story is set during the reign of King Seongjong (1457 - 1494). The King has deposed Queen Yiun, probably due to her involvement in some political intrigue. Yet initially, the King did not execute her as she was mother to the Crown Prince (Yeonsangun) who would later became the worst tyrant king in Korean history. I assume that Queen Yiun was a tyrant as well as bad apples do not fall far from a bad tree. However, the King was under enormous pressure from the Confusian Yanban to execute her.So our story starts...

The Royal Military Guards were having a competition to show their skills. Seo Chun Soo (Jang-Geum's father) was competing in an archery (target practice) competition. As he was retrieving his arrows, the arrows suddenly broke off from the target, and he found that his hand was bleeding and that his bow string was broken.This signalled a bad omen.

Shortly after, orders came down from the palace to execute the deposed Queen by poisoning her. The military commander given the task but was reluctant to carry out the order himself. He deliberately injured his horse, thus throwing himself off the saddle and hurting his leg. It then fell to Seo Chun Soo to administer the poison. Before the Queen suucumbed to the poison, she cursed everyone who was involved, and handed her personal Court lady a handkerchief stained with her vomitted blood. She instructed the court lady to pass it to her son to exact revenge in the future. This would be shown later to her son, Yeonsangun, when he grew up and became king. (This coincided with the Gap Ja Sa Hwa - a political massacre during which Jang Geum's father was persecuted. Yeonsangun was noted for suppressing the Confucians, in a similar way to Shih Huang Ti. He challenged and persecuted the Confucians whom he blamed for his mother's death.)

Guilt ridden, Seo Chun Soo turned to wine to get over the incident. On his way home, in a state of drunkenness, the last words of the deposed Queen haunted him which caused him to slip and fall into a deep ravine.

When he regained conciousness, he found his injured arm attended to. A hermit was sitting in front of him. The hermit was probably a soothsayer. He asked the hermit the reasons behind his misfortunes. The hermit then told him of his fate. His destiny will be closely linked with three women. The first woman, "you killed her though you did not want to" (refering to the deposed Queen Yiun), the second, "you will save her but she will die because of you", and the third woman "will get you killed but because of this many will be saved."

Seo asked how he can avoid meeting them. The hermit told him that he has already met the first woman and that is why he is suffering now. Seo Chun Soo asked him to elaborate further on how not to meet the third woman who is going to kill him. The hermit replies that in order not meet the third woman would mean he should not meet the second as well. The hermit then writes three Chinese characters and flung them to him. The 1st character is "jin" ( I will have to give the words in Chinese Pinyin as I have no idea what how is it read in Hangul), the second is "xun" the third is "hao". After throwing the characters at Seo, the hermit mysteriously disappears. Seo Chun Soo takes the papers to a Buddhist abbot to find out the meaning of the characters. After analyzing the characters,the abbot says the the characters are the virtues of a woman. Since the characters do not stand for anything, he tries to analyze them by breaking the characters up individually. Chinese characters are pictograms.

The abbot explains that the first part of the prophecy referred to a royal family who have the characters "Mu" & "zi" in their name, which when combined become the surname Lee, referring to the present Joseon Dynasty. The abbot continued to break up the character up individually. The character "jin" on the The first sheet is made up of the characters "nu" (lady) & "jin" (today). The abbot informs Seo that since these characters were given to him the previous day, he would have already met this woman.Seo Chun Soo's face turns pale, and the Abbot believed that he had in fact met the woman. The second character is "Shun" which is a combination of Shun (flow) and "dao" (head). The third is "hao" a combination of "Nu"(lady) and "zi (son)" which looked to mean son or daughter.

Fourteen years after the execution, Seo Chun Soo is still haunted by the execution. He eventually resigns from his commission as he fears that the present day King might find out about his involvement in the assassination and also because of his guilty conscience.

Yeonsangun has become King. The royal kitchen busily prepares for the queen dowager's birthday ceremony. Yeonsanggun's reign is full of feasting - wining & dining. Court lady Pak Meong Yi Royal Court Maid (Na In) or rather Jang Geum's mother sees her friend, Choi Cheng Qing (Court Lady Choi)secretly putting something (monkshood - poisonous mushroom)into the dish which would be presented to the Queen Mother. She immediately reports this matter to the Court Lady not knowing that the Court Lady is in league with Lady Choi's Aunt who was the Head of the Royal Kitchen.

The Choi family has served as royal kitchen heads for five generations. In the process, they have used the royal kitchen to maintain their family fortune. The Choi family controls all purchases to the palace and use their position to help any political faction that may bring them further power and wealth. In essence, the past five generations of Lady Choi's family have used food as a tool for political and material gains.

As a ploy to remove evidence of their sinister plot, Lady Park was falsely accused of having an affair with a Palace Guard (A serious violation of the code of conduct for court women as all women in the palace belong exclusively to the King).The Palace Gaurd gave Lady Park some cosmetic after she treated him for gastroenteritis.(A foreshadowing of Jang-geum here in the use of food as a medical commodity.)The young Lady Choi falsely reports that Lady Park was seen with the guard alone in a room. For this, she was put to death by poisoning.Lady Han,who was ordered to bring the poison,added a form of antidote to neutralize the poison and fed it to Lady Park and at the same time,inserted a letter in her hanbok (petticoat). Lady Park was then left behind for the Court ladies heard some noise in the forest wherre they admister the poison to Lady Park.

Seo Chun Soo,retired from his commission and now helping out at the temple, as he was walking along the river and saw Lady Park's head face down in the water and Seo rushed to save her from drowning.Thus the hermit's prediction about the second woman was fulfilled He brought her back to the temple and asked the abbot to save her.The abbot then asked Seo to boil green bean soup so as to neutralize the poison while he goes out to look for herbs. Later,the Abbot reminds Seo that if he hadn't found her, she would have died and that he has saved this woman's life. The words of the hermit echo back to him concerning the 2nd woman,as he did discover Lady Park's head immersed under flowing water. Deciding that he cannot escape his destiny,he nurses Lady Park back to health.Lady Park recovers and read Lady Han's letter that has fallen from her hanbok.In the letter Lady Han expresses disbelief that Lady Park is guilty of the crime that she has been accused of and so suspected that Lady Park's life was in danger. To give her a fighting chance,she had given Lady Park some green bean soup earlier to counteract the poisonous monkshood.In the letter, she pleads with Lady Park(that if she survives)to remain outside the palace and expresses her hope to meet her friend again someday.

After regaining her strength,Lady Park decides to leave and thanks Seo.But Seo remains worried as well as fully mindful of the hermit's prediction,so he secretly follows her by taking care of her food and lodging.He also ensures that her journey is a safe one. She comes upon a village with a wine tavern where she is able to find employment.While busy in her work, a few drunks starts harassing her. Seo,who has been secretly following her appears and fights off the drunkards.He requests that Lady Park not to work in the tavern anymore as she is not suited to the job.Lady Park relents and decides to follow Seo. Seo then tells Lady Park, that a soothsayer once said if Lady Park stays with him;it will be the death of her.Lady Park replies by saying that her life is no longer hers.

Seo and Lady Park start over as a couple in a bakjeong village. Bakjeong consists of residents of the peasant class and thus are of very low rank.Oftentimes, people in this class are butchers or skilled in some form of manual labour such as farming.They are not even allowed to learn how to read or write.(Even to this day, no mother in Korea will allow their daughters to marry a butcher.)It was the perfect place to hide their previous identities but it also meant that their higher education were practically worthless in such a "labor"-oriented community(Seo who is a Royal Military Guard come from the Middle class society and Lady Park is from the upper class yanban,her grandfather was a court official but lost favor in the court.)Seo is now a ironmonger/silversmith.

Jang-Geum is now 8 years old,a very curious and very bright girl. (Later Lady Han will tell Jang-geum that her mother Lady Park was exactly the same.)In one instance,Jang-geum went up the mountains to catch rabbits She wonders why rabbits cannot walk on 2 feet and was being canned by Mrs Park as she was afraid that Jang-Geum might get into trouble with their past identities. In another instance, Lady Park scolds her for being constantly missing, only to find out that she has secretly been going to the village school and playing with the official's children. Jang-geum asks her mother why she can't read and write like other children.Lady Park tells her that it is because they are peasants,to which Jang-geumm responds by saying that she knows that her father was in the army and was a Royal Palace Guard.This surprises Lady Park and Seo later admits telling their daughter their real identities in order to give her some hope for the future.Jang-geum promises never to reveal their identities without their permission. One day, a court lady comes to ask if Seo can make a knife for her as she has heard that his workmanship is very good.Lady Park was very uneasy around the Court Lady fearing that she may be recognized.

In the meantime, all is not well at the palace.King Yeonsangun (considered to be the most violent King recorded in the Korean Ancient History)finds out that his mother was assassinated and is shown the bloody handkerchief.This enrages him and he orders his men to execute everybody involved with his mother's death.This became the famous Gap Ja Sa Hwa incident-a political massacre of Confucian intellects and an outright witch hunt.

Seo gave Jang-geum a silver knife-a small handy pocket knife that can help her in cutting vegetables as well as a self-defense weapon or an instrument to end her life should her virtue be attacked.Seo also gives her a small writing brush and an ink pad.

While going to the town village,Seo and Jang-geum sees people wrestling,Jang-geum pesters Seo to participate since there is a prize for the winner.Seo succeeds in subduing his opponent but is falsely accused of cheating as his opponent feigned a knife cut injury.The crowd agrees and wanted to report this to the authorities.Jang-Geum fearing for her father accidentally reveals that his father was an ex-Royal Military Guard.The authorities recognize him from the wanted posters and because of this he is arrested.Thus the prediction that 3rd woman will be the cause of his death comes to pass.Jang-geum is the third woman.

Jang Geum and her mother wanting to find out about Seo's whereabouts go to Hanyang to seek information.By now Seo is presumed dead(probably executed.)Lady Park has Jang-geum dress as a boy to avoid being recognized.Failing to find any information, Lady Park meets with Gam Duk Goo and his wife. Gam Duk Goo is a part-time chef(Sook So)in the palace,who also runs a wine shop that supplies wine to the palace and customers in the capital.

Lady Park writes to Lady Han who was now a Sang goon(a court Lady.)The letter is passed to Lady Han and she meets Lady Park in a tearful reunion as she recounts the events of 8 years ago.Lady Han also tells Lady Park that all the news coming out from the palace is true.Kitchen supplies are running out as King Yeonsangun has taken to much feasting and was taking many concubines daily.Lady Park tells Lady Han that Seo has been arrested and asks Lady Han to help find information on his whereabouts.

Meanwhile the Choi family discovers that Lady Park is still alive and seeks to kill her again.Master Choi Pan Su, the brother of Lady Choi(a sang goon),the merchant who monopolizes all the business to the palace through the intervention of his sister.(Later to be referred to as the "Choi Corporation" which handles all supply procurements to the palace as their only client - a cash rich cow)captures Lady Park and Jang-geum and locks them up temporarily in the Choi's house.Upon seeing them being led away, Lady Han sang goon informs the local judicial officer about Lady Park, a task made easier because of the ongoing "witch hunt".The judicial guard came to Choi house and takes Lady Park and Jang-geum away in the process of saving them.

Master Choi sets up an ambush,mortally wounding Lady Park when an arrow hits her while she's trying to protect Jang-Geum.One of the assassins tries to complete the task but was thwarted by a guard. Knowing she was about to die soon,the prediction of the hermit came back to her and she realizes that the third woman was her daughter,she writes 2 letters while Jang-Geum is out looking for food.When Jang-Geum returns, she relates her own story as a Court Lady.She asks Jang-geum to become the Head of the Royal Kitchen (Su-ran-kan-jae-jo-sang goon) and writes her grievances in the journal.But the choice was hers.If she does not want to be a Court lady or the head of the Royal Kitchen,then she must not read the 2 letters nor should she show or tell others about it.A tall order for an 8 years old child.Lady Park then gives her the 2 letters - One to open once she becomes a Court Lady(Na In)the other when she becomes the Head.Jang-Geum decides to find a way to get into Palace to fulfill her mother's wishes.Jang-Geum then goes to Gam Duk goo's house and stay at their house.Mr Gam takes a liking to Jang-geum and subsequently adopts her.Mrs Gam is willing as long as Jang-geum proves to be a conscientious, helpful child around the home.

The reign of Yeonsangun is getting worse and unrest is brewing. The confucian intellects,under Official Park,Elder Oh are planning a revolt to install Prince Jinsung as King.As Prince Jinsung is closely guarded,Official Park sends a message under the pretext of a birthday gift.The task was given to young Jang-geum as she usually delivers wine to the officials and therefore will not arouse suspicion.She is asked to deliver four bottles of wine,to be given in their proper order and was asked to memorize the names of the wines.

A man servant,comes to Prince Jinsung's residence and brings in the delivered wine.Prince Jinsung was attended by Lady Kim who was the personal Court Lady to Prince Jinsung's mother.She was reporting on Prince Jinsung mother's welfare. Prince Jinsung asked who delivered the wine and the man servant told it was a child and the prince asked for the child to enter.Jang-geum saw Lady Kim,who was a Court Lady,immediately paid respects to her, not knowing that she owed more respect to Prince Jinsung as he was next in line for the throne.

Prince Jinsung was silently displeased with Jang-geum who only showed his displeasure until later.Lady Kim told the rude Jang-geum to pay her respects to Prince Jinsung. She pleaded with Lady Kim to let her enter the palace to be a Court Lady.Prince Jinsung on seeing the child who risks her life to bring him the wine.He asked Jang-geum is the wine given by Official Park,Jang-geum replied the wine indeed was from Official Park and that he should drink the wine in correct order.Prince Jinsung asked if the the wine was in the correct order,Jang-geum said: No,they were not in order, rearranged them and introduced the name of each wine and told him that she needed to bring back a reply message to Official Park.After correctly arranging the wine,Prince Jinsung realized with surprise at the implications of the arranged wine names.

This has some historical precedence.This is made to reference of a rebellion called the yellow scarves or turban rebellion. During the late 2nd century (AD184) in China, peasants revoke a rebellion wore yellow turban and had a slogan loosely translated as "It is the Heaven wish, that the Yellow turban will be enthroned and all under the heaven shall be auspicious" The rebellion was crushed but it was the start of the spiral downfall of the Han Dynasty which was already weak and frail and eventually led to the Three Kingdom period and more fighting. On this pretext,as Prince Jinsung who should know his classics well,knew that the Confucian officials have planned to rebel and will make him King.Jang-geum was seeing Prince Jinsung reaction told him she will sent a message that he accepts in good faith but had his worries.Prince Jinsung observing jang-geum's natural intelligence said to pass the message she mentioned.Jang-geum left and Prince Jinsung told Lady Kim if it is possible to grant Jang-geum wish to be a Royal Maid.Lady Kim said she will see to it and said that Jang-geum was right that he did look worried.Jang-geum replied to Official Park,Prince Jinsung message. The next day Prince Jinsung became King Jungjong. As you may know the Confucian played a strong influence on the reign of King Jungjong.It is a backlash to King Jungjong as he is rendered powerless.This is seen when he tried to bestow Jang-geum a Official rank and made her his royal physician King Jungjong is a benevolent king.Though he is weak in his position,However the people loved him and his policies as he brought benefits to the country in other aspects (was to mentioned by Jang-geum when she tried to consoled the King who was ridden by guilt). Lady Kim sent some one to take Jang-geum to the palace.That is how Jang-Geum successfully entered the Palace and away from the hands of Master Choi and his hench-man.Jang-geum became Saeng Gak Si-This is a probation period of Court Lady who eventually becomes Na In -junior Court Lady.First they are taught the rules and regulations of the palacefor the first 6 months. She met Yeon Sheng, Young Ro. Yeon Sheng became her friend. Most of the girls who are sent here are official daughter's who have lost favor with the courts and thir way out was to become Court Lady where they are being look after by the palace and received rank and salary One night jang-geum and Yeon-sheng sneak out to Inner palace,there she met her best friend,Geum Young(they used to be very close)who is saying goodbye outside of Min jung-ho's room because she has to be a palace woman from that day on which means she will be a woman of the king and no other man can she marry.Later Jang-geum and Yeon-sheng accidently ruin the emperor's supper.In order to sit for the exam she was being canned and banned from entering the classroom.With determination to sit for the exam she had to hold a big bowl of water from noon till the next day when everyone had finished their exam.Jang-Geum passed through the exams set by Head of the Royal Kitchen(Su-ran-kan-jae-jo-sang goon),and was taught by Court Lady Han Sang goon,which is her mother's best friend in the Palace. Unfortunately Court Lady Han sang goon had no clue at all about Jang-Geum being her best friend's daughter.

Under the strict supervision,the talented Jang-Geum showed her determination and hard-work in learning the basic cooking skills from Court Lady Han sang goon. Later, Court Lady Zheng sang goon, has became the temporally Highest Person In-Charged of the Kitchen,due to Lady Choi's sickness,thus breaking the tradition of Family Choi inheriting the same position for generations and generations.There is where all the rivalry starts,because the Choi Family and their supporters had under-estimated Court Lady Zheng sang goon's determination and will,to break Choi Family's tradition.In fact, Court Lady Zheng sang goon was hoping that Court Lady Han sang goon to inherit her place after her death.Soon,Jang-Geum and her fellow friends became adults. [edit] ep. 5-6:

They've all grown up.Jang-Geum is becoming an excellent cook but she still retains her wild nature - disobedient and energetic. The princess is sick and doesn't eat for many days so the kitchen staff are stressed out trying to figure out something for her to eat.She refuses to eat anything they bring to her after a bite or two.

Geum-Young(Hong Ri Na)goes to talk to Jang-Geum(Lee Young Ae)who is making fermented soybean pastes.Geum-Young tastes one of the samples and comments on how it doesn't stink like it usually does.Jang-Geum tells her it's because she used charcoal to get rid of the smell.Geum-Young then goes back to the kitchen and asks her aunt if she can make the next meal for the princess.She makes something plain and the princess eats the whole thing because she added the same ingredient Jang-Geum had used to kill the smell-Charcoal,revealing that the princess was turned off by the smell of the food.The whole kitchen department gets rewarded and all the supervisors are praising Geum-Young,but Geum-Young mentions she was inspired by Jang-Geum's method.

There is a big celebration in the palace:The king's birthday.A precious gold bird from China was shipped to be used for the party and Geum-Young is told to guard the bird for a couple of days.She puts it in the cage but the cage door got loose and the bird is gone the next morning.Geum-Young begins to panic and decides to sneak outside of the palace to ask her relative if he can find another gold bird for her(it's against the palace rules for the girls to leave without permission.)On her way out,she runs into Jang-Geum who offers her help, so the two girls sneak out together.They go out and arrive at the relative's house but unfortunately he's gone for a business appoinment so Jang-Geum offers to make a trip to her uncle's house to see if he can help since he's well-versed in imported goods.Therefore,they parted ways and decide to meet the next morning at the same place.Jang-Geum finds a bird after a lot of trouble but on her way to the relative's house to meet up with Geum-Young she runs into a group of people fighting.She decides to save a personMaster Min Jung-ho a.k.a Ji Jin Hee)who was shot by a poison dart during the fight. By the time she gets to the relatives place it was really too late and Geum-Young has already gone,not because she wanted to but her aunt found out about the incident and forced her to leave.They had also found a gold bird.Jang-Geum has to sneak back in the palace all by herself but the route that she used to escape was sealed off therefore she is stuck outside the palace and gets caught by the guards who took her to the kitchen department. [edit] ep. 6-7:

Jang-geum is told to leave the palace for breaking the palace rule by sneaking out without permission.All the superiors beg on her behalf but to no avail.She starts packing.Her boss, supervisor Lady Han sang goon,begs and gives up her promotion privileges for the next 3 years in exchange for jang-geum to stay in the palace.Finally jang-geum gets to stay in the palace,But not in the 'soo rah gan'(kitchen),she gets sent to'dae jae hun'(herbal field dept)instead.That's usually the place where all the demoted people go because that dept hasn't had much luck for the past few years.As they failed to cultivate the precious medicines needed.On her way she runs into Master Min jung-ho but they don't recognize each other.Upon arriving Jang-geum Jang-geum sees that all the people in 'dae jae hun' don't work but drink and sleep all day long instead.She does not like the way they lived,hence she started to read the farm journals and successfully cultivates a very hard-to-grow herb(bai ben).Unfortunately the Choi Corporation is also involve in this trade send someone to ruin the crop,so as to continue to earn loads of money as the middle man by getting the herbs from china and doesn't lose the income.The 'dae jae hun'(herbal field dept) boss is usually is a drunk figure but on seeing that Jang-geum had put in so much effort and the crop was ruin by someone,he decide to find out who the bad guy was therefore he wait for the bad guy to turn up and bring him to the magistrate unfortunely the magistrate had been bribe by the Choi's Corporation.But that does not stop Jang-geum she starts to cultivate all over again,This time the boss decide to sell the remaining crop at rock bottom prices so as to get the attention of the highest judge's attention and the judge dept gets involved to investigate the situation.The judge dept is shocked that the farm dept had already figured out how to grow the rare crop even the judge wants to know how they did it.Jang-geum gets praised and she gets sent back to the kitchen dept as her reward.

The field dept boss gives her a letter to carry with her to drop off at the library on her way back to the kitchen.At the library jang-geum can't find anyone so she begins to read the books instead.Min jung-ho arrives and explains the meaning of a word to that jang-geum ask and tells her that palace women are prohibited in the library.But jang-geum gives the letter to him.He opens the letter which says that to let the one who delivered the letter be given the privilege to read whatever book she wants to read, because she will help the people with her talents.The letter was actually written to someone who no longer works at the library so Master Min jung-ho tells jang-geum to let him know whenever she wants to read a book and he'll get it for her. [edit] ep. 8

Jang-Geum returns.Everyone's happy to see her back except a couple of troublemakers. The 'soo-rah-gan'(kitchen dept.)is busy preparing for the food exam.The exam consists of 2 parts.In the first part the girls are supposed to be quizzed on their scholarship. In the second part the girls need to show off their cooking skills but the ingredients are limited.Therefore the ones who do well in the first part of the exam get to pick the ingredients first while the rest that don't do well will have to cook with the remaining less-desirable ingredients.

During the two-part exam, the supervising palace lady asks a question using a poem that reads "clothes but not clothes, head but not head, human but not human" and the cook girls are supposed to figure out what food dish the proverb is referring to Geum-young (hong ri-na) gets the answer right away, and then other girls get it, but Jang-Geum and a few others didn't get it before the time is up. The answer is "dumplings" (because it looks like a head, wears clothes, but it's not a person)The reason Jang-Geum didn't get it is because she was gone while one of the superiors(Lady Han sang goon)explained the metaphor to the kitchen girls.

So the girls take turns picking out ingredients that will be used next day for the cooking exam. A bunch of new girls with lower ranking come to help to make new clothes for them if they pass the exam.Jang-Geum is assigned a really young girl.Who happens(secretively)to be the daughter of one of the Queen assistant.Jang-Geum finds out that her flour is stolen by someone when she went to check the ingredients during the night.It's devastating because everyone is supposed to make dumplings the next day and without flour you can't make the dumpling skin.So Jang-Geum went to looks for her flour and tells her boss that her portion has been stolen and asks for more but she's told that's not allowed. And she has to make do with what she has left.When jang-geum finds out the one who stole her flour is the new young girl.Jang-geum goes to the kitchen and sees the girl making dumpling soup.The two girls start arguing.When the guards hear them they go into the kitchen and ask what's going on.Master Min jung-ho is one of the guards since he is one of the supervising guards. The girl confesses that she stole the flour because her mother will be sent away after the exam(forced retirement due to old age)and she will never get to see her again and her mother's favorite food was dumpling soup so she's making the farewell supper for her mother.The guard leader is shocked that a palace girl has a mother inside the palace(Which is not allowed; Geum-Young's maternal identity is also kept a secret.)They decide to hush matter up since the mother has been a good worker.And so Jang-Geum is left without flour the next morning.She spends all night trying to figure out how to make dumplings without flour.During the exam she makes dumpling with steamed cabbage as skin. One of the judges really likes her creativity but the rest of the judges think it's not worth passing especially since she has lost her ingredient.

The kitchen supervisor announces names of the girls who passed the exam.The ones that didn't pass have to pack their bags right away to leave the palace.They're cutting down the staff so as to trim all unnecessary palace girls.One by one the names are called.Geum-Young got the highest marks but the supervisor starts to read a list of people who DIDN'T pass and she reads the name "Seo Jang-Geum". [edit] ep. 9

Jang-geum's name is on the list of people who didn't pass the exam.Suddenly the queen arrives and she begins to taste the samples and is enchanted by jang-geum's sample both in taste and creativity.The queen's assistant(mother of the young girl who stole the flour)tells the queen it was actually her fault that jang-geum lost her ingredient which resulted in her failing the test.The queen orders her subordinates to allow jang-geum to stay in the palace.

The palace girls that passed the test,including jang-geum are officially recognized as palace cooks.Jang-geum go see her adoptive family.On the way back she stops by her mother's gravesite and tells her deceased mom about her success and weeps.She remembers her mom's words and her mom telling jang-geum to be the best palace cook.And to look for her secret recipe book that she hide in one of the kitchens inside the palace.

Master min jung-ho learns from the captured foreign woman that the one who saved him was a woman who had a gold bird with her.So Master Min-Jung-ho goes around town looking for information on the woman.And he arrives at jang-geum's adoptive mom and father's home(the wine makers)and asks about the woman.The wife stops the husband from telling Master Min-Jung-ho about jang-geum for fear of getting her into trouble.

The palace kitchen women are ordered to accompany the king on his hunting trip and to prepare food for the king and the generals up on the mountain.Someone makes a mistake in preparing the ingredients causing food poisoning to herself, another maid,and supervisor Han sang goon Therefore supervisor Han sang goon asks geum-young to take charge and orders jang-geum to help.The king sends a messenger to let the girls know the king wants to change the menu to cold noodles.Geum-young and jang-geum panic because there is very little time to prepare all the food and supervisor Han sang goon is asleep resting from the illness.Geum-young prepares the soup but the taste is plain due to lack of ingredients and time.Jang-geum thinks of an idea and starts running toward the spring water with a bucket.She fetches the fresh mountain water but hurt her ankle on the way back.Geum-young and jang-geum make cold noodle soup with the spring water which gives the soup base a refreshing taste.The king and his generals return and the cooks bring food to them. [edit] ep. 10

The king and his generals taste the cold noodle and they love it.Geum-young and jang-geum are praised for their quick thinking and skills.Jang-geum sees Master Min Jung-ho looking at her.Later, when jang-geum practices her writing,Master Min Jung-ho sees that her brush is too think so he went back to looks for the little brush chain that the woman who saved him had accidentally left by his side.

Geum-young and Master Min Jung-ho exchanged looks and a few words.It turns out he is the one she has secretly admired since she was young.

* Flashback to when geum-young was young.She is saying goodbye outside of Master Min Jung-ho's room because she has to be a palace woman from that day on which means she will be a woman of the king and no other man can she marry.

Geum-young realizes jang-geum and Master Min-jung-ho know each other.She asks her about it and jang-geum tells her that he was the one she ran into on her way back from the'herbal field dept' to the 'kitchen dept' while delivering a letter. Master Min-Jung-ho asks jang-geum if she has finished reading all the books he sent her.She says yes and he offers to give her new books to read in a few days.

Jang-geum and yeon-sheng are sent to a subdivision of the kitchen dept temporarily because they need help.Actually jang-geum has been dreaming of going there because that's where her mom's recipe book is hidden.Jang-geum goes out at night looking for the book in the kitchen.yeon-sheng who rooms with jang-geum realizes something is amiss with jang-geum.

Geum-young's aunt gives geum-young a silk pouch and tells geum-young to hide it in the kitchen.The pouch contains an evil spell against the queen who is pregnant.(the spell will change her fetus from a boy to a girl)geum-young tries to get out of doing such an evil thing but she succumbs to it and goes to the kitchen at night to hide it.

Yeon-sheng watches geum-young go in the kitchen to hide the pouch and leaves.Then she sees jang-geum coming to the kitchen looking for something.Yeon-sheng confronts jang-geum and shows her where geum-young had hide the pouch.But at the same time jang-geum's mom's book falls from the ceiling rod and jang-geum grabs it and runs outside.

The kitchen supervisor finds the silk pouch in the kitchen(it wasn't well hidden anymore after yeon-sheng had mess with it)and finds out that jang-geum was in the kitchen the night before from geum-young.Jang-geum is confronted but she can't say why she was there because her mother told her never tell anyone,and last time she told a secret her father got killed as a result.So jang-geum says nothing and she is jailed inside a room until she will talk.

The kitchen supervisor finds out what the curse is about.Meanwhile yeon-sheng tells the superiors that she saw geum-young hide something.And jang-geum was looking for something not the other way round. So the supervisors ask geum-young what she was hiding and what jang-geum was looking for geum-young denies hiding anything and jang-geum refuses to say anything so both girls are locked inside the room.Supervisor Jung sang goon tells them that by tomorrow she will send them to the punishment dept if they don't speak up by then. When the two are alone, jang-geum asks geum-young if she did it and geum-young says :"no you did it".The next day, the supervisor gets ready to take them to be punished. [edit] ep. 11

Supervisor Jung Sang Goon is about to take Jang-Geum and Geum-Young to the punishment dept. Jung Sang Goon's boss (Jae Jo Sang Goon) stops her and orders her to forget the incident. Jung Sang Goon gets suspicious something strange is going on. Elder Oh tries to fix things quiety. Supervisor Han Sang Goon (Jang-Geum's master) goes to Jang-Geum's room to look for the item that Jang-Geum found. Supervisor Jung Sang Goon asks Yeon-Sheng to show her the place where Jang-Geum goes to practice cooking. The King asks Supervisor Jung Sang Goon what's going on since everyone seems too look very gloomy. Supervisor Han Sang Goon asks Jang-Geum to tell her the truth about her being in the kitchen that night, but Jang-Geum weeps telling Supervisor Han Sang Goon that the last time she told a secret her parents died therefore she vowed that she will not say a thing. Supervisor Han Sang Goon then weeps with her. Supervisor Han Sang Goon remembers the past about her best friend who got poisioned and left to die as a scapegoat, she worries that Jang-Geum will die too. Supervisor Jung Sang Goon (Han's boss) decides to let go of the events in order to to save the girls. Choi Sang Goon tells Geum-Young no matter what never ever tell anyone about the curse sachet.

Gam (the wine-maker/chef Jang-Geum's adopted father) tries to con palace guards with herbal medicine balls. He gets caught but for a different reason, the Head Guard tells Gam that the Prince became extremely ill after eating medicine cooked by Gam. Gam is blamed for poisioning the prince causing the child's arms and legs to become immobile. The Royal Doctors cannot find the source of poisioning and are unable to cure the Prince. The King becomes extremely worried and Gam is doomed to die. Jang-Geum works day and night trying to figure out the cause of the Prince's numbness and unconsciousness... [edit] ep. 12

Jang-Geum figures out the Prince's illness is due to the combination of medication given by the Royal Physician which contain nugmet oil (taken with high dosage can caused numbness) and a combination of ginseng with soybean porridge which acted as an enhancer that caused the Prince's numbness. Jang-Geum discovers the reason by experimenting the combination herself. Thus the Royal Physician was able to find the antidote for the Prince after finding out what the cause was. The King orders his subordinates to reward Jang-Geum. Gam is let go, thanks to Jang-Geum's rescue. Jung Sang Goon suffers from a weak health so she may have to step down from her post. It's Jae Jo Sang Goon's birthday and traditionally the subordinate's Sang Goon has to cook feast for her. Choi Sang Goon brings food and presents to Jae Jo Sang Goon to please her. Han Sang Goon cooks up birthday feast with help from Jang-Geum since Jung Sang Goon is weak and losing her taste palate. Jae Jo Sang Goon yells at Jung Sang Goon after tasting the food saying it's horrible and disrespectful. Jung Sang Goon tells Jang-Geum the problem doesn't lie in the food. Jang-Geum then discovers she can't taste saltiness in food. Choi Sang Goon asks the medicine lady about Jung Sang Goon's health and finds out Jung Sang Goon suffers from weak legs which will eventually worsen her health. Choi Sang Goon tells her brother to help her push Jung Sang Goon out so she can be the next kitchen supervisor.

Jang-geum asks the medicine lady about her inability to taste saltiness and the medicine that she had been taking,The medicine lady tells jang-geum to wait since she might still be under the influence of the food poison.Jang-geum borrows more books about medicine from Master Min jung-ho. Choi sang goon bribes jae jo sang goon's servant to help persuade jae jo sang goon to make choi sang goon the successor of jung sang goon.

Jung sang goon tells the king it's time for her to retire since she's getting old and ill.Jung sang goon asks the king if it's okay to set up a cooking contest between han sang goon and choi sang goon to determine who should be the next supervisor.Jae jo sang goon and choi sang goon become very angry that jung sang goon went about the matter on her own. Jung sang goon tells han sang goon that she has done everything she could and tells han to trust her own skills and have no fear.Han sang goon tells jang-geum that jung sang goon risked her life to give han the opportunity because jung sang goon does not want the palace where food is prepared to ever become a place for anything else. Han sang goon tells jang-geum she intends to stir up courage from within to win the contest and asks Jang-geum to be her assistant. Jang-geum tells han sang goon that she can't because she lost her taste in food, since she ate the ginseng combination.Han sang goon tells jang-geum to wait like what the medicine lady had said but jang-geum says it's been over 10 days and still there is no sign of recovery.Han sang goon takes jang-geum to seek medical advice outside of the palace.The doctor tells them there isn't much they can do and it may take 10 years or 20 years for the taste buds to get its taste back.Han sang goon takes jang-geum to a second doctor who also gives them the same answer.Jang-geum then tells han sang goon to give up on her.Han sang goon tells jang-geum she needs her.On their way back they stop by to buy fresh fish in the market place.The fish merchant, who is blind, recognizes Han sang goon by her voice and picks out the freshest fish for Han sang goon by touch.Day and night jang-geum tastes as much food as she can think of to see if her taste buds have recovered.Jang-geum cries out aloud at her loss.Han sang goon watches and weeps as well.Han sang goon remembers how the fish merchant picked out the freshest fish and realizes something.Jung sang goon tells choi sang goon and han sang goon to each pick out an assistant.Choi sang goon picks geum-young and han sang goon picks jang-geum. [edit] ep. 13

The older kitchen maids are upset that the superiors picked jang-geum and geum-young as their assistants.Yeon-Sheng defends jang-geum.Jang-geum begs Han sang goon to pick someone else since she can't deciper tastes.Han sang goon tells jang-geum the reason she can't pick anyone else is because jang-geum has culinary talent and understanding of food that neither han sang goon,choi sang goon nor geum-young has. Han sang goon orders jang-geum to show up to practice the next day.Jang-geum remembers her childhood days when her mother explained to her the ways of food preparation and food-pairing.Han sang goon tells jang-geum to make 'dae-ha-jjim'(harmony stew) even though she's never done it and she can't taste a thing. Jang-geum makes royal dishes while han sang goon watches.Han sang goon tells jang-geum not to taste her own food,rather cook with confidence in her knowledge. Choi sang goon tells geum-young about the secret recipes that their family has acquired from the previous palace supervisors.Choi sang goon wants geum-young to practice with the secrets. Choi sang goon walks in to the girls room while Young-Ro and chan-ee are playing majong.Choi talks to young-Ro privately. Choi sang goon gives young-Ro money and ask her to move in with jang-geum and Yeon-Sheng and spy on jang-geum's every movement.

There is a crisis in the royal kitchen dept.All the jars of bean paste have an off taste even though the same salt and same water were used like before.(it's a serious matter because when the taste of bean paste is changed it signifies a bad omen to the nation) Jung sang goon tells han and choi sang goon to figure out what happened and find a way to solve the crisis.This will be marked as their first competition.Choi sang goon takes geum-young to see her brother for help.Choi sang goon finds out from her brother that the salt was switched by Elder Oh. Brother Choi is worried by the news since han sang goon is investigating the matter so he orders his men to hurry and get rid of the salt that is in the store. Han sang goon brings jang-geum to town to trace the origin of all the materials that are involved in the palace paste making. Han sang goon and jang-geum run into Mr.and Mrs Gam as they're on their way to the palace to bring previous wine to jang-geum.Jang-geum tells Mr.Gam about the bean taste. Geum-young tells choi sang goon she doesn't think salt is the reason why the taste changed. Chan-ee asks jung sang goon about the difference salt tastes when stored moist vs.dry and this gives jung sang goon a clue.

Master Min jung-ho and his men are guarding the palace at night when they see a shadow running by.Gam sneaks into the place where the bean pastes are kept inside the palace.Master Min jung-ho and the guards find gam praying in front of the jars.Master Min orders Gam's capture.Master Min jung-ho orders gam to confess his offense.Gam begs for Master Min to listen to his explanation.Gam drops the name of 'jang-geum' to get Master Min's attention.Master Min brings gam to jung sang goon. Gam states that he was there to help jang-geum to switch the taste back.Master Min lets gam off. Master Min apologizes to gam about being harsh earlier and asks gam if jang-geum is his daughter. Gam says people comment how her intelligence reminds them of her father's wit.Master Min states he sees no resemblance.(Gam duk-goo is hilarious)

Han sang goon and jang-geum arrive at a village where the people have gathered all the jars of bean paste under one tree.They learn that the villagers believe that spot under the tree cultivates the best taste in bean paste.The villager also tells jang-geum about a couple of other spots which the villagers recognize as the best places to ferment the beans. Han sang goon and jang-geum visit the house the villagers told them about and they ask to taste the paste.They realize that the paste tastes is indeed better.

Jae jo sang goon scolds Jung sang goon for the bean paste incident and worries about the meal next day.Choi sang goon states she found a good paste they can use for the time being. Elder oh informs the king of trouble at sa-san (four mountain place.)Jae jo sang goon wonders if it's because of the bad taste in this year's paste.The king says that can't be true.Han sang goon and jang-geum tell jung sang goon they found out why the taste is different and jang-geum is about to tell the kitchen supervisors the reason. [edit] ep. 14

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Jang-geum figured out how to get the pastes to the desired taste. Han sang goon tells jang-geum to cook bean paste stew for the king.Jae-jo-sang goon asks the king if the soup tastes different.The king says its the same.The king then asks how they got the taste back.It was because jang-geum found out that the secret is adding ggot-ga-roo(flour).The king tells the cabinet to inform the citizens about the benefits of using ggot-ga-roo. Jang-geum asks han sang goon if she could go to the herbal farm.To receive treatment from the manager there.Choi and geum-young are upset by jang-geum's success.

Jang-geum travels to the herbal field dept to meet the dae-ri (ju bo is a sixth rank physician)who is investigating a way of curing illnesses-using the bee's sting.He told jang-geum that a soldier was stung by a bee came to find him.After checking the soldier, dae-ri found out surprisingly that many of the soldier's past pains had been cured after being stung by the bee.Jang-geum begs the dae-ri to help cure her disability using the bee sting.Master Min jung-ho and his guards arrive.Master Min asks dae-ri what did he tell his soldiers because recently, every time someone is not feeling well, they will go looking for bees and as a result, a few men end up getting badly stung. Master Min jung-ho finds out the reason and comes to understand that dae-ri was looking into the medicinal properties of the bee's sting.Dae-ri states he will try new and better treamtment methods.Master Min apologizes for the misunderstanding.Jang-geum begs dae-ri to use her as a guinea pig but dae-ri refuses.He states that he will think of a way to help her get back her sense of taste.Jang-geum and Master min jung-ho walk back together.Master Min tells jang-geum of a story of one who lost his hearing but became a doctor to cheer her up.If i tell you everything will be okay then it would be obnoxious.If i say i'm sorry then it sounds like there's no hope in life."

Jang-geum tells Master min that she had already found comfort with his words and smiles.Master Min gets more books for jang-geum.Geum-young sees the interaction as she walks in the direction of the library.Jang-geum opens the book to read.She finds a proverb/poem that Master min wrote for her:To bring up a small tree in this world is already a hard work,the loneliness of a mature tree.It is only temporary because when the sun comes up the world will once again be filled with warmth."

Young-Ro spies on jang-geum and shows geum-young the medical books jang-geum is reading.han sang goon tells jang-geum to make ddok-bok-gi(fry rice cake).Young-Ro tells geum-young that Han sang goon has been ordering jang-geum to make food without tasting it.

The medicine lady checks jung sang goon's health.Choi sang goon and Han sang goon ask jung sang goon to supervise the next big cooking event.Jung sang goon tells choi sang goon and han sang goon to be in charge of the preparation this time.This will be their second challenge.

Medicine lady asks jang-geum if she got her palate back.Jang-geum sees choi sang goon approaching so she lies by saying 'yes' and runs off.Choi sang goon asks medicine lady what she asked jang-geum and the lady tells choi sang goon that jang-geum had lost her taste buds earlier.

Geum-young practices cooking using the method Han sang goon tells jang-geum, which is to cook without tasting.Choi sang goon comes and asks geum-young what she is doing.Geum-young asks choi sang goon if she could get medical books to read like jang-geum does.Choi sang goon asks yun-noh privately since when jang-geum has been reading medical books.Choi remembers what the medicine lady told her and becomes suspicious about jang-geum's palate.Choi sang goon asks yeon-sheng about jang-geum reading medical journals.Yeon-sheng tells Choi sang goon she started reading after the incident with the prince.

Han sang goon and Choi sang goon sample the dishes prepared by the kitchen maids.The maids taken turn presenting their dishes to the two sang goons.Jang-geum presents 'dae-na-moo-bap' (tree rice).Rice steamed in bamboo trunks.Choi sang goon tells the maids to taste each other's food.(she wants to show jang-geum her inability to decipher taste).The maids trade with each other.Choi sang goon asks young-Ro, then yeon-sheng, then geum-young to state aloud what they tasted. Choi sang goon calls for jang-geum next.Jang-geum makes up a response based on what she knows about the ingredients.Choi sang goon lets her pass and calls chan-ee next.Jung sang goon asks Choi sang goon and Han sang goon about the preparation results.Han sang goon states she can't decide whether geum-young or jang-geum's was the best. Choi sang goon states she thought jang-geum's was the best but it seems jang-geum can't decipher tastes anymore.(Actually the dish that jang-geum sampled was supposed to be extremely salty but jang-geum didn't say that). Jung-sang goon calls jang-geum into her chamber.Jang-geum is presented with 3 bowls of water each with a different condiment dissolved in.she tastes the first one and says it's sugar water.She tastes the second and states it's salt water. Jung sang goon then states all the bowls were plain water.(it was a trick test) Han sang goon pleads jang-geum's case to jung sang goon saying though she can't taste anything she has the skill and wisdom to cook great dishes.Choi sang goon insists a kitchen maid who can no longer decipher food taste does not belong in the kitchen.Han sang goon pleads that jang-geum can cook anything.Choi sang goon asks for jang-geum to prove that she can really cook anything.If so,then she will stay but if she fails, then Han sang goon must take the blame as well.Jung sang goon scolds Han sang goon for not telling her earlier.Jang-geum tells Han sang goon that she will try choi sang goon's test.Choi sang goon tells geum-young to stop copying jang-geum and stand on her own skills.

Jang-geum travels to the herbal field dept to beg the dae-ri to test his own treatment on her.He refuses as he is afraid something might go wrong.Jang-geum tells him it's urgent and asks dae-ri to uses acupunture on jang-geum's arms so as to calm her spirit,he then uses the bee's sting to poke her tongue to try whether the treatment worked.It is uncertain as of yet.Dae-ri gives jang-geum medicine to eat if her body becomes too cold or painful.Jang-geum asks if it's true that the medicine will counter the effects of the treatment.

Gam goes on an errand for the king. His wife follows him and asks him how much money he will receive for this trip.

Jang-geum begins to feel her body swollen but she decides not to take the medicine for fear that her treatment will be nullified.Jang-geum goes to the kitchen to see if her palate has returned.Choi sang goon tells jang-geum her trial is today.A maid arrives with the materials to be delivered to Mr Gam.Jang-geum volunteers to make the delivery.Gam cultivates honey, then uses it to make porridge for the king. Jang-geum delivers the ingredient.Gam shows jang-geum his latest creation (something which has an animal pancreas).Jang-geum tastes it and spits it out speaking of its acridness.Jang-geum asks Gam if he knows what go-rae-go-gi tastes like. (it's the sea creature meat she will have to cook for her trial). Gam goes on and on about how it tastes like seafood but not really, how it resembles beef but not really eventually he's interrupted by head guard who tells him to go back to his work.Jang-geum runs off to the courtyard to read her mother's recipe booklet. Master choi's brother gives geum-young a recipe for cooking go-rae-go-gi.

Jung sang goon tells han sang goon and jang-geum , choi sang goon and geum-young to cook side by side the newly arrived go-rae-meat.Each team cooks different dishes using the meat as main ingredient. Jung sang goon tastes the creations before they are brought to the king.She approves the dishes made by choi sang goon and geum-young.Jung sang goon tastes jang-geum's dish a couple of times then says it's okay to give to the king. Choi sang goon protests. [edit] ep. 15

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Jung sang goon, Han sang goon, Choi sang goon deliver the seafood dishes to the king.Jang-geum, who is left behind in the kitchen, tastes her own food and realizes her taste palate is back.She remembered Gam offering her a taste of his latest creation (something which has an animal pancreas) which she spitted out of her mouth for being bitterly tasting and goes to see Dae-ri.The king is presented with the creations of choi-sang goon with geum-young and han-sang goon with jang-geum.The king praises food made by jang-geum and praises the royal palace for its skills. Jang-geum tells han-sang goon her taste buds have returned thanks to the herbal dept.Dae-ri who used the poison of insects to be use as medicine for human.

Choi sang goon is angry at jang-geum's success and scolds geum-young who thinks jang-geum has talent unsurpassed by none.Jung-sang goon gathers the kitchen maids to try 'go-rae'meat(whale)so they know what it tastes like for future reference. Choi tells Jung that she admits she has lost but states in public that Jang-geum has lost her taste buds.Choi sang goon tells jung sang goon that a kitchen maid has to know how to taste food so that she can teach the younger maids in the future.Jung sang goon states jang-geum can just focus on making great dishes.Choi sang goon insists a royal kitchen maid must have her palate intact.Jung sang goon stops Choi sang goon from going on and on and orders all kitchen maids to gather in the kitchen storage yard for food-tasting.Privately,Han sang goon tells jung sang goon about jang-geum's taste palate returning. Jung sang goon tells Han sang goon to be careful and pretend that she doesn't know about jang-geum's condition in front of Choi sang goon.

Jang-geum is put to test in front of everyone. Jang-geum correctly states the ingredients in a food jar by tasting the samples.Jang-geum amazes her fellow maids by her skills.Choi sang goon looks confused.Finally Jang-geum and Han sang goon tell everyone that jang-geum has recovered her taste buds.Jung sang goon tells everyone jang-geum's recovery is a happy event for all kitchen maids and everyone must learn a lesson in this. Choi sang goon is really pissed off. Young-Ro tells geum-young that Choi sang goon had embarassed herself today. Yeon-Sheng,Chan-ee,Jung sang goon, and Han sang goon prepare food and wait for jang-geum to celebrate together. Jang-geum runs off to the herbal dept to inform the na-eu-ri about her recovery.Na-eu-ri asks if his treatment really worked but teases Jang-geum why she had came empty-handed since she knows that he loves wine,Jang-geum apologizes and runs off to get him some food and wine.

Jang-geum asks Yeon-Sheng what she should give to the person whom she is grateful(Min jung-ho).Yeon-Sheng replies that Jung sang goon said :One can show gratefulness through food that she cooked with love.Jang-geum goes to the kitchen and prepares treats for Master Min jung-ho.Geum-young walks in as jang-geum is about to wrap up all the food she made.Jang-geum says the food is for someone who has done her favors.Geum-young says it must be nice to have someone who looks after you in the palace.Geum-young tells Jang-geum she is disappointed that jang-geum has got her palate back now they're rivals,and leaves.

Master Min jung-ho tells jang-geum about a medicine man she might want to see for treatment.Jang-geum tells him about her recovery, returns the books she borrowed and hands him the food she made for him as a token of her gratitude. Maaster Min jung-ho goes back and begins to enjoy the food when a subordinate tells him someone has come to see him. Geum-young came by with a gift she brought from her uncle's they've known each other for a long time due to their families).Master Min asks her how she's doing and geum-young tells him lately she has lost confidence in herself and finds life difficult.Master Min encourages geum-young to have confidence since her job brings happiness to people.

The king suggests that Choi sang goon and Han sang goon compete by cooking for the prince's birthday,with the menu to be determined by the queen dowager.Choi sang goon asks jae-jae-sang goon to help her become the next head of the kitchen, In return,Choi sang goon promises it would benefit her as well. Choi sang goon asks her brother to find her the best ingredients for the next cook-off. Jang-geum tells Han sang goon that she thinks the ingredients that come from their regular source may not be as fresh as the ingredients that Choi sang goon might use. Han sang goon states that is out of their control, but Jang-geum goes to see gam with a grocery list and gives it to Mrs.gam since her husband isn't around.The royal family wants Choi sang goon and Han sang goon to make dishes using food that the citizens throw away.Geum-young wanders around the town to see,what kind of food the citizens would throw away.Mrs.Gam suggests jang-geum to use the left-over rice from wine-making as the ingredient.Geum-young brings the throw-away meat parts from the market to choi sang goon and they decide to make suhl-ruhng-tang (slow-cooked meat broth). Jang-geum and Han sang goon decide they will use the left-over rice curds to make suhl-ruhng-tang as well.Jang-geum goes around town to look for fresh meat. The queen dowager is presented with food prepared by the two teams.Each team has cooked a simple meal that resembles what the citizens normally eat. The queen dowager tastes the food and learns about the recipe, then announces the one cooked by Choi sang goon is the better one.The head guard asks the queen why, and Han sang goon states she knows why she had lost. [edit] ep. 16

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Han sang goon believes it is because jang-geum took too long to get the fresh shoulder meat for the broth thus there wasn't enough time for the soup to develop its rich flavor.Choi sang goon and Geum-young are elated they won and regains confidence in their skills.Choi sang goon asks why do Geum yeong think they won.Geum yeong says that the reason behind their win is that she did not put any flavor enhancer on the food. Similarly, the queen dowager, upon being asked states that ordinary people cannot afford to buy milk thus, treating the food with milk for a creamier flavor is impossible, rather, its a form of cheating the taste.Choi sang goon upon hearing it from Geum yeong was elated.Han sang goon scolds Jang-geum because jang-geum focused only on winning against Geum-young which have blinded her that she did not abide to the convictions and principle that Lady Court Supervisor Han sang goon taught her.

An old retired Lady Court who have been in long service for the Queen is ill. Retired Court Ladies retires in a temple where they die and their souls will be taken care of by the monks who will pray for their departed souls.She is receiving treatment outside of the palace and needs someone from the royal kitchen for a limited duration and Han sang goon tells Jang-geum to go.Jang-geum begs Han sang goon to allow her to stay since the competition with Choi sang goon isn't over yet but Han sang goon tells her to leave.Jung finds out about it and tells Han sang goon that it's too harsh of a punishment but Han sang goon insists on her decision.

Jang-geum packs to leave.On her way out, she stops by Han sang goon's room and apologizes to Han sang goon outside her room.Jang-geum goes to see wine-maker gam's wife.Jang-geum tells Mrs.Gam about her mistake which caused Han sang goon to lose.Mrs.Gam is surprised at Han sang goon's harsh decision.

Geum-young goes to the kitchen with a joyful sigh and prepares food for Master min jung-ho.Geum-young goes to the investigation dept to deliver the food but she's told Master Min left for an assignment.Geum-young gets permission from Choi sang goon to go outside of the palace for a trip.

The kitchen maids wonder who Han sang goon will pick as her new assistant.Young-Ro goes to Han sang goon and asks Han sang goon to pick her.Han sang goon tells young-Ro to fetch water,again and again, like the way she asked Jang-geum when jang-geum was a child.Chan-ee goes to see Han sang goon and asks Han sang goon to pick her. Han sang goon asks her to bring back 100 different kinds of vegetables in 3 days the way she asked Jang-geum.Yeon-sheng goes to see Han sang goon and states she can take Jang-geum's place in Jang-geum's absence.Han sang goon tells her to make 'sam-ha-jang'(triple paste).In the end the three girls complain about Han sang goon's harsh requests.Geum-young tells them that Jang-geum did all three when she was only a child.Han sang goon arrives and the girls state they can't fulfil the tasks. Han sang goon tells them that,this is why Jang-geum is irreplaceable.The girls then ask why Han sang goon did she sent Jang-geum away.Han sang goon remembers the days of young jang-geum.

Jang-geum arrives at the new appointment.Mr.Gam is there as well.He tells Jang-geum jo-sang goon became ill after she realized her brother had died.The ill sang-goon is dying and before she dies she wishes to eat the kind of rice that she ate with her brother when they were young.No one knows what kind of rice she is talking about so jo-sang goon remains sad in bed.

Master min jung-ho who is on his way back to the palace comes across Jang-geum who seems sad. He is about to approach her but is interrupted by gam who asks why Master min didn't get him any wines(Gam asked him earlier when he saw that min was going to oo-ham city).Later,Jang-geum walks by a temple and sees a man paying his respects to Min jung-ho.

Choi sang goon reports to jae-jo-sang goon that Jung sang goon and Han sang goon haven't been speaking to each other.The two agree that they should make sure nothing goes wrong in their plan of making Choi sang goon the next kitchen leader.Mr Gam shows Jang-geum the beach.Seeing the beauty of the water and the shore,Jang-geum becomes happy again as she runs on water.Jang-geum, who is playing in the water, runs into Master Min jung-ho and the two play together.Jang-geum tells Master Min that this was her first time on the beach.Master Min and Jang-geum chat, then jang-geum remembers her mother and gets teary.

Master min asks how she became an orphan.Jang-geum says it was her fault that her parents died.Jang-geum says her father was once a palace investigator too.Jang-geum tells Master min if she had kept her mouth shut her father and mother would have been alive today.Master min is saddened by her story.Jang-geum apologizes for embarassing herself in front of him.He says he should be the one to apologize.

Jang-geum gets the prescription for the ill sang-goon.Master min asks if Jang-geum is going toward the medicine house and says he's going toward that direction as well.Master min shows Jang-geum where the medicine house is and tells her to meet again in 1 hour's time. Their trails are being followed by unknown identities.Master min and Jang-geum are attacked by the men who followed them.Master min fights with them, then takes Jang-geum and ran.The two hide while the attackers search for them.The attackers find Mr Gam and the doctor, and ask if they've seen a woman with a man.Mr Gam is about to say something when another man from the medicine dept comes to send the men away by stating that there are no woman inside.

Jang-geum and Master min jung-ho were offered some food by the man who saved them.Jang-geum tastes a new flavor and begs the medicine man to teach her how to make that flavor.The man doesn't see why it's so important and declines. Jang-geum persists until the man finally gives in.Master min sees jang-geum's enthusiasm and smiles.Han sang goon tells Jung sang goon she will go through the competition by herself.

Jang-geum figures out what kind of rice jo-sang goon(the sick sang goon) is wishing for and gets it for her. Jang-geum hastily prepared the rice and ignored the man who tells her to dry it for a couple hours more.She presented the rice that she had prepared but still the flavor is not the same.The next day, the man presented the rice that has been dried up for a couple more hours and upon tasting the rice flavor, jo-sang goon begins to weep as she remembers her childhood happiness with her brother.

Jang-geum tells Master min that she had learned some important lessons through her failure.She learned that she will fail if she only focuses on winning and getting results,instead of putting her energy into the food and focus on the one who will eat it.She had also learned the value of patience as in the rice grains being patiently brought under the sun by the Old man which the retired Lady Court longs to taste.Master Min tells jang-geum,he believes that even if she makes a mistake once, she is a person who will bring smiles to the faces of those who taste her food.Geum-young sees the two together as she walks in their direction. [edit] ep. 17

Jang-geum tells Master Min how she resented her mentor at first but now she understands why she treated her so harsh for her mistake. Geum-Young walks in the courtyard and sees Jang-Geum talking to Min. Mr Gam comes with the paper and pen brush that Jang-Geum left behind. Mr Gam drags Master Min to go drink with him. Geum-Young looks at Jang-Geum with hate and leaves. Geum-Young weeps alone in her room, remembering her love towards Master Min.

Next day, Geum-Young goes to the market and sees Master Min looking for a thin pen to purchase(for Jang-Geum). Geum-Young remembers Master Min asking Jang-Geum if she still uses thick pen brush when she arrived the day before and realizes he's buying it for Jang-Geum and leaves. Geum-Young walks off in her sadness to the river. Master Min finds Jang-Geum who is busy chasing after the medicine man in getting recipes from him. Master Min gives the small pen brush to Jang-Geum saying it's something he had but it's too small for him so she should have it. Jang-Geum accepts with thanks and goes back to her recipe-gathering.

The Queen Dowager has set the last competition. This time she wants the teams to cook san saeng-sun (mountain-side fresh seafood). It's a difficult task because it's hard to get fresh seafood at this time of the year. Choi Sang Goon knows she can get the ingredient from her brother so tells Geum-Young the Queen Dowager is on their side. Jung Sang Goon worries that without Jang-Geum, Han Sang Goon may lose. Han Sang Goon says she might be gone for a while (to look for fresh seafood). Jang-Geum watches as the ill Jo-Sang Goon passes away. Jang-Geum gets ready to go back to the royal kitchen. The medicine man stops her to tell her to add dried anchovy, dried shiitake, mixed with salt and powdered stem vegetable to soybean stew next time for rich flavor. Jang-Geum, Master Min and Gam leave together. Master Min asks Jang-Geum if she's sad about Jo-Sang Goon and she says yes. He says that he too feels sad. Mr Gam states he's sad too because now he has to go back home to do all kinds of chores for his wife.

Choi Sang Goon and Geum-Young watch as Choi's brother orders his men to gather the precious ingredients. Han Sang Goon goes to the market in town and looks around, not finding the ingredients she wants. A captured offender has fled and may be hiding in the royal kitchen dept. Young-Ro and Yeon-sheng run into palace guards as they walk outside their room at night. The Investigation Dept. Na-eu-ri informs Jung Sang Goon that they're looking for a runaway who might be in the Kitchen Dept. hiding. The Na-eu-ri finds the offender in Choi Sang Goon's room; the offender says he's innocent but he's taken away and the guards leave. Jung Sang Goon tells the girls to clean up the room before Choi Sang Goon comes back. The girls giggle over all the accessories that Choi Sang Goon has. Jung Sang Goon finds the recipe book that should've been given to the royal kitchen head (Jung) in Choi Sang Goon's room and becomes angry at Jae-Jo-Sang goon and Choi Sang Goon.

Investigater Naeuri informs Min about the captured offender. Master Min reports about his findings from his trip. Jang-Geum returns to the royal kitchen. Yeon-Sheng tells Jang-Geum what's been going on in the kitchen. Han Sang Goon returns from her shopping trip and sees Jang-Geum. Her cold response makes Yeon-Sheng wonder if Han Sang Goon is still angry at Jang-Geum. Choi Sang Goon and Geum-Young return from their trip as well. Young-Ro asks Choi Sang Goon if she found the ingredients. Choi sang goon tells her to go back to work. Jang-geum sends a smile to Geum-young but Geum-young avoids eye contact with Jang-geum. Choi sang goon asks Han sang goon if she found the desired ingredients. Han sang goon replies no. Jang-geum tells Geum-Young she's worried that Han sang goon may never forgive her. Geum-young says to Jang-Geum even if Han Sang Goon doesn't forgive her Jang-Geum already has too many things in life. Geum-young states silently that what Jang-Geum has is what she wished to cherish for life.

Choi sang goon realizes the recipe book is gone and asks around about what happened in her room and finds out Jung sang goon was in her room when all the books fell out of the closet after they captured the runaway. Jung sang goon pretends like she doesn't know anything about Choi sang goon and the recipe book. Choi sang goon goes to see jae-jo sang goon about her concern that Jung sang goon knows about the recipe book but is waiting till the competition day to tell everyone about it. Choi sang goon ask geum-young practices cooking with the recipes she learned while she was away. Yeon-sheng and Jang-geum peek at the ingredients Han sang goon brought from the market and realizes it's not fresh. Jang-geum gets all worried and runs to see Mr gam to see if they know how to find fresh seafood in the winter.Mr gam finds out from the guards what Min likes and presents a fortune to Min. (Mr Gam is trying to get on Min's good books so he can ask him for favors). Min jung-ho tells him to take it back and never bring anything to him.(Min doesn't like people to bribe him.) Mr Gam goes to dig for some root that is supposed to bring good fortune in the workplace to whoever eats it. Min tells him to get rid of it again. Gam then cries out his troubles (he wants Min to get wine from him). Jang-geum arrives and Min softens up to gang by offering the wine at his house.Min leaves. Gam asks where Min's house is but Jang-geum drags him away. Han gives Jang-geum a special plum to taste. Han tells Jang-geum its benefits to health. Han shows Jang-geum she's been forgiven. Jang-geum tells han she is just like her deceased mother.

Choi sang goon pleads for her mistake infront of Jung and Jae-jo-sang goon. Jung tells them to leave since she's not feeling well. Jang-geum and Han prepare for the upcoming competition and Jang-geum is cheerful like before. Choi's brother tells Geum-young the bad news that his men weren't able to get live seafood. Geum-young tells the uncle that Jung knows about the book Jae-jo-sg passed to Choi behind Jung's back. Jae-jo-sang goon and Choi sang goon scheme for a way to prevent Jung sang goon from appearing at the competition tomorrow for fear that she will tell everyone about the recipe book. An infectious virus has struck the palace and General Oh orders the palace workers to vacate their dormitories. Jae-jo-sang goon and choi use this opportunity to get rid of Jung sang goon . Jung sang goon gets escorted away by Choi's man who tells Jung sang goon that everyone must leave for preventive reasons. Jae-jo-sang goon tells the Queen that Jung sang goon has been struck by the illness and thus escorted out of the royal kitchen overnight. Jae-jo-sang goon calls Han sang goon and Jang-geum to her chambers and infront of Choi sang goon and Geum-young, Jae-jo-sang goon states Jung sang goon has the disease that can be spread through food. Yeon-Sheng tells Han sang goon that it's strange that Jung sang goon has the disease since she didn't show any signs like fever and vomit like other people with the disease have. [edit] ep. 18

Yeon-Sheng tells Court Lady Han sang goon that Court Lady Jung sang goon didn't display any symptoms of the illness like Court Lady Min sang goon had (Court Lady Min sang goon is the other Court Lady that nags Jang-geum a lot and has the philosphy that moderation is the key to survival). Court Lady Min sang goon asks Lady Court Jung sang goon why she was sent to the quarantine house if she's not sick by the illness (a suspected influenza was looming the palace). Court Lady Jung sang goon who is seemingly healthy, ponders why she was sent.

The rest of the palace workers try to determine the cause of the epidemic by sanitzing the area to avoid any outbreaks.Geum-young suggests to Court Lady Choi sang goon to seek the shi-geh (food doctor) advice on the matter and reason for the outbreak.Jae-jo-sang goon pushes General Oh to elect the new kitchen leader since Lady Court Jung is gone. But the Head of the Royal Household minister Shang Shen - a enunch insists they should wait until Lady Court Jung returns first since she is still Head of the Royal Kitchen and that she has not reliquished her position.Jae-jo-sang goon then chose Lady Court Choi sang goon as Acting Head of Royal Kitchen while Lady Court Jung sang goon is away.

The first instruction as the Acting Head of Royal Kitchen Lady Court Choi orders Lady Court Han and Jang-geum to go to ' Tae Pyung Guan '(The Peace palace it's where they house the Chinese dignitaries as Korea was then seen as a Ming Dynasty-Chinese protectorate at this period, hence the Korean King have to ask the approval of the Chinese Ambassador for his heir apparent which the task was given to General Oh to succeed after much delay).

Tae Pyung Guan is seen as a task that no one apparently wants to take on and also seen as a place of cold storage and exile as the Ming dynasty dignitaries are seen often with outrageous demanding behaviours and attitude that can be hard to please and in no position to disagree or refuse.The story was given by the Old Court Lady in the service of the Queen Dowager who was retiring was given a privilege to become an examiner for the Kitchen Court Lady where her daughter who was from the tailor department came to roomate with jang-geum and stole jang-geum's ratio of flour to made dumpling for her mother as a farewell gift. She was posted to Tae Pyung Guan where she was young, and was raped by the Chinese dignitaries and had his child. Since the child was innocent, she raised her up under the shroud of the Court Ladies's loyalties oath.

Lady Court Han and Jang-geum leaves for 'Tae Pyung Guan' posting. Yeon Sheng seen that Lady Court Choi sang goon have gained the upper hand plead to Lady Court Han sang goon to tag along as she is a lamb among the wolves.She refused Yeon-sheng's plead as they're not going for fun but Yeon-sheng worries that they'll never return. Lady Court Han sang goon assured Yeon-Sheng that it is not so.

Master Min carries out the task of screening the people who may show any symptoms of illness at the entrance of the palace. Palace Cook Gam and Mrs. gam arrive at the entrance of the palace and met Lady Court Han and Jang-geum enroute to 'Tae Pyung Gan posting.They ask Palace cook gam if he could go see Lady Court Jung sang goon at the quarantine house to check if she's really ill with influenza and the severity of her illness.Palace cook gam tries to get out of it for fear of catching the illness but Mrs.Gam says he can do it for a fee.Lady Court Han sang goon agrees on the payment.

Master Min sees jang-geum and while Lady Court Han sang goon steps aside to talk with the gam's to give them some instructions, meanwhile Master Min asks Jang-geum where she's going seeing her packed for travel.Jang-geum tells him that she is off on their posting to 'Tae Pyung Guan' for the time being to prepare for the arrival of the Chinese dignitaries.Master Min says she will face a difficult task ahead of her and shows empathy for her.Geum-young walks by as she goes to gather cooking materials.Geum-young is upset seeing Jang-geum talking to Master Min so candidly.

Later,Master Min coincidentally bump into geum-young.Master Min asks geum-young on the happenings on royal kitchen but geum-young rebuked that he only to ask when crisis occured and shows she's angry that he didn't apply the same caring concern to her as he did for jang-geum.Master Min was surprised at her outburst and apologizes but geum-young walks away.

Right Minister Oh tells Choi pan-su that he didn't expect the Lady Court Jung sang goon's matter to be resolved so easily and tells choi pan-su he may have to go jeju-island to run some errands for him.Choi states he was planning on going there anyway to work on new money-making deals.Right Minister Oh shows his satisfaction in choi's quick thinking.

Mrs.gam forces palace cook gam to visit Lady Court Jung sang goon at the quarantine house. Palace cook Gam fearing that he will catch the illness could only manage to stand outside and shout to Lady Court Jung sang goon that he was sent by Lady Court Han sang goon on her status of her health.Lady Court Jung sang goon tells him to enter her room to talk, but Palace cook Gam says he prefer to stay outside but Lady Court Jung sang goon ordered him in.Gam then asks the nurse for a mask for some protection and goes inside.Gam informs jung sang goon the news of Lady Court Han sang goon and jang-geum have been transferred to 'Grand peace Palace'.

Lady Court Jung sang goon passed a letter to gam for Lady Court Han sang goon .After gam leaves Lady Court Jung sang goon brings out the Head of the Royal Kitchen secret historical journal.The journal which have references to the diet and recipes favoured by the Royal Household recorded down by past Head of the Royal Kitchen Ladies. It was secretly handed down from Lady Court Choi's Aunt to Lady Court Choi sang goon . Lady Court Jung sang goon never had the journal in her possession and only had it when the guards ransacked Lady Court Choi sang goon's room when a prowler hide in her room closet and Lady Court Jung sang goon accidentally found it while tidying up her room.

Palace Cook Gam passes the letter to Lady Court Han sang goon .In the letter, Lady Court Jung sang goon wrote that she is not stricken by the illness but she wants Han sang goon and jang-geum not to do anything for the time being and act as normal.

Right Minister Oh is entertaining the visiting Ming Dynasty (Chinese) Ambassador in the 'grand peace palace'.The King has asked Right Minister Oh to have the Chinese Ambassador for the approval to the King heir apparent.Court Lady Han sang goon cooks up a light greaseless healthy food when she knew that the Chinese Ambassador was suffering from diabietes when the Royal Physician brought a prescription for the Chinese Ambassador who by now would have suffered from fatigue by the long journey from China which will add more weight to his diabietes.The Chinese Ambassador and Right Minister Oh were shocked by the presentation of the simple food and rebuke the food and asked to have it changed.The food was taken away but returned the same for the Chinese Ambassador.

Court Lady Han sang goon came to explain why she presented such food to the Chinese Ambassador stating his illness and after a long tiring journey and he cannot consume such rich food.The Chinese Ambassador was unimpressed with the explanation and Right Minister Oh gets the guards to drag Lady Court Han sang goon away.On seeing Lady court Han sang goon being dragged away from abiding to her conviction and principles,jang-geum comes in to plead to the Chinese Ambassador that the food served to him is good for his current health condition and Lady Court Han sang goon has forsaken her great culinary skills to make the food that will bring benefit to his health.And she asked them a chance of 5 days to present these simple food, and it will bring changes to the Ambassador's health. On hearing this, Right Minister Oh was more furious that a mere maid is telling the ranked officials what to eat or not to eat.The Chinese Ambassador somewhat relented but at the same time was upset as no one never told him off about his eating habits, asks jang-geum to prove her theory correct.Jang-geum says that Lady Court Han sang goon will serve delicious beneficial food but the the Chinese Ambassador demand that jang-geum should be the one to cook since it was her suggestion and will be the one to prove it. The Ambassador gave jang-geum 5 days to prove her theory and if she can't she will lose her life. He will eat everything she serve to him even grass but it must be delicious as he is a very picky eater, and if she failed in the 5 days to bring any results to his health he will punish her under the Chinese law for contempt.Which is a death sentence Jang-geum had no choice but to prove it.

Meanwhile Lady Court Han sang goon is placed under house arrest. The Head of the Royal Household Minister Shang Shen came to ask why Lady Court Han sang goon served such food to the Ambassador. She said if the King has the same illness, she will serve the same food as would Lady Court Jung sang goon will, if she was here to cook. Shang Shen then tell Lady Court Han sang goon about Jang-geum's pact with the Chinese Ambassador and at stake was her own life.Lady Court Han sang goon was shocked at the remarks.

Words of the outburst from Tae Pyung Guan came to the ears of the Queen Dowager and orders Jae jo sang goon to settle this matter quickly and that a lot of decision where riding on the Ambassador approval and the need to make him happy.Lady Court Choi sang goon says she will go there and prepare a feast for the Ambassador.That night, jang-geum ponders and remembers her mother's last words pleading her to find a way to survive even without the guidance of her father and mother.

The next day she picks up her confidence and jang-geum starts cooking for the Ambassador. Lady Court Choi sang goon came to 'Tae Pyung Guan' to take over the cooking duties herself and told jang-geum to give up the kitchen for them but jang-geum tells Lady Court Choi sang goon to leave instead, saying that the Chinese Ambassador have agreed to eat what she serve for 5 days. Lady Court Choi sang goon was offended by Jang-geum's remark but geum-young persuades Lady Court Choi sang goon to leave as jang-geum have staked her life on it.They will wait patiently for her to serve the 5-day meals and they will then take over the kitchen and left.

Lady Court Choi sang goon tells Right Minister Oh not to worry about the Ambassador because she will cook up a feast of three days the 'mahn han jung sung' served in the royal palace of the chinese emperor. (This reference is not accurate, Mahn han jung sung was only serve during the Qing Dynasty under the reign of Kangxi. It was a feast of three days of both Manchu and Chinese (Han)cusine serve for Kangxi to thanked his cabinet.It was recorded in his annals and serve as a bible to Chinese cusine later.I assume that the scripwriter wanted to add flavouring to the story or Lady Court Choi sang goon was the inventor of it).

Jang-geum started using the flavouring seasoning receipe she learned from the temple keeper during her stint at the temple looking after the Queen old Court Lady Nanny. The flavouring contain the compound of sun-dried fried anchovies, sun-dried mushroom, sundried vegetable and salt. The stint teaches jang-geum that there are no secret recipes but through perseverance of preparation of food will bring out the true flavour of the ingredient. Jang-geum tried to artificially dry the rice and unsucessfully could not bring out the flavour the Old court lady nanny yearn for but the temple keeper patiently sun-dried the rice until it is ripe to consume and yielded result and the the Old Court Lady nanny died in peace.

The Chinese Ambassador started to eat but has shown dissatisfaction when eating it which worries Jang-geum. Still she persists to the principles of Lady Court Han sang goon and served him the 5 meals as per agreement. On the 6 day Lady Court Choi sang goon came to take over the kitchen and lay the dishes on the table which delighted the Ambassador. The Ambassador tried the dishes and marvelled on the taste. Right Minister Oh asks the Ambassador what should the verdict on jang-geum who was rude and contempt. (revised by Gerry Tan (10/8/05) [edit] ep. 19

The Chinese Ambassador, after taking several bites of the feast, turns to Jang-geum and apologises for his weakness in eating the tempting dishes in front of him. He tells her that he will do it only once. Right Minister Oh is shocked as the feast lasts yet another 2 days. The Ambassador thanks him, but says that he will not partake in the feast any further. When Oh asks why, he points to Jang-geum and says that it is because of Jang-geum's rudeness and contempt. Jang-geum is surprised at the comment.

The Chinese Ambassador asks Jang-geum why she was so insistent on cooking this simple food, even at the risk of her life, as he was not Korean and would not be staying long. It would have been much simpler if she had served the food he wanted.

Jang-geum replies that she was following the principles set by her mentor Court Lady Han sang goon, which is "under any circumstances a cook must never prepare food that will bring harm to the one who will eat the food."

The Ambassador asks her if she had been afraid, Jang-geum says she was when she saw how Lady Court Han sang goon was dragged away and placed under house arrest, and when she herself made a pact with the Ambassador at the expense of her life.The Ambassador laughs at the stubborness of the teacher and the pupil in preserving their principle and says that since they abide by their convinction to serve food that is good for his health, he as the recipient must also abide by such rules to look after his own health. For many years he abused his health, causing himself to suffer from diabetes because of his eating habits, although he knew full well the harm of consuming such food. He then mentions that whilst eating the food that jang-geum had been serving for the past the 5 days, he could taste the same pleasant flavour that he has never tasted before(Initially, he hadn't shown that he could taste the flavour, which worried Jang-geum.)It was delicious.He then says that Court Lady Han sang goon and jang-geum will be in charge of all his meals until he leaves for China.Jang-geum has proven that the simple food she served for 5 days did make the Ambassador healthier; he had been grumpy when he first arrived, but now he was more well-tempered.Jang-geum is relieved and happy. much to the displeasure of Court Lady Choi sang goon,geum-young, and Right Minister Oh.

Lady Court Han sang goon is freed. The head of the Royal Household, Minster Shang Shen, says that Jang-geum has won the Ambassador over with her persistence. Court Lady Han sang goon tells Jang-geum that Jang-geum's actions will shorten her (Lady Court Han sang goon's) lifespan by a few years due to worry. Jang-geum jokes that Lady Court Han sang goon is beginning to sound more like Lady Court Jung sang goon and laughs.

Court Lady Han sang goon tells Minister Shang Shen that Court Lady Jung sang goon is not suffering from any contagious illness. Shang Shen says that he has been away, entertaining the Chinese dignitaries, thus he does not know the happenings at the palace. He will find out what's going on.

To save some face, Court Lady Choi sang goon goes to see Lady Court Han sang goon and sarcastically says that she had been worried about the Chinese dignitaries, who in the past had been difficult. She says that since the Chinese Ambassador prefer Court Lady Han sang goon's cooking, she will leave it up to Lady Court Han sang goon.

Court Lady Choi sang goon report to Jae-jo-sang goon all is well at 'Tae Pyung Guan', leaving out that it was Lady Court Han sang goon and Jang-geum who made things go smoothly.

Yeon-sheng trains the newly arrived child maids to bow and orders the older children to each pair up with a younger child.

Young-ro interrupts and tries to take away 2 children to be her students. Court Lady Choi sang goon arrives and stops Young-ro and Yeon-sheng from arguing. Lady Court Choi sang goon puts Young-ro in charge of the training of the young maids.Yeon-sheng complains to Chan-ee about Choi sang goon and asks if Jung sang goon will return soon.Chan-ee wonders if they need to be nice to Young-ro from now on since Choi sang goon is in charge, and she favours Young-ro.

Jae-jo-sang goon and Choi-sang goon report to the Queen Dowager. Jae-jo-sang goon tells her Court Lady Choi sang goon took care of the Ambassador. The Queen Dowager praises them for doing a good job at Tae-Pyung-Guan. Jae-jo-sang goon is about to bring up the issue of promoting Choi-sang goon again when they are interrupted by the arrival of the Queen. The Queen arrives to greet the Queen Dowager and apologizes for her grief over her nanny. Now she has come to terms with her grief after hearing all had been done for her. The Queen asks what they're discussing about.The Queen Dowager excuses Lady Court Choi and Jae-jo-sang goon as the Queen hints that they should speak privately. The Queen Dowager tells the Queen that she was just praising Lady Court Choi on a job well done with the Chinese dignitaries.The Queen tells the Queen Dowager that she had heard a different version of the story.

Lady Court Jung sang goon is given a medical examination by the Doctor brought by Gam. The doctor says that she shouldn't have been kept together with those who suffered from the disease.Gam visits Han sang goon to tell her Jung sang goon is weaker than before.

A palace guard comes and asked for the Court lady who took care of the Old Court Lady nanny. Lady Court Han sang goon tells the guard that it was Jang-geum. The guard says that the Queen asked for her presence at her chambers. Shang Shen accompanies Jang-geum to see the Queen. The Queen meets with jang-geum.(Historically this is Queen Munjeong. She is a major figure in Korean History. Driven by political ambitions, she will destroy political adversaries and take control of state affairs from behind the veil for 8 years. This was in a time when gender inequality and sexual discrimination prevailed in the Joseon dynasty. So Jang-geum was not the only woman to break the glass ceiling. A scene between jang-geum and the Queen over why women cannot be like men in term of education and occupation was mentioned in later episodes.)

Back to the story: The Old Court Lady nanny was the nanny of the Queen. She was not only a nanny but also the only maternal person the Queen had known. The Queen lost her mother when she was very young and the nanny looked after her. She wants to know from Jang-geum about her nanny's last days of life, and whether she had passed away peacefully. Jang-geum tells her that the nanny died peacefully and happy and her ashes are in the temple and she can visit her there if she wishes. Shang shen then interupts that Jang-geum certainly took care of the Old nanny well and she has shown the same care in looking after the Chinese Ambassdor's well-being and health.Shang Shen tells the Queen of the happenings in Tae Pyung Guan.The Queen is amused.

Jae-jo-sang goon tells the head guard that they probably shouldn't let Jung sang goon back in the royal kitchen since she is so ill and they should hurry and make a new kitchen head. But the head guard states that is not an urgent matter.

Jung sang goon sends Min-sang goon on a errand to find out what it is that the medical staff has been giving her as medication. Min sang goon finds out the medicine Jung sang goon has been taking contains harmful liquids that are slowly harming her body. Jung sang goon writes a letter to Jae-jo-sang goon asking for a meeting. Jae-jo-sang goon reluctantly visits Jung.

Jung asks Jae-jo-sang goon to allow her to return to the palace kitchen with the rest of the people who are scheduled to return to the palace in 2 days. Jae-jo-sang goon states that's not a good idea since Jung is so sick and too weak to cook.Jung sang goon confronts Jae-jo sang goon,telling her that she knows about the medicine Jae-jo-sang goon has ordered for her and about the recipe book that was supposed to be given to her but was passed on to Choi sang goon.Jung sang goon asks if Jae-jo-sang goon wants her to send the harmful medicine and the book to the investigation dept. Jae-jo-sang goon denies everything but it is clear she feels threatened.

The queen calls Jae-jo-sang goon and Choi sang goon into her chamber. In front of Lady Ja-soon, the queen scolds the two sang goons for not telling her about what Han sang goon and Jang-geum did in Tae-Pyung-Guan. And also about Jung sang goon's illness.

Right Ministr Oh sends off the visiting Ambassador,who is content with his stay and thus offers friendship from his nation of Myung (China) to Joseon (Korea).The head guard asks Han sang goon if she will be returning to kitchen since she did a good deed for the nation.Jung sang goon returns to the royal kitchen. Han sang goon is so overjoyed that she cries.

The queen orders everyone to be present for a meeting.

The queen tells Jung sang goon as far as she is concerned,Han sang goon won the second competition since she presented beneficial food to the visiting Ambassador, thus giving him a great impression of the Korean dynasty. Jung sang goon meets with Choi sang goon , Han sang goon , Geum-young and Jang-geum. Jung sang goon brings out the revered recipe book and states that since Choi sang goon already saw it, it's only fair that Han sang goon sees the content as well.However, Han sang goon declines,saying she will only read it if she becomes the next kitchen head.

The Gam arrive outside the village where Master Min is staying to deliver wines.Min meets with his informants who tell him that the suspects they're after may be hiding in the local bar/inn. Min comes outside to meet with Gam. Min asks Gam to take him to the bar/inn he frequents. Min gathers information about the inn's guests from the hostess.The hostess says she can't give out information about the guests and their conversations for no reason and leaves. Mr Gam tells Min that he knows how to do business with the bar hostesses,therefore Min should leave it to him but for a price. Min offers a thousand yang(monetary unit)to Gam for his assistance.

The queen gathers Jae-jo-sang goon, Jung sang goon, Choi sang goon and Han sang goon into her chamber to announce that the theme for the final competition between Han sang goon and Choi sang goon is 'nothing'. It means that queen just wants the two sang goons to prepare their best dishes for her upcoming birthday feast. Chan-ee tells the kitchen maids why the queen met with the supervisors.

Right Minister Oh meets with Jae-jo-sang goon.Right Minister Oh tells Jae-jo-sang goon there's no shortcuts anymore. From now on it depends on Choi sang goon's skills.Jung sang goon tells Han sang goon that she has done what she could and whatever happens will a fate destined by the heavens, so Han sang goon should try to cook with a peaceful heart.

Han sang goon meets with Jang-geum, who sees that Han sang goon is trembling. Jang-geum tells Han sang goon she looks cute when she's trembling nervously. Han sang goon scolds her lovingly. Jang-geum tells Han sang goon that she believes in Han sang goon's skills. Han sang goon begins to tell Jang-geum about her past, of being born into a humble family, of meeting another child who gave Han sang goon her first praise for her cooking skills,of following that child into the palace to become a kitchen maid Later, Han sang goon goes outside and calls out her friend's name: "Myung-ee"(Jang geum's mother's name).

Meanwhile, Jang-geum goes to read her mother's booklet and learns about a secret ingredient that requires juice from the tree.

Han sang goon digs out a small jar buried under the soil of a secret spot as she remembers her friend Myung-ee who buried the jar with her. As she leaves, she remembers Myung-ee telling her that the best food for the king should be "pal-gua-tang" (eight fruit soup). [edit] ep. 20

Jang-geum runs to the place where her mother wrote that she had buried the jar with her fellow-cook. Jang-geum sees that the soil had been touched recently. She wonders if her mother's friend was there. Han sang goon has already left the area. Later, Han sang goon tells Jang-geum that she plans to make 'eight-fruit-soup' for the feast competition.

Choi sang goon and Geum-young go see Choi's brother.Choi sang goon tells her brother that she has confidence that they will win.Master Choi meets with a palace messenger whom he bribed to be on his side at the town inn to discuss a new scheme.The hostess listens as they talk. The messenger goes to see Young-ro and whispers something in her ear.

Young-ro and Yeon-sheng try to find out from each other what Choi sang goon and Han sang goon are cooking.They exchange papers with the dish name, but Young-ro gets a blank piece of paper from Yeon-sheng, whilst Yeon-sheng gets a fake dish name from Young-ro.They argue again. Young-Ro tries to get Chan-ee's help.Chan-ee tells Young-Ro that she should go find out from Yueon-sheng while she's talking in her sleep.

Young-ro goes into Yeon-sheng's room at night and tries to ask her about the dish as she sleeps but Yeon-sheng starts to blabber about all the food she's craving for. Young-ro gets annoyed and stuffs a green onion into Yeon-sheng's mouth.

Mrs Gam tells her husband to deliver a precious wine to Han sang goon.The wine is a special wine that only Mrs. Gam knows how to make. She wants Han sang goon to present the wine to the king during the feast so that everyone will know about her special wine,thus helping the Gams' business. Mr Gam delivers the wine to Jang-geum and gives her instructions on what to do with the wine.

Choi sang goon and Geum-young prepare the ingredients for next day's cook-off. Han sang goon and Jang-geum prepare their ingredients as well. That night, the Choi's messenger meets with Young-ro to give her some intructions.Yeon-sheng runs into Jang-geum's room to tell her that Young-ro did something to their ingredients. Yeon-sheng, Jang-geum, and Han sang goon quickly run to the kitchen to discover that all the ingredients have been ruined and messed up. Han sang goon instructs Jang-geum to hold the fort down in the morning while she goes out to get more ingredients.Young-ro watches and reports to the messenger. Han sang goon leaves the palace at night to see the market merchant and Gam. The merchant says that the fresh ingredients will be in the market by daylight. Gam says he doesn't have any more of the dong-chong-chow (vegetable worms) she got from him yesterday. Gam takes Han sang goon around town to look for more but one by one all the shops say they have run out of stock.

At daylight, Han sang goon gets what she needs and Gam sends her off in a boat.As he turns around to tell her that she had forgotten to leave money for the additional ingredients that he had to buy for her, he realises that Han sang goon is being kidnapped by 2 men on the boat.Gam runs all the way home to tell his wife and ask her whether they should report to Master Min to ask for his help in getting the police involved. Min learns about the fate of Han sang goon from Gam and goes off with his assistant on horse after Han sang goon's trail.

Back at the palace, Yeon-sheng worries about Han sang goon who has not yet return while Jang-geum tries to stay calm. Young-ro continues to spy on them.Yeon-sheng tells Jang-geum that Jae-jo sang goon and everyone else have gathered for the competition. Young-ro goes after Choi sang goon and whispers something in her ears. Choi sang goon is surprised about what happened to Han sang goon.Young-ro tells Choi sang goon that master Choi will keep Han sang goon from attending the cook-off. Choi sang goon is not happy by her brother's gesture which shows that he doesn't trust her skills.

Jae-jo-sang goon calls for a meeting and asks why Han sang goon is absent. Jang-geum informs them Han sang goon had gone out to get the ingredients she needs.Jung sang goon asks what happened to the ingredients she already prepared. Jang-geum replies, saying that animals came in overnight and ruined the ingredients. Jae-jo sang goon says it's the cook's responsibility to protect their ingredients. Failure in doing so is Han sang goon's fault. Jang-geum says it's her fault and asks if she could take her place until she comes back. Jae-jo sang goon reluctantly agrees after Geum-young's persuasion. Jung sang goon tells Jang-geum that it was not her place to butt in. Choi sang goon scolds Geum-young for butting in. Geum-young thinks to herself that she wishes to see Jang-geum suffer the way she made her suffer.

Outside the palace door, Mrs. Gam runs into the blind merchant who asks her to deliver the fresh seafood to Han sang goon. The seafood is delivered to Jang-geum and Jang-geum is told that Han sang goon was kidnapped on her way back to the palace.

Min-sang goon gives shiitake mushrooms to Jang-geum to encourage her. Chan-ee also gives Jang-geum the beef which she stole from the royal kitchen. Jang-geum looks at Yeon-sheng seriously and tells her that she is the only one who can help her at this moment. Yeon-sheng says she's shaking nervously but pulls herself together to help Jang-geum fetch what she needs.

At the mother Queen's birthday feast, the royal family and the ranking generals have gathered. Jang-geum and Geum-young present their first course to the Queen and the king. The Queen asks what she's eating. Jang-geum replies she made a "jung-bo" porridge. Geum-young states her porridge is a "oh-ja' porridge using 5 complimentary fresh ingredients. The royal family seems to like Geum-young's porridge better.

Jang-geum and Choi present their next course. Jang-geum goes on about how she prepared the vermicelli wrap. Next the royal family enjoys Choi's spring rolls made from seafood wrap.The king, the Queen dowager and the Queen express their delight at Choi's food.

Yeon-sheng is worried that Jang-geum is losing. Jang-geum silently asks for her mother to help her. The next course is a salad. The royal family is once again impressed by Choi's innovation of using bean water as the dressing.Jang-geum again asks her mother to help her.The royal family tastes her veggie dip made from garlic and aged vinegar preserved underground for decades.The king states both are excellent but Jang-geum wins this round.

The Queen Dowager asks why Han sang goon is missing.Jae-jo-sang goon says that Han sang goon had left the palace and has yet to return. Everyone is startled by the news. [edit] ep. 21

The Queen Dowager wonders why Han sang goon is missing and why a maid has been presenting the food instead.Jae-jo-sang goon tells the Queen Dowager that Han sang goon hasn't returned since she left yesterday. Jung states that Han sang goon had to leave to get fresh ingredients. The king asks who then has been preparing the food that they're eating. The sang goons say Han's maid Jang-geum is the cook. The Queen Dowager says there's no need to continue with the competition in that case.The Queen and the king ask the Queen Dowager to allow Jang-geum to continue. The Queen Dowager agrees.Jang-geum's next dish is tender ribs. Choi sang goon presents triple-cooked shrimp. Min sang goon ,the other maids, the child maids, and master Choi and his messenger watch on.

Han sang goon escapes when Master Min and his soldiers arrive. The soldiers escort Han sang goon back to the palace while Min investigates.Jang-geum prepares the main course.Yeon-sheng expresses her concern at their lack of ingredients to make the 'pal-ga-tang' (8 fruit soup) that Han sang goon wanted. Jang-geum tells Yeon-sheng to give her space alone and takes out her mother's recipe book for strength.

Choi sang goon and Jang-geum present their course. Choi sang goon presents a stew of soft-pork meat combined with ginseng. Jang-geum presents her dish and the royal family seems disappointed at the sight of the chicken soup.But the Queen shows interest after a bite and asks what she used.Jang-geum states that she used cabbage, garlic, chicken, etc. The king interrupts and wants to know what is the ingredient that gives the dish such an aromatic spicy flavor.Jang-geum replies the secret ingredient is tiger liver.

Han sang goon arrives.The maids tell her Jang-geum is losing.Gam asks if Han sang goon is okay. The Queen and King agree that Jang-geum should win this round.The onlookers cheer.Gam urges Han sang goon to hurry and take over the competition but Han sang goon says the competition belongs to Jang-geum.

For the second course,Choi sang goon presents bone marrow rice. Jang-geum presents a special bone marrow rice that gives out a cool feeling after eating,getting rid of the greasy aftertaste of the previous course.The royal family praises Jang-geum for making such a thoughtful dish. The on-lookers cheer for Jang-geum again.

Choi sang goon is becoming angry but Geum-young says she will surely win the next round.Jang-geum sees that Han sang goon is back. Han sang goon gives a smile and motions to Jang-geum, telling her to continue.

The final course is dessert. The Queen Mother's tastes the fruits and asks Choi sang goon and Jang-geum what they each consider as their best dish today.Jang-geum states she was unable to cook the best dish of 'pal-ga-tang' that Han sang goon wanted; however she made a dish that she considers her own best.Jang-geum states it's wild berry dessert and presents the dish. The Queen asks why. Jang-geum states that wild berry is the last food that she had washed and fed to her dying mother.Her mother,upon eating the berries,left the world with a soft smile on her face.Jang-geum states she prepared the food with the love she has for her mother.

The king and the Queen Dowager are touched by Jang-geum's words.The king tries the dessert and states that it's delicious and he will not forget her love toward her mother.The king states wild berries are his favorite food and that Jang-geum is the best cook of soo-rak-gan (knife/fork dept.= royal kitchen).The Queen Dowager is surprised by her son's enthusiasm. The king interrupts and states the results are still in the Queen dowager's hands.He is merely expressing how impressed he is by this mere servant.

The Queen wishes to meet the mentor of such a skilled maid.The king concurs he too wants to see Han sang goon.Han sang goon is brought before the royal family. The Queen dowager states she will honor her son's joy and states that Han sang goon is the new head of the royal kitchen.Geum-young and Choi sang goon are pissed.

Jang-geum goes back to the kitchen and weeps (in reminiscence of her deceased mother).Han sang goon walks in and embraces Jang-geum with teary smile. Meanwhile,Choi sang goon and Geum-young weep with anger and at their loss. Jung sang goon goes back to her chamber with signs of a struggling health. Han sang goon and Jang-geum chat. Jang-geum asks Han sang goon about the details of her capture. Han sang goon states it seems the incident was meant to prevent her from attending the competition. Chan-ee, who's always munching on something stolen,and Min sang goon cook for Jang-geum.

At night Jang-geum brings out her recipe book and thanks her mother for helping her.Min jung-ho arrives. Jang-geum thanks Min for helping with Han sang goon's situation. Min says that Jang-geum was beautiful at the feast today and that her words were beautiful just as well.

Min: "That beautiful image shall stay in my heart deeply for a long time." Jang-geum (blushing): "If you say it like that then I don't know what to say."

Master Min goes back to his dept and finds out the man he captures yesterday has been released.Master Min asks why and the other master states he already did an investigation and the guy is innocent.Min is suspicious about the matter.

Gam gets scolded by his wife again over some chore. He runs outside and runs into Master Min. Min asks if he is sure that the boat Han sang goon got on was headed for Ma-poh city. Mr Gam states yes. The two went to the town bar. Gam introduces Min to the hostess who tells them a lot of high-ranked officers from the palace visit their inn, including Elder Oh.

In a different room, Elder Oh is meeting with Master Choi.Elder Oh expresses his anger that Choi didn't take care of the matter well.Choi apologizes and hands him a letter(containing money).

Jung sang goon visits the Queen and the Dowager and voluntarily asks for retirement as she is feeling weak. The Queen says the king will be disappointed but sets her formal retirement in 4 days.Jae-jo-sang goon gives the news to Choi sang goon who says she will not easily give up the head position to Han sang goon . She intends to contact all the sang goons who have received help from her family in the past to help her.

Jung sang goon tells Han sang goon that she will be the new head in 3 days. Han sang goon states she is ill-prepared but Jung sang goon says she must see that Han sang goon successfully take over her position before she becomes any weaker. Jung sang goon brings Han sang goon to the kichen and announces to all the maids that Han sang goon will be their new boss in 3 days.

Choi sang goon gathers her supporters to plan a strike against Han sang goon. Young-ro takes out her anger on the children by yelling at them and threatening to hit them.Chan-ee brings the textile specialists to get Han sang ..s measurements for new outfits.Yeon-sheng is in Jung sang goon's room while the medicine maid checks on her health.The maid leaves.Yeon-sheng begins to weep upon seeing Jung sang goon in pain and shows sadness that Jung sang goon is leaving. Jung sang goon gives Yeon-sheng a loving hug and words of endearment: basically along the lines of:You poor little thing.So young,yet there is no way to escape from this palace.Yeon-sheng goes to the kitchen and tells Han sang goon that Jung sang goon wishes to see her.

Han sang goon goes to see Jung sang goon who tells her in just a day she will leave this palace that has been suffocating her. Jung sang goon tells Han sang goon the palace is a very difficult place to survive but she believes that Han sang goon will succeed. Han sang goon stands up to give Jung sang goon a bow but Jung sang goon stops her by saying one does not bow before a sick person and leaves. Han sang goon is left weeping by herself. Her sorrow also comes from Jung sang goon's leaving.

Jung sang goon goes to Jae-jo sang goon and gives her a bow, and states that she knows she has caused a lot of trouble for her in the past and begs for her to send all her hatred toward her and leave Han sang goon alone.Jung sang goon also goes to see Choi sang goon and asks for Choi sang goon to let it all go.

On the day of Jung's retirement/hand-over,no one shows up at the feast except Jung sang goon,Han sang goon,Jang-geum,and Yeon-sheng.Choi sang goon, Jae-jo sang goon and all their supporters are together in a protest, saying the competition wasn't fair since Han sang goon was supposed to be the cook. They don't want the kitchen head to be someone like Han sang goon who is from a humble family. Jung sang goon arrives and shows her anger by saying she is still the kitchen leader and should be treated with respect and obedience. Then Jung sang goon passes out. [edit] ep. 22

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Jung sang goon regains consciousness and tries to get up in front of jang-geum,Han sang goon,and Yeon-sheng. The messenger arrives and tells jang-geum that jung sang goon must leave the palace since she's no longer the kitchen boss and she's dying (it's against the palace rule for maids and escorts to die inside the palace).Jung sang goon reminds Han sang goon to stand up for herself and be strong since she is now the kitchen head and gives Han the traditional recipe book.Han sang goon asks Jang-Geum to make sure she does not spend her last days lonely.

Jae-jo-sang goon reports to the Queen to inform her that Jung sang goon has left the palace and that Han sang goon was not successfully inaugurated due to protest from members of the 'soh-joo bang' (stir-fry dept.)The Queen is upset by the news but Jae-jo-sang goon tries to explain that Han sang goon was not the one who actually cooked during the feast cook-off and that Han sang goon comes from a very humble family.The Queen thinks there is some sense behind the protest.

Outside the palace, Jang-Geum takes care of Jung sang goon while Yeon-sheng is dozing off.Jung sang goon awoke from sleep.Jang geum intends to awaken Yeon saeng to see Jung sang goon awake but Jung sang goon says no for she's sure that yeon saeng would just weep and weep had she been awakened, seeing her (jung sang goon) parting, so better not.Jang-geum tells Jung sang goon that she and Yeon-sheng secretly referred to her as 'grandma' since they were young. A very pale but smiling Jung sang goon reminisces about the past times. Jang-geum also thinks about the past when Jung sang goon encouraged and helped her whenever Jang-geum was in trouble with Han sang goon.Jung sang goon asks Jang-geum to help Han sang goon since she is now the only one who can help her.Jang-geum begins to tear as she watch Jung sang goon,who asks Jang-geum to promise her never give up on Han sang goon no matter what.Jang-geum agrees and Jung sang goon lies down to rest as she feels peace at Jang-geum's promise.

Han sang goon prepares and brings meal to the king.Outside the king's dining hall, jae-jo-sang goon stops Han sang goon from entering.Han sang goon states she must greet the king.Jae-jo sang goon tells her to wait outside until she is called in.Jae-jo-san goon informs the king that jung sang goon had left the palace overnight.The king orders his guard to send his well-wishes to jung sang goon.The royal doctor, sent by the king, arrives at jung sang goon's room accompanied by gam and his wife.The doctor checks jung sang goon and announces that Jung sang goon has already left the world.Yeon-sheng mourns aloud while jang-geum and the gam's weep silently.

Han sang goon continues to wait outside the dining hall.The head guard returns and gives han a sign of bad omen by shaking his head.The guard reports to the king that jung sang goon had passed away.The royal doctor states jung sang goon had already stopped breathing when he arrived.Outside,Han sang goon falls to her knees in sorrow.

Yeon-sheng calls out to jung sang goon while jang-geum holds her down at jung sang goon's cremation.Jang-geum disperses jung sang goon's ashes into the river as she remembers jung sang goon's dying wish. Jung sang goon's voice:"As for me i regret i had to spend my life inside the palace..."(here's a part of what she actually said:) "...I remembered the first time that I entered the palace.I was astonished by everything that I see.It gave me the belief that I can do everything where in fact I can do nothing... a place where people are using food not to delight but to gain power...So cremate me and spread my ashes into the water so that through the flowing of the river i may wander around from place to place"

[lots of flashback to the past as jang-geum remembers the impact jung sang goon had on her life]

Jang-geum and yeon-sheng return to the palace and finds Han sang goon standing alone in the rain.Yeon-sheng expresses her sorrow.Jang-geum asks Han sang goon why she is outside.A servant arrives to tell han sang goon that no one from the other kitchen depts will come out to help with the scheduled event of making pickled turnips and potatoes.With a stern voice,jang-geum reminds Han sang goon that she is the head of soo-rak-gan and that she must pull herself together, and asks the servant to escort Han sang goon inside.

Jang-geum tells yeon-sheng that they both must finish all the work in front of them.Yeon-sheng cries and says she can't but jang-geum states she is carrying out jung sang goon's orders and asks yeon-sheng to hurry and work.Jang-gem and yeon-sheng gather the children maids and the servants and work on the chore overnight.Young-ro, who is spying on them, is shocked by the progress she sees.

Jang-geum brings food to han sang goon.Han sang goon refused to eat but jang-geum begs her to eat.The messenger arrives to inform han sang goon of a crisis from water seeping into the kitchen overnight.

Meanwhile the supervisors are meeting with the royal guard who is angry that Han sang goon who once again missed the supervisor meeting.(han-sang goon didn't know about the meetings).The head guard finds han and expresses his disappointment and frustration at han-sang goon.

Jang-geum and yeon-sheng tried to solicite help from all the other depts for another food-preparation event.Min-sang goon and chan-ee tell jang-geum all the other supervisors are protesting Han sang goon's status and min-sang goon doesn't want to be involved in any trouble by crossing the picket line.Han sang goon tells the royal guard about the situation and asks for his help.The guard goes to see jae-jo-sang goon who tells him that the queen already knows about the situation and tells him to stay out of it.

Geum-young and choi sang goon discuss their next scheme.Master Choi worries about the queen's reaction but choi sang goon says the queen won't fire all the supervisors just because of one person(han-sang goon)so they should not worry.

Han sang goon finds out from min sang goon about the protestor's meeting and goes there.All the other supervisors blatantly states their refusal to recognize her as the kitchen head.Choi sang goon gets a member of the royal family involved(The wife of one of the princes who is elder oh's sister).The lady complains to the queen about the situation and the queen begins to wonder if she should fire han sang goon .Han sang goon tells jang-geum they should go tell the queen she's stepping down.Jang-geum tries to talk han sang goon out of it by saying han sang goon was not only her mentor but a mother figure to her as well since she was little.If han sang goon steps down then jang-geum will give up on her as well. Jang geum says she never wished for a mother who is always afraid and yieldy.

The queen meets with lady ja-soon who tells the queen the decision in the matter regarding han sang goon is up to the queen.Han sang goon arrives and asks the queen for a re-contest and if she wins the queen will give her official order to inaugurate han sang goon as the new head and give her absolute power.Jang-geum overhears from outside the room and rejoices. Han goes out of the queen's room and sees Jang geum waiting outside.The two exchanged a meaningful smile and the two shared a hug. [edit] ep. 23

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Lady Court Han sang goon asks the Queen for a re-match on the competition as the Court Ladies boycotted her as protest to her being the Head of the Royal Kitchen for she did not participate in it.Even she fires all the Court Ladies for insubordination and have to run the kitchen a mere junior staff, she needs to resolve the issue.She also asked that the Queen give her absolute power to control all kitchens without interference from any parties.

The queen who is Queen Minjeong although her name is not mentioned her reference is Jon San Ma Ma. She was a major figure in the Korean History,driven by political ambition she murdered her stepson, (reference were made when she order jang-geum when she was Nae Eui Nu (the female medicine practitioner)to end the life of the sick Crown prince which Jang-geum refuse)to make way for her natal son to be King and since he was too young, she became the regent where she purged political adversaries and then administered state affairs behind the veil for 8 years.It was remarkable that she had absolute power when gender inequality and sexual discrimination prevailed during this period. So Jang-geum was not the only woman who broke the gender barrier mentioned in this story. Well that will be another story.

The Queen encourages the Queen dowager (address as Dae Bi Ma Ma) to accept Lady han sang goon's idea since the Kitchen Court Ladies boycotted is not so much the participation in the competition but her lowly class background. The Queen dowager agrees and hand over the role of setting the topic of the competition, by doing this the Queen Dowager was handing the rein of control of the chambers to the Queen.The Queen Dowager was the one administrating the chambers,though the role was meant for the Queen.The Queen Dowager tell her that she will abide by the Queen's decision on the outcome.Lady Han sang goon steps out in relief and pleases Jang-geum that Lady Han sang goon did not give up hope.

The queen dowager then summons all the Kitchen Court Ladies and all the Royal Kitchen Staff to commune at the Royal Kitchen as she was to decree.The Court Ladies who were backing Lady Choi sang goon thought they have won and the Queen Dowager was to fire Lady Han sang goon from her post and elect a new Head. The Queen dowager informs that the Queen have a decree.The Queen reprimand the Kitchen Court Ladies for their insubordination for going against appointment of Lady Han and should be punished.Although the Queen Dowager was displeased with the background of Lady Han sang goon, the Queen Dowager never said in the open. So the appointment of Lady Han sang goon as Head of the Royal Kitchen stand. The Queen admitted there is a flaw in the matter as lady Han sang goon never competed. There will be a re-match. The Queen asked whether Lady Han sang goon & Lady Choi sang goon agree to the term of the re-match and both agree. Facing the masses, she tells the Kitchen Court ladies that they will have to abide by the result of the rematch. All Kitchen court ladies will acknowledge the results.

The topic is cooked rice, the essential basis in Korea cusine. To be fair, the Queen supplies the same utensil and ingredients to Lady Han sang goon and Lady Choi sang goon so everybody is on the same par. The Queen asked that the ones who are competing are the only one allowed to stay and the rest will have to follow the Queen and the rest of the entourage to the dining hall. On the way to the dining hall,Lady Min sang goon says that it is very hard to judge as cooked rice is a simple and both sang goons have cooked it for almost 30 years and not seen as difficult.Geum yeong gets to summon Hong-ee (a maid)for an errand of delivering precious rice grains supplied in a pouch to her aunt, Choi sang goon (to ensure her win).Then to be fair,the Queen put the re-match to a vote.Democracy on an infancy stage in Korea.The Queen is seen as an intellectual.The Queen told them that the rice will be put in two types of bowl, a bronze and a porcelain and have to vote on which bowl they prefer.The bowls of rice where presented and they put their preference.The vote are passed up and the Queen asked both Lady Choi sang goon and Lady Han sang goon to come in and the Queen asked comments of the rice.The kitchen court ladies says that the porcelain rice is nice and soft in texture.A few agree.

The Queen says that the winner is most certain and asked who cook the rice in the porcelain bowl. Lady Choi sang goon proudly announced that she is the one who cooked the rice and explained her technique by pressure cooking the rice.The Queen asked her personal Court Lady to make the result known,she announced that the porcelain bowl have 5 votes, by the matter of simple arithmetic.The Queen announce that Lady Han won. There were total of 13 Kitchen court ladies.

The Queen Dowager was suprised at the result as the comments came that the porcelain bowl rice was nice and soft.The Kitchen Court Ladies then said although the rice was soft they prefer harder rice.(Because of gender inequality the woman in Korean can only eat the crust that stick at the bottom of the pot, claiming that the rice crust are nutritious, it is just an excuse).So most women will prefer harder rice as they were used to it or it is the only type of rice they can eat).Another claim she prefers very soft rice, so she chose the bronze bowl. The Queen Dowager claims how can a pot of rice can cook two degrees of rice. Lady Han sang goon explained by cooking rice separately in a small inside with the density of water require. Lady Han sang goon explained that the King prefer harder rice while the Queen prefers softer rice. The Queen then comments why she could get her preferred rice on alternate days.She further says that it is usual they should be well versed on the Royal preference but how does she know the preference liking of each Kitchen Court Ladies.Lady Han sang goon explained that most of the Court ladies here, grew up together.The Queen Dowager is astonished by Lady Han sang goon 's thoughtfulness in remembering each one's liking that there is no question that she is rightfully the Head of the Royal Kitchen.

The Queen decree that Lady Han sang goon is the winner by count of votes and she will have absolute power over the kitchen and the orders from Lady Han sang goon will be sanctioned by the Queen and made it so. The Queen firmly wanted the Kitchen Court Ladies to understand the decree and acknowlege Lady Han sang goon as winner.The Queen Dowager reiterated the Queen's decree.All Kitchen Court ladies agree.

As jae-jo-sang goon (Head of the Royal Household-in charge of administrative duties in the residence) enters to find out what has happened,the Queen asks Jae jo sang goon to abstain from meddling in the affairs of the Royal Kitchen as she has given Lady Han sang goon absolute power. This was a major power split for Jae Jo sang goon. Jae jo sang goon tells Elder Oh about Lady Han sang goon winning and gaining absolute power and how she was ordered to stay out of the kitchen affairs. Elder Oh expresses his frustration with Mr Choi Pan Su.Lady Choi sang goon shows her anger and dismay at the situation to geum-young (until now her family has always played a prominent role in the soo-rak-gan- Royal Kitchen).

Lady Han sang goon finally receives a formal inauguration as the Head of the Royal Kitchen. Lady Han sang goon and jang-geum finally visit the cliff where jung sang goon's ashes were scattered to tell her that Han sang goon has finally fulfilled her wishes. Lady Han sang goon pays her ritual respect at the site. Jang-geum is also happy that she was able to fulfill Lady Jung sang goon's last wish to help Lady Han sang goon pull through and not to succumb to the pressure.

On their way back Jang-geum tells Lady Han sang goon she wants to make a stop.Jang-geum goes to the cave where her mother was buried and pays her respects. Lady Han sang goon then pays her respect, not realizing that it is Meong Yi's (jang-geum's mother)grave.Jang-geum introduces Lady Han sang goon to her mother saying that she is the Court Lady Han sang goon who she went under her tutelage and tell of Lady Han sang goon 's beauty. Lady Han sang goon states that seeing Jang-geum she knows that her mother is beautiful, perhaps she(mother)left so early but sent jang-geum to her(Lady Han sang goon.)

Jang-geum and Lady Han sang goon went shopping at the street market and finally bought the cordeyps. they then return to the palace to cook up a feast for the king.For her first meal as the Head of the Royal Kitchen to the king, Lady Han sang goon plans to make the 'pal-gua-tang' (8-fruit-soup)that she never got a chance to make last time.While preparing, Jang-geum made some comments that the Cordeyps which have familiar tones to Meong Yi.

After Lady Han sang goon leaves to serve the food to the King,Jang-geum looks at her mother's journal on the reference of the cordeyps.Lady Han sang goon presents the dish to the king.The king asks why it's taken so long for her to serve the king in person and asks if she will tell stories to him like Lady Jung sang goon did in the past. Lady Han explains Lady Jung sang goon always told her to read books and learn things so though she is not an orator like Lady Jung sang goon she will try.The king is satisfied and tastes the soup; he compliments Lady Han sang goon on the taste, commenting that he could tell that the persimmon vinegar has been matured for many years.

Jang-geum writes a letter saying, "after reading my mother's diary I learned about the incident she buried the vinegar with her mate. I wish to meet you. I am a maid of soo-rak-gan by the name seo-jang-geum".She puts the letter in a pouch and buries it under the spot where her mother and han hide their secret jar a long time ago.

Master Min jung-ho stops by and tells jang-geum for his new assignment he may be visiting the soo-rak-gan a lot.Jang-geum is happy and offers her assistance in whatever matter.

Min-jung-ho reports to his new boss at 'jae-pan-gan' (investigation/ruling dept.)and asks to see the old reports.The boss insists that he already looked at all the reports and there is no clue about why the palace is losing so many things in those reports.Master Min states he wants to learn the ropes through the reports and that's why he wants to look at them.Master min finds out that so-joo-bang(stir fry room, part of 'soo-rak-gan')is where most of the internal loss is happening.

Min sang-goon (the lowest ranking supervisor in jang-geum's dept) goes to see han sang goon to tell her the names of the escorts who were most resistant at the protest.Han sang goon shows she's not interested.Jang-geum interrupts saying she has a visitor.Master Min talks to han sang goon in private.Jang-geum watches and realizes it's something serious.Han sang goon tells min-jung-ho she understands what he's saying and will try to find what he requested.

yeon-sheng, chan-ee and young-roh are preparing food with min-sang goon who tells them about han sang goon's behavior when she tried to tell her about who was against her.Han sang goon tells Choi sang goon to see her in private.Choi sang goon says she will transfer to the food-storage dept. (it's a traditon for the 2nd candidate to transfer) but asks for geum-young to stay in the kitchen palace.Han sang goon reminds Choi sang goon to talk up to her since they're no longer equals.

Han sang goon gathers everyone from the kitchen dept to give her state-of-department speech with news of some changes within the department staffing,including choi sang goon , geum-young, and jang-geum.Han sang goon states her plan is to carry out the wishes of jung sang goon.Seeing that han sang goon has no plans on punishing those who went against her,the other supervisors are surprised.

Min-sang goon is happy that there will be a new sang-goon(escort/supervisor) coming into their dept.The new sang goon is younger than min-sang goon so min sang goon will no longer be the lowest ranking sang goon in the soo-rak-gan.

geum-young comforts choi sang goon while her brother reminds her to defeat her sorrow by waiting for the next opportunity.

Min sang goon is given a big responsibility by han.Min sang goon tries to get out of it but han sang goon tells min sang goon she believes in her skills and it's time that she took on such challenge.Min sang goon relunctantly agrees.

Min sang goon takes her team (chan-ee, young-ro, yeon-sheng) to town to cook for charity event.The on-lookers express their praise at min sang goon.Min sang goon gains a lot of confidence from the respect she is getting and decides to buy a trinket for han sang goon to show her appreciation.

The gam's stop by.Young-ro confronts tuk-poh for selling them the same trinkets for higher price inside the palace in the past.

The head guard meets with han sang goon,jang-geum and Master min for updates on the internal loss investigation.Master min tells them so-joo-bang is not the only place where the loss is occuring.He believes there is a tradition of corruption going on in the royal kitchen.

The kitchen supervisors who have stolen from the palace are getting nervous about the situation and informs jae-jo-sang goon about it.Jae-jo sang goon at first doesn't seem to care but an escort tells the matter regards jae-jo sang goon as well since jae-jo sang goon has benefited from the stolen goods in the past through gifts and bribery.Jae-jo sang goon goes to the jar-storage room where choi sang goon is reassigned and asks choi sang goon for help in the matter.

Choi sang goon orders young-ro to spy on jang-geum to see what she's been up to lately, then asks geum-young to spy on han sang goon .Young-ro gathers up jang-geum's books, with jang-geum's mother's booklet hidden in one of them,to give to choi.Choisang goon finds the booklet and opens it. [edit] ep. 24

Choi sang goon looks at the books young-ro took from jang-geum and doesn't see anything special about them so tells young-ro to return it.However young-ro keeps jang-geum's mother's booklet out of curiosity.Han sang goon walks in as yeon-sheng catches young-ro reading it and asks young-ro where she got it.Young-ro lies saying she found it accidentally on the ground fallen from the tree.Han sang goon takes and realizes it's her friend myung-ee's secret recipes.

Meanwhile jang-geum is flustered as she lost her mom's book.Young-ro tells geum-young about it.Geum-young takes her to see choi sang goon ang tell her everything.Young-ro tells choi sang goon the booklet doesn't belong to han sang goon like choi sang goon had said, since han sang goon asked her what it is and where she got it.Geum-young and choi sang goon wonder why jang-geum has an aged recipe booklet.Choi sang goon thinks alone and realizes the booklet could belong to the dead myung-ee,whom she helped to kill for her own family's benefit.Then choi sang goon remembers many years ago her brother told her myung-ee's child might be inside the palace but back then since they thought myung-ee's child was a boy they didn't suspect anything.

Choi sang goon puts the pieces together from the past and realizes jang-geum is myung-ee's daughter. Choi sang goon tells geum-young,han sang goon had a best friend who was also a kitchen maid by the name of myung-ee.Because myung-ee saw choi sang goon put something in the king's food, choi sang goon and her aunt who was then the kitchen leader before jung sang goon conspired to kill myung-ee by saying myung-ee had an affair with a palace guard.Choi sang goon remembers the past and finally understands why jang-geum was relunctant to tell them what she found in the kitchen and why she knew so much about food when she was a child maid.

Choi sang goon tells geum-young the story of myung-ee who was han's sang goon best friend.The shocking truth that jang-geum is myung-ee's daughter and is worried that han sang goon will find out as well.Geum-young assures her that han sang goon must not know the truth yet or else she would have done something when she saw the booklet young-ro stole.

Jang-geum is worried what might happen to her now that she lost her mom's journal and someone might find out about her identity.She remembers her mother's bestfriend and runs to dig the soil to see if she read the letter in pouch.The pouch was untouched and jang-geum is disappointed but thinks of a new idea.She goes around all the rooms and houses of the royal kitchen to smell all the vinegar to see which supervisor has the aged vinegar that her mother and friend buried together.

The corrupt lords and masters are getting nervous inside the palace because master Min jung-ho has been running a tight investigation to see who's been stealing from the king.They complained to elder Oh and asked him to stop Master Min.Elder Oh goes to see jae-jo-sang goon and scolds her for not telling him earlier.The king is informed about the palace loss and wants to change the system.

Young-ro who was spying on jang-geum gives the letter jang-geum wrote to her mother's friend (han-sang goon) to geum-young.Upon reading the letter geum-young gets nervous and shows the letter to choi sang goon .The two worry that jang-geum is close to finding out who her mother's friend is.

The corrupt officers put their heads together to find a way to stop Master Min from ruining their corruptive behavior.One of the masters goes to see gam tuk-poh to ask him about the relationship between kitchen maid jang-geum and master Min jung-ho. Gam goes on and on about how the two are well-acquainted and even went outside the palace together once. (Gam-tuk-poh now he's gonna get them in trouble)

Master Choi, elder Oh and another officer meet ouside the palace to discuss their cover-up schemes.Master Choi tells his visitors,choi sang goon and geum-young,about elder Oh's plan to get rid of Min jung-ho so he will never again appear in their way.Choi sang goon tells her brother about jang-geum being the offspring of myung-ee whom they murdered.Choi sang goon shows master choi the letter jang-geum wrote to her mother's friend and tells him this is a more urgent matter than the issue of master Min.

Geum-young is worried about master Min's fate and goes to see him to warn him that he must plead in front of elder oh or else he may end up in big trouble.Min jung-ho states she should not have come if what she wants is for him to beg in front of someone else.Geum-young warns him that his stubborness will bring an ill-fate to jang-geum and asks if he still refuses.Min is rendered speechless showing his concern for jang-geum.Geum-young leaves and Min returns to his corridor thinking about the last part of geum-young's warning.

Min jung-ho tells his boss he's going to his hometown.Jang-geum overhears and chases after him to ask if he's coming back.He tells her not to worry and says he will return soon.Geum-young arrives and catches the two of them talking.

Han-sang goon gathers all the subordinates and shows the sang goons evidence of internal stealing and asks the sang goons to cooperate with her so that no such thing will occur in the future.For their cooperation she will bear the responsibility this time.The sang goons are grateful of han sang goon's generous gesture of taking the responsibility upon herself and promise to cooperate with her.Min sang goon is impressed by han sang goon's leadership and tells chan-ee and yeon-sheng she wants to be just like han sang goon when she becomes the kitchen head one day.

Jang-geum hears about it and goes to praise han sang goon,then asks if she can come back to work for han sang goon.Han sang goon says no but she can come back after she completes 2 months of service at her new position.Jang-geum is satisfied and states her favorite place to work is next to han sang goon.

Jang-geum calls out to her mother saying she is unable to find her mother's friend and sighs loudly.Han sang goon is preparing food and uses the aged vinegar in the dish.She uses up the vinegar and leaves the empty bowl by the food station.Han sang goon leaves,then jang-geum arrives. Jang-geum swipes the inside of the bowl with her finger and licks her finger.Then she realizes it's the same vinegar that her mother buried and asks the child maids who was using the bowl before her.

The king tastes the food prepard by han sang goon and asks if she used the aged vinegar again for such fragrant flavor which seems to grow in flavor the more you eat,and han sang goon nods to show yes. Jang-geum goes around the kitchen looking for han sang goon.Han sang goon goes back to the food station where she prepared the food earlier and takes the vinegar jar to refill it.

Jang-geum arrives at the station and asks min sang goon who took the vinegar bowl and min sang goon tells jang-geum han sang goon took it since it was hers.Jang-geum runs out to find han sang goon .Han sang goon finds the letter jang-geum wrote and runs to find jang-geum.Han sang goon and jang-geum meet each other in the courtyard,Han sang goon realizing that jang-geum is myung-ee's daughter, and jang-geum realizing han sang goon is her mother's friend. [edit] ep. 25

Han sang goon and jang-geum finally realize who each other are.Jang-geum asks han sang goon if she is indeed the friend of her mother, the one and only friend and confidant that her deceased mother had in the palace, the friend who had such distinguished cooking skills. Han sang goon states yes and asks jang-geum if her mother is indeed the one who ate wild dates in her deathbed,the one who taught her daughter how to cook and fetch water,jang-geum replies yes.Han sang goon thanks myung-ee aloud,then thanks jang-geum,and embraces her.

Han sang goon shows jang-geum the place where jang-geum's mother practiced cooking and where she hide when she got in trouble.Jang-geum laughs when she finds out that her mom used to got into trouble like she always does.The two come to the topic of jang-geum's mother and han sang goon asks jang-geum the details of her mother's death.

Jang-geum tells han sang goon there were soldiers who came after them and her mother said it was better to be caught by the soldiers than to end up in someone else's hands.So myung-ee and jang-geum were captured by the soldiers and on their way to the palace, men dressed in bandit attire shot arrows toward them to kill them.Jang-geum's mother myung-ee died from the arrow wounds.

Han sang goon and jang-geum realize choi sang goon is behind myung-ee's death.Jang-geum brings han sang goon to the place where she hides her mother's booklet and realizes it's missing.Han sang goon remembers the incident with young-ro and goes to ask young-ro to confess where she really got the booklet.Young-ro insists she just found it on the ground but han sang goon locks her up until she tells the truth.Han sang goon tells jang-geum she fears jang-geum might be in danger.

Han sang goon calls choi sang goon, young-ro, and geum-young into her corridor and tells the three of them to pack their bags and go to 'Tae Pyung Guan immediately. Choi sang goon refuses stating she has to go see jae-jo-sang goon but han sang goon replies she already talked to jae-jo and she had agreed to the transfer.Choi sang goon, geum-young, and young-ro pack their bags and leave for their new assignment(going to 'Tae Pyung Guan' is considered a major demotion).

Han sang goon tells jang-geum she is still uneasy about choi sang goon being inside the palace and asks jang-geum to go talk to master Min jung-ho to ask for his help.Jang-geum states he is away for the moment but she will go find him once he returns.Han sang goon goes to see an old colleague to ask for help but the colleague who also knew myung-ee is scared to be involved.

Jang-geum goes to see gam tuk-poh to ask if he knows when master Min will return.Gam whispers it was all an excuse.Master Min never really left.He's in hanyang city for an undercover assignment.Jang-geum reports the news to han.

At'Tae Pyung Guan' geum-young brings food to choi who states han will not let it go so easily.

Master choi meets with his men who report to him that even though they don't know the exact location of Min jung-ho, it seems they don't need to worry about Master Min for the time being.

Gam leads jang-geum to where min jung-ho is.Jang-geum asks to speak to him in private.Mrs.gam wonders what's going on between min-jung-ho and jang-geum.After hearing jang-geum's story, min-jung-ho assures her he will find out what happened to her father right away.Jang-geum asks him about her mother and he states he will try his best and in fact he is working on uncovering a scandal that concerns Master Choi and Elder Oh.Jang-geum smiles at him and min-jung-ho returns her smile with a serious look.

MJH: "For coming to me with your trouble you did well" JG: "I didn't know what else to do" MJH: "From now on may i be allowed to share your burdens?" JG:(speechlessly looks at MJH).

Jang-geum goes back to the gam's and mrs. gam reminds jang-geum she is a palace maid (thus not allowed to betray the king by being with any other man).

Min jung-ho tells jang-geum he asked around and found no news of her father but he will keep trying and tells her not to lose hope since her father may still be alive somewhere and if so he will do everything he can to find him for her.

Yeon-sheng and chan-ee visit geum-young and young-ro at'Tae Pyung Guan' and inform them that the king will be making a trip to somewhere warm to get over the severe cold symptoms he's been suffering from.Geum-young goes to tell choi sang goon the king's planned activity.Choi-sang goon says in that case han sang goon and jang-geum will surely accompany him.

Master Choi and the messenger he bribed discuss their scheme against han sang goon and jang-geum.Min sang goon tells chan-ee she can't go since the kitchen still needs staff.Chan-ee begs her to take her along.

Min sang goon asks han sang goon if she knows where the king wants to go and han sang goon says the place was suggested by her when the king asked her for her opinion.(but she's keeping it a secret.It's supposed to be special to jang-geum).Han sang goon, min sang goon ,yeon-sheng,jang-geum,and 4 other servants from the royal kitchen accompany the king on his excursion.Master choi's spy follows jang-geum's steps.

The king takes a bath in the warm springs of won-goong city.The king eats the dishes prepared by han sang goon and her staff and praises han sang goon for the food and picking the location.

Han sang goon tells jang-geum to follow her somewhere.Yeon-sheng and min sang goon wonder if han sang goon is taking jang-geum to the warm springs and think about soaking their feet in the warm water as well.Choi's spy follows han and jang-geum.Han sang goon brings jang-geum to the house where her mother myung-ee grew up in, and where han sang goon and myung-ee met as children who became friends then colleagues.Han sang goon regrets the death of myung-ee and states she no longer wishes to forgive those who brought tragedy to myung-ee.Then han sang goon praises how well jang-geum turned out and the two embrace like mother and daughter.

Jang-geum tells han sang goon according to Master Min-jung-ho,the best thing to do is to wait for now since Master Min is working on the scandal issue.Han sang goon and jang-geum are surrounded by master choi's spy and his men.Master Min's men arrive to save han sang goon and jang-geum.The spy and his men ran away.Han sang goon thanked the savior and Master Min.

Min sang goon and yeon-sheng find their way to the warm spring and yeon-sheng brings out jars to fill for young-ro and chan-ee, while min sang goon takes off her socks and shoes to soak her feet.They become startled by some noise from the bushes and run.

Master choi's spy gets scolded by him but the spy informs master choi the internal affairs dept is onto them.Choi sang goon finds out and wonders if she will soon be granted death.

The head guard tells han sang goon the king wishes to eat the same dish she made the other day using the special local spring water before he returns to the palace.The king shows content eating it, but later han sang goon learns that the king passed out.Jang-geum wonders what's going on. [edit] ep. 26

The king is still unconscious but the royal medical staff state the king will soon awake, after his fever goes down.The doctors and the herbalists believe the king might be suffering from a skin disease or severe cold sores,causing extreme high fever.

Choi sang goon writes to her brother saying the king's loss of consciousness is an opportunity given to them by the heavens and asks him to seize the opportunity.Master choi goes to see a royal herbalist to plant ideas in his mind,casting doubt about han sang goon's true intent in taking the king to her hometown.Han sang goon is escorted into a meeting with Elder Oh, other lords, jae-jo-sang goon, and medical generals.Han sang goon gets accused for the crime of poisoning the king.

The herbal general and soldiers arrive at the royal kitchen and tells jang-geum to go with them.

Choi sang goon meets with jae-jo-sang goon. jae-jo-sang goon states if han sang goon is indeed guilty then choi sang goon will be the new kitchen Head.Choi sang goon suggests someone else to take over the position so she can go and make sure that something does go wrong with han sang goon .

Jang-geum writes to gam tuk-poh to ask for his help.Gam starts to repeat the dishes han cooked to figure out what went wrong. Master min-jung-ho arrives and the gams' tell him what's going on inside the palace.

The herbal general and jang-geum go back to won-goong city with the master from the herbal field dept.They discovered that the spring water reservoir contains sulphur, which the ducks had drunk. Elder Oh and the generals accuse han sang goon of knowingly serving contaminated ducks to the king. han sang goon defends herself by saying that she didn't know it was poisonous but no one listens to her and she is put in jail.

Jang-geum sees han sang goon getting dragged into the jail dept.Han sang goon asks jang-geum to investigate the issue.Jang-geum goes to the herbal-field dept to ask help from her ex-boss but she discovers that he has been transferred.Not knowing who else to ask for help, jang-geum asks gam tuk-poh to get help from master min-jung-ho. Jang-geum tells gam that all the other people who ate han sang goon's food were fine so there must be another reason.Master Min begins his investigation at once.

Master choi and Elder Oh discuss their schemes.Even though the doctors have said that the king will be fine after his fever goes down,Choi sang goon and oh want to use this opportunity to get rid of some people.

Master Min goes to see the merchant whom han sang goon bought medicinal food from.The merchant tells master min there is no harm in taking the 'gold pill'as it only benefits.

Soldiers sent by Elder Oh arrive and takes the merchant into custody.

Master Min goes back to the palace to see his boss, the head of internal investigation dept. Master Min informs his boss about his findings.The boss tells min to leave the palace so their on-going investigation on Elder Oh will not be interrupted and promises to take care of the han sang goon's matter.

The head of internal investigation dept goes to see the herbal generals and tell them that from his findings the cause of the king's illness is not food-borne.

At the jail courtyard, Elder Oh demands han sang goon to spill out who is behind her conspiracy.Han sang goon is speechless and Elder Oh states death is the verdict for han sang goon,the merchant and jang-geum. The investigation dept head arrives and tells Elder Oh to put his verdict on hold until the matter is further researched, hence the three offenders are exempt from death for the time being.

Master choi is informed of the new activities and he orders his man to do a careful investigation on what master min-jung-ho is doing and why he is involved in the matter of han sang goon.

Inside their jail cell, han sang goon and jang-geum wonder about their fate.Jang-geum asks han sang goon about her health and han sang goon states her concern for jang-geum as well.

Mrs. gam visits the two cellmates.She's been sent by Master Min, since he is unable to come himself.He writes a letter saying it's been discovered that the fault does not lie in han sang goon nor jang-geum, so they will soon be released.Mrs.gam hands jang-geum the mini brushpen set that jang-geum's father gave her and lost while saving min jung-ho when they first met.Jang-geum asks Mrs. gam where she got it and Mrs.gam states it belongs to Master Min and he's been looking for the owner of it since it belongs to his savior.They put the 2 and 2 together and realize Min is the one jang-geum saved when she left the palace to find a gold bird a long time ago.

Jae-jo-sang goon asks choi sang goon how is it that the internal investigation dept is involved in their matter?

min sang goon, yeon-sheng and chan-ee arrive to beg jae-jo-sang goon's help in the matter of han sang goon and jang-geum.Jae-jo-sang goon scolds them instead and orders them to leave.

Outside the palace Master Min gets confirmation from his subordinates that elder oh and master choi have been involved in a number of questionable dealings.The man sent by master Choi spies and overhears the conversation.Mrs.gam returns looking for Master Min who already left.

Master choi, choi sang goon and geum-young talk when the servant arrives with news that the one Min jung-ho has been spying on is none other than Master Choi.Choi sang goon and master choi wonder why Master Min tries to protect han sang goon .Geum-young listens but says nothing.Master choi sends another spy to find out more information about the head of internal investigation dept.Master Choi and choi sang goon leave to see their comarade at the inn.

Alone, geum-young starts to get worried that something bad may happen to master min.Geum-young arrives at the inn and tells master choi and choi sang goon to leave min jung-ho alone.Master choi and choi sang goon demand geum-young's reason for protecting min.Geum-young states he is the one she loves. choi sang goon says palace maids cannot have lovers.Geum-young begs her aunt to leave Master Min alone.Choi sang goon says that's impossible, but geum-young threatens to expose everything if they don't agree.

Inside the jail, han sang goon tells jang-geum because she is with her, she feels no loneliness, nor pain, no fear. jang-geum says she feels the same and assures han sang goon they will soon leave the jail and when they do she wants to say to han sang goon the words she was unable to tell her mother.Just then, the jailguard arrives and tells them to get out. [edit] ep. 27

Lady han sang goon and jang-geum share a tender moment just before they're released.The prison guard arrives telling them to step outside.

The herbal general tells master choi that since the king is still unconscious it seems that the herbal leader talked to the lady who looks favorably upon han sang goon and jang-geum.

Master choi asks lady choi sang goon what they should do but geum-young opens her mouth with a suggestion.

Still in their white gown(jailmates wear their white under garments),lady han sang goon and jang-geum are taken to the kitchen and presented with quam-qua, chicken, ginseng and ginger.Elder oh orders them to cook the dish they cooked for the king so they can ask people to taste the result and see what reactions they will yield.

Young-ro tricks the servant hong-ee to eat candied figs.

Han sang goon and jang-geum finish their stew and Elder Oh orders choi's messenger to taste the food.Yeon-sheng who recognizes the messenger as the spy she saw last time protests.Elder Oh asks why but yeon-sheng without giving a reason insists that it can't be the messenger.Just then the servant hong-ee arrives and Elder Oh orders her to eat the dish instead.Jae-jo-sang goon shows she approves and hong-ee begins to eat the ginseng chicken.

Back in the jail,jang-geum discovers that han sang goon is having high fever and asks the guard to fetch a medicine lady but the guard ignores her request.By morning the servant hong-ee burns up a high fever just like the king.

Jae-jo sang goon shows her content in the result infront of choi sang goon and geum-young.Geum-young states she put temperature-raising medicine in the figs young-ro fed to hong-ee beforehand.

At the generals' meeting, a civilian accuses min jung-ho as someone involved in the matter that led to the king's illness but min's boss dismisses the civilian's testimony by saying min is away from the city.Master min is taken into custody by his boss who saves him by locking him up and tells him to stay away from the han sang goon's and jang-geum's matter.Min jung ho states it's impossible that hong-ee could have fallen ill from the food prepared by han sang goon and jang-geum and there must be a conspiracy but the boss refuses to listen and leaves.

Elder Oh orders continuous punishment on the accused until they confess.

Choi sang goon tells geum-young that han sang goon and jang-geum will likely face death. choi sang goon reminds geum-young if they don't die,then in the future more people will end up dead just like if myung-ee had died like planned then han sang goon and jang-geum wouldn't be in this state.

In order to save jang-geum, han sang goon confesses her offense to Elder Oh but jang-geum is innocent and only followed her orders blindly. Elder oh asks if han sang goon is confessing to the crime of knowingly poisoning the king and han sang goon states yes.As she is dragged away, she screams that jang-geum is innocent.

Jang-geum cries out to han sang goon that it isn't so.Han sang goon is dragged into the jail.She gets a visit from choi sang goon.Choi sang goon states it is not her doing but the will of everyone and that myung-ee,han sang goon and jang-geum were all faced with opportunity to survive but they themselves chose the path to death.Choi sang goon begs han sang goon to die quietly so that choi sang goon will never again have to face this situation.Han sang goon begs choi sang goon to save jang-geum and if so she will never say anything and die silently.Choi sang goon says nothing and leaves.Han sang goon begs again to save jang-geum.On her way out, choi sang goon sees jang-geum being dragged back to the jail and the two exchange a brief look.

Back in the cell,jang-geum tells han sang goon the investigation dept.Master Min stopped helping them.Jang-geum protests han sang goon's behavior and states she will follow her to death.Han sang goon tells jang-geum she must live so one day she can find myung-ee and han sang goon's justice.Jang-geum states she will not but han sang goon cries out to jang-geum saying in that case she will not be able to face myung-ee.Han sang goon calls jang-geum her daughter and asks her to survive no matter what.The two embrace as they exchanged tears for each other.

Master choi insists that the verdict for han sang goon and jang-geum must be death.Elder Oh writes down the verdict for han sang goon as death, and the verdict for jang-geum as death.

Master Min breaks free from his confinement and pleads his boss to save the maids.

Next morning Elder Oh gets a visit from the investigation master. Elder Oh visits the king who is recovering.The lady asks if han sang goon truly confessed to her crime and Elder Oh states yes.The king reads the details of the event from Elder Oh's scroll and agrees that han sang goon must be rid of.Elder Oh gathers the convicted and announces their verdicts.Han sang goon is to be banned from the palace and jang-geum is to be sent to jeju island as a servant.

Min sang goon, yeon-sheng and chan-ee beg jae-jo-sang goon to allow them to send off han sang goon and jang-geum.Choi sang goon asks jae-jo-sang goon to approve. Outside the palace gate, han sang goon and jang-geum are escorted away.Yeon-sheng pleads jang-geum to take her along.Min sang goon begs han sang goon to stay healthy while han sang goon asks min sang goon to take good care of the palace maids.

Choi sang goon and geum-young silently watch as their long-time rivals being dragged away.

Han sang goon begins to faint as the offenders walk toward the boat which will take them away from han-yang city.Jang-geum asks the guard for a break but the guard refuses.Jang-geum asks to be allowed to carry han sang goon on her back instead.Han sang goon remembers the past aloud with jang-geum and praises jang-geum as one with extraordinary strength that even as a child she blossomed with patience greater than everyone else.Jang-geum tells han sang goon they're almost at the dock and han sang goon can soon rest so have strength,then points out the ocean to han sang goon to see.

Jang-geum asks han sang goon to give her a recipe but han sang goon starts to call jang-geum's name and asks her to go back to the palace.Jang-geum asks han sang goon to stop calling her the way her mother called her name as she was dying,At last han sang goon stops breathing on jang-geum's back.

Jang-geum: "what did i do wrong?Why must everyone treat me this way?I will not start again.My mother and now you.No matter what,I will not follow your orders." [edit] ep. 28

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With Han sang goon's body lying still on the grassfield, Jang-geum weeps as she verbally denies the death of her mentor. The guards tell Jang-geum to get moving since Han sang goon is already dead but Jang-geum protests. Finally the guards bury Han sang goon's dead body alongside the marsh.

Min Jung-Ho gets out from his confinement and chases after Jang-geum's trail on horseback. When Min arrives, Jang-geum's boat has already left and Min is left standing still by the river with tears in his eyes.

Back in the palace, the head guard delivers the news of Han-sang goon's death to Jae-jo sang goon and Choi sang goon, who ask about her body and Jang-geum. The head guard tells them that Han sang goon was buried by the water, and that Jang-geum is on her way to Jeju island.

Young-ro delivers the same news to Geum-young. Just then Yeon-sheng arrives begging the two to help her get to Jeju Island now that Jang-geum is alone. Yeon-sheng gets rejected by Geum-young. Agitated, she runs to Jae-jo sang goon screaming for permission to send her away to Jeju Island. Chan-ee and Min-sg arrive to pull Yeon-sheng away and beg for forgiveness saying that Yeon-saeng is not in a clear state of mind.

Mr.Gam finds the money his wife had hidden behind a hollow wall panel in their room (..s been looking for it for 20 years!) and packs to leave for Jeju. Mrs. Gam stops him before he can walk out the front door and tells him Jang-geum is now a slave who has committed a high offence and there's nothing they can do for her at the moment so the best is to wait.

Min Jung-Ho arrives. Mr Gam addresses him as "Master", but Mrs. Gam says that Min is not worthy to be addressed as a "master" since he didn't help Jang-geum for fear of lowering his status. She criticizes him for not reciprocating the sacrifice Jang-geum endured when it was her turn to save him. Realizing that Jang-geum is the savior that he's been looking for, Min is shaken and wanders dazedly around the streets in search for Jang-geum. He eventually makes his way to Jeju Island,as his new position is as its mayor.

On the island of Jeju, the slave Jang-geum is caught by the guard during her second attempt to escape. The officer-in-charge pleads with her to stop escaping, as he ..t like to have to punish her (the officer, ..s actually a guard in a higher rank, likes Jang-geum). She is tied up and thrown into a locked room, where another captured woman asks Jang-geum to help her undo the knots of her bondages. Then the woman helps Jang-geum untie hers. Jang-geum asks the woman if she is also a slave. She says that they can escape together, so that she can return to Han-yang City. The woman tells Jang-geum that there's a way to get out.

Some time later, the women bang on their ..s door, bringing the guards running. The other woman tells the guards that Jang-geum has chickenpox and must be isolated. The guard looks at Jang-..s forearm and sees what appears to be the spots caused by chicken-pox. Frightened, one guard carries her by piggyback into a hut where she will spend the rest of the day alone. The officer assigns one man (the one who carried her by piggyback) to guard her hut. When the sleepy guard dozes off, Jang-geum escapes. As she runs, she remembers the instructions given to her by the other woman, who is called Jang Duk. Jang Duk had told Jang-geum to go to the military camp by the sea and tell the officers that Jang Duk sent her. The officers are then supposed to bring Jang-geum to Jang ..s boat. When the officer arrives at the isolation hut, he scolds the sleeping guard and gives him food to give to Jang-geum. Once inside the hut, the guard realizes Jang-geum has escaped. The guards run out again in search of her.

Jang-geum arrives by the shore and asks the soldiers about a boat from Jang Duk. The soldiers comment that Jang Duk must have played a joke on her and they start to chase after her.Standing on a cliff in Jeju Island, Master Min Jung-Ho watches as a woman is being chased by soldiers, but he is too far away to see that the woman is Jang-geum.Jang-geum is captured and sent back to her work station. Min Jung-Ho goes around town asking for Jang-geum's whereabouts.

Jang-geum meets Jang Duk again and asks her why she tricked her but Jang Duk replies she did it to save her and orders Jang-geum to give up any hope of escape. Jang-geum states no one can stop her from achieving her goals.

Min Jung-Ho asks the officer how he can meet Jang-geum. The officer states it's impossible because she is a slave who had tried to escape more than once and thus she is heavily guarded.

Choi sang goon becomes the next Head of soo-rak-gan (literally 'knife/fork' dept; basically the royal kitchen. Her subordinates present her with gifts to congratulate her and to gain her favor so that Choi sang goon may pick them as her lead assistant. Min sang goon forgets to bring a gift and looks anxious. Choi sang goon tells her to return to her seat.Choi sang goon announces she is different from Han-sang goon who raised hell in Soo-rak-gan.Choi sang goon boldly states that she will bring peace and progress to the royal kitchen.

Yeon-sheng continues to weep over Han sang goon and Jang-geum, and asks Gam Tuk-poh to make a trip to Jeju to check on Jang-geum and deliver her letter to Jang-geum. But he says that he cannot do anything, and tells Yeon-sheng to forget about Jang-geum.

Master Choi throws a party for his sister over her promotion. Geum-young finds out that Min Jung-Ho left Han-yang city and wonders if he left for Jeju.

At Jeju, Min Jung-Ho bribes people for news of Jang-geum, then gives a woman some money to deliver a letter to Jang-geum. The woman returns with the undelivered letter, saying the slaves were sent to the farm to work through the night.

By now, Jang-geum has many bloody wounds on her feet from her escape attempts and the bondages that came after each capture at the farm, Jang-geum attempts to escape again. This time, whilst feeding horses at the farm, she frees the horses from the stable, creating confusion during which she escapes.

Min Jung-Ho arrives at the farm and overhears the other slaves wondering if 'she' (Jang-geum) will be captured again and what will happen to her this time.

Jang-geum doesn't get far before the guards find her but just as they're about to catch her Min Jung-Ho arrives and sweeps her away. Min injures his ankle in the process.After Min and Jang-geum find a hiding place,Jang-geum wraps a bandage around Min's wound even though he tells her not to bother with the surface wound. Min says that he finally realizes who she is. Even though he cannot remember the event, he remembers the feeling which her care gave him last time, just like this time around.

Min Jung-Ho tells Jang-geum about his sorrow in not being able to help her by her side during her hardship. Min Jung-Ho asks Jang-geum for another chance to reveal the evil conspiracy inside the palace. Min tells Jang-geum that after 3 days, after 1 yr, after 3 yrs, after 7 years, and till the end of his life he intends to stay by her side. However, he has arranged for a boat to take her away from Jeju if that is her wish. A man will come later to tell them when the boat arrives.

Jang-geum tells Min that Han-sg has already passed away, saying that she will go back to the palace first to wait for her, and for that reason Jang-geum cannot stay in Jeju and must return to the palace.The man comes, and Jang-geum leaves with him. As she approaches the sea, her steps slow. Sitting down, Jang-geum watches the ocean alone and weeps as she remembers Han sang goon. She imagines Han sang goon by her side comforting her and telling her not to cry. Min watches Jang-geum from a distance behind her.

Later, Min Jung-Ho and Jang-geum turn themselves in. The officer (not the one who likes Jang-geum, but another of higher rank) orders for Jang-geum to be heavily punished as she has not only tried to escape many times, but even worse, this time she ran away with a man (Min). A messenger arrives with the news that Min is in fact the new Commander for Jeju Island. The judicial officer immediately orders ..s releast. Min asks the officer to give Jang-geum one more chance but the officer states that Jang-geum has escaped too many times and cannot be trusted alone. Just then the town's medicine woman, Jang Duk, arrives, saying that she will be responsible for Jang-geum from now on. [edit] ep. 29

Jang-geum and Master Min are brought before the Jeju island officers. Master min's identity is revealed and the soldiers remove his bonds immediately. Master Min asks for permission to oversee Jang-..s matter, but the officer refuses, stating that it was her fourth escape attempt. At that moment the Jeju island medicine lady arrives. Jang-duk says that she will be responsible for Jang-geum from now on.

Master Min comes to the kitchen looking for Jang-geum and the two step outside to talk. Jang-geum asks how he came to be here and when Jang-geum asks if he demoted himself just to be here he changes the topic. The judicial officer comes towards them, and scolds Jang-geum for looking Min in the face when speaking with him. He tells her to apologise to Min, and tells her that in future, she must always bow her head (ie look at the ground) when speaking to an officer. Min tries to stop the official from scolding Jang-geum, but she apologies to Min with eyes cast on the ground, then leaves. The official also apologises to Min for Jang-..s disrespect.

Jang-geum watches as Jang-duk sells her medicine and afterwards rebukes the mistress for cheating. The mistress asks Jang-geum how she knew that she had shortchanged the buyer. Jang-geum says she had tasted the medicine ball herself and was able to deduce the ingredients by taste. The mistress is impressed but scolds her for being nosy and puts Jang-geum to work instead. Jang-geum is supposed to remove the centres of some kind of seed.

At night the officer who likes Jang-geum comes to Jang-duk for consultation. He also asks Jang-duk if Jang-geum is giving her any trouble. Jang-geum overhears her teasing the officer by asking him if he would like to marry Jang-geum, and shakes her head in disapproval of the mistress. Back in her room, one that she shares with 3 other female slaves, Jang-geum tears up as she remembers her last exchange with Han-sg in which Han-sg asked Jang-geum to live.

Jang-geum leaves after she sees the herbal mistress asking her customer to pay up front before she will examine her. The mistress comes after Jang-geum and puts her to work again, this time telling her to soak seeds in some kind of herbal mixture, then steam and dry the seeds. Jang-geum asks why she has to do this. Jang-duk tells her that if she ..t want to do it, then the raw seeds will be sold to the customers. Jang-geum reluctantly sits down to do the job. Whilst still in the kitchen Jang-geum upsets the other maids by bad-mouthing Jang-duk, saying that Jang-duk is irresponsible. The other slaves tell Jang-geum that Jang-duk is in fact very meticulous. They leave in a huff.

Later, whilst soaking the seeds, Jang-geum remembers Han sang goon's heeding that food and medicine go into people's mouths, thus the one who prepares them must consider the one who will eat it. Master Min arrives and offers Jang-geum 'yoo-hwang' (sulphur) seed for her to plant and experiment with.

Gam tuk-goo prepares a claypot of duck for him and his wife, but his wife scolds him for making the same dish that made the king faint. Gam defends himself, stating that they've been eating it for 3 months, yet they're still healthy. So, they must continue eating it until they find out why it made the king ill.Mrs. gam tastes it and almost vomits. Then they realize she's expecting a baby.

Gam tuk-goo tells Yeon-Sheng that he's been eating the dish for 3 months and not only did he not get sick, his wife is pregnant despite her age. Yeon-Sheng wonders why then the servant Hong-ee fainted from the food. Yeon-sheng calls Hong-ee and asks what else she ate and the servant remembers that she ate stir-fried abalone, given to her by Young-ro.

Choi sang goon, Geum-young and their subordinates cook up a feast for the king and his visitor, the new Chinese Ambassador. The visitor mentions that the previous Ambassador had told him about a very skilled maid at the royal kitchen (Jang-geum) and asks if Geum-young is that maid. Choi-sg and Geum-young say nothing. The Ambassador also mentions to the King that he brought a gift for the .. a puppy.

Later, Geum-young finds out from the Choi servant that Master Min is in Jeju island. Master Choi overhears, and rebukes her, saying that she had promised not to think about Min again if the Choi family let him off (which they did, by not implicating him in the Han-sg/Jang-geum matter.)

Geum-young goes to the Soo-rak-gan and tells Min sang goon to change the menu being prepared for a pregnant Lady (concubine to the King). Yeon-sheng refuses since they're following the methods taught by Han sang goon, and examples set by Jang-geum. Choi sang goon arrives and scolds them for mentioning the names of Han sang goon and Jang-geum, but Yeon-sheng says they did no wrong and Choi sang goon becomes furious, although she stays silent.

Later, Chan-ee and Min-sang goon kneel outside Choi-sang goon's room and pleads for forgiveness while Yeon-sheng stays in her room, refusing to apologize. Choi sang goon sends Min sang goon, Chan-ee and Yeon-sheng to Ip-sang-gan (food-mill dept). Chan-ee and Min sang goon complain about the lousy work (washing rice, extracting oil, etc)and blame it on Yeon-sheng, who goes outside to sob alone.A puppy comes along and Yeon-Sheng cuddles the puppy in her arms, asking if it is as sad as she is, and if it is sick or hungry.

Jang-geum explains food properties to her new colleagues who are impressed by her knowledge. They ask her how she knows so much and jang-geum tells them she previously worked inside the royal kitchen and learned from her mentors.Just then a man arrives asking for medical help for his child.The mistress orders jang-geum to bring her needles and follow along.The mistress performs acupuncture on the sick child.The mistress tells the father there isn't anything else she can do for them.Jang-geum scolds her.The father states it's because he's too poor that the mistress can't offer full medical care.Jang-geum continues to complain and states she will take over the medical care in that case.

Jang-geum goes to see Master Min asking to borrow some money to buy medicine.Master Min asks if she's ill and she says it's not for her.Without further questioning min gives jang-geum money.Jang-geum states she will pay back and asks about the officer who is always taking soldiers somewhere after training.Master Min finds out about the officer's activities.

Jang-geum takes the money and buys the medicines she needs.Jang-geum tells the father the water is salty and unfit for making medicine for the child,asks if he can get better water. The father says water is too precious in jeju and only the generals and the soldiers have access to clean water.Then jang-geum asks where the source of the spring water is.The father states ordinary citizens aren't allowed to retrieve spring water.Jang-geum tries her luck but the soldier guarding the source shoos her away.Then jang-geum walks a long distance to the next clean water source and fills her jar with the clean water.

On her way back she runs into Master Min who watches as the officer orders his soldiers to remove rocks blocking water source.It turns out the mistress has been asking the officer to work on clearing the water source so that the ordinary citizens in jeju island can have clean water and their health won't be adversely affected.The mistress asks the general to fetch a natural cleaning agent for the water but jang-geum suggests something else and explains that as the season changes they should use still water.The mistress listens to jang-geum's suggestions and Master Min smiles as the women leave.The officer asks Master Min if he likes jang-geum.Min says nothing and turns his face away.The officer smiles knowingly and states he will watch over her.

Jang-geum takes the clean water to make medicine for the boy.The mistress wipes the boy with clean water as she tells jang-geum the reason why she's been saving money is to use it to build clean water reservoir for the citizens.Jang-geum says it's still wrong to shortchange people but the mistress says those patients are said to be suffering from heartaches not physical illness so giving them lesser medicine makes no real difference to them as they are not even sick.

The mistress insists on getting clean water despite the reservoir guard's protest.Jang-geum watches as the mistress works hard to prevent the people of jeju from getting sick.Jang-geum realizes the medicine mistress is an extraordinary woman with a noble mission.

The mistress is summoned by her boss who tells her she has been once again called to work in the palace since her skills are extraordinary and her name is well known all over jeju island.But the mastress tells her boss to decline and make up an excuse for her like she's dying or what ever since she wants to stay in jeju.

Jang-geum asks the officer how a person from jeju can be summoned into the palace.Jang-geum runs to tell Master Min that she had figured out a way to return to the palace, as a medicine woman. [edit] ep. 30

Master min gives jang-geum confidence by saying he believes she will succeed and become a medicine maid in the palace.Master min tells her she must do so and punish those who brought her to this fate.Jang-geum goes and begs the mistress to teach her medicine.The mistress said that is the reason i bring you here and tells her to start by watching and taking notes alongside her.

The other maids complain about the mistress teaching jang-geum as she's only a newcomer but the mistress shows them that jang-geum has greater knowledge than them and is sincere in helping people.The maids go and complain to the officer about jang-geum.Master min passes by and smiles,hearing that jang-geum has already started on her goal.

Master min sees that jang-geum has a difficult time getting her hands on all the faces for reference so he orders all the officers to help her by queuing up when they take their lunch and told his officers to help her whenever she needs something.

When alone, jang-geum thanks Master min and apologizes that even in jeju all she does is trouble him. Master min dismisses it as nothing and stares at jang-geum,then asks how it is that she will examine everyone else but she still won't look at him.Shyly, jang-geum looks at min,and min takes her hands into his own.At that jang-geum turns away and runs back to the kitchen to memorize more medical terms.As days pass jang-geum works hard to learn medicine while min watches.

Back in the palace, yeon-sheng continues to play with the puppy.On this night the king and his servants arrive.Jae-jo-sang goon asks what yeon-sheng is doing with the king's dog but yeon-sheng is stunned and just cries,saying nothing.The king takes a look at yeon-sheng and tells jae-jo-sang goon to leave yeon-sheng alone.The next day, chan-ee and min sang goon find out about the incident and scolds yeon-sheng for touching the king's dog.

Choi sang goon watches as geum-young teaches a child how to cook.Choi sang goon scolds geum-young for teaching the child maid the way han shang gong taught jang-geum,but geum-young says she wants to start over because in her mind,they had already lost.Choi sang goon asks her to clarify and geum-young states jang-geum had superior culinary skills, so the ones who lost were actually choi sang goon and geum-young.Choi sang goon brings up Master min who left for jeju for jang-geum.Choi sang gong says that guem young must give up her crush for master min. Geum-young starts to tear up and states she intends to start over and be a real kitchen maid.

Yeon-Sheng is summoned by the king.She gets a makeover lesson on how to react to the king (basically say nothing and just follow and agree to whatever he wants).The king is alone with yeon-sheng.The king asks why she was crying but yeon-sheng says nothing.The king says even he gets lonely so he understands her.

The next day, jae-jo-sang goon brings yeon-sheng to the kitchen to show the maids that yeon-sheng has been promoted to the status of a special sang goon (escort)of the emperor, and thus the kitchen maids will have to bow to her from now on.jae-jo-sang goon reports the news to the lady (the king's official wife who will be queen after the queen mother dies).Min sang goon and chan-ee visit yun-saeng at her new corridor and they laugh about yeon-sheng's fear of the king.Yun-saeng says she intends to tell the king about han sang goon and jang-geum were innocent but min sang goon tells her not to say anything or else jang-geum may die too.Chan-ee wonders if jang-geum knows about yun-saeng's promotion and min sang goon wonders why Mr.gam hasn't been showing his face around to deliver news of jang-geum.

Mrs gam gets pampered by Mr gam who wants to make sure their baby is well taken cared of.

Jang-geum gets caned for making mistakes in memorizing her medical lines.The other slaves are glad that they're not the one who is learning medicine from their boss who is a very strict lady.Jang-geum learns how to decipher different conditions through one's pulse.Jang-geum feels the pulse and describes it as her supervisor diagnoses each condition through her description.

Next, they examine a general who was burning with fever as a result of taking prescription from a herbalist in town.The medicine mistress gets angry because she previously told him not to take any ginseng as it as it will cause his fever to raise up but,he had ignored her warning and gone ahead with the other herbalist's suggestion. The medicine mistress states the herbalist is a conman and goes to town looking for him. as it turns out it's master chung who used to be the head of 'herbal field dept'in the palace where jang-geum was sent for a brief period of time.

Jang-geum is happy to see Master Chung again,but the medicine mistress is angry with the master for prescribing ginseng to the patient but Master Chung shows to her that when you use red ginseng and boil it with ginger it gets rid of fever-raising property, leaving only the benefits.Jang-geum asks how Master Chung figured that out.He states he discovered it while treating his own liver disease.Jang-geum asks about his condition.He replies he will likely die from it but the boil ginseng has improved his condition.Master chung asks jang-geum if she's learning medicine from her supervisor and she says yes.Jang-geum tells him she wants to return to the palace to take revenge against those who killed her mother and han sang goon.Master Chung gets angry saying that medicine is for healing people and not a means of revenge.The medicine mistress overhears and tells jang-geum not to listen to the Master Chung.

The medicine mistress asks jang-geum to fetch some vegetation from the roof while she stands and remembers her own painful past.Then the woman brings master chung to see someone who is dying from the same illness that master chung has.The medicine mistress says she knows how to heal him but she refuses,for the sick man caused the death of her mother and torture of her father.The ill man used to work in the palace as a chae-hong-sa (someone who entertained the royal family) and forced her mother to be a mistress which caused her eventual suicide.

However, the medicine mistress decides to heal the dying man despite her desire to have her revenge against him.In front of master chung and jang-geum, the woman treats the dying man. Afterwards, medicine mistress tells jang-geum that ever since she first met jang-geum, she liked the fact that jang-geum was determined to return to the palace.Jang-geum asks if she decided to teach her medicine so jang-geum can get her revenge but she says no.She says she wanted to help jang-geum understand the same dilemma that she has been troubled with until now.The woman says master chung is right.One cannot be both an ordinary palace maid and a medicine woman at the same time.Jang-geum must choose.Jang-geum looks out to the open ocean as Master min watches.He thinks jang-geum has already made up her mind.Jang-geum remembers the medicine mistress's advise to look beyond the truth and she will have everything. [edit] ep. 31

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Two years have passed, Gam Duk-goo gets ready to make a trip to jeju island to visit jang-geum.

On this occasion, Jang-geum made a mistake in acupunture, which nearly killed the Medicine mistress. As she reminds her that, make a mistake in cooking and you get bad food, make a mistake in medicine you will kill someone.Jang-geum who was now learning how to administer acupunture mistakenly entered the needle the wrong way and almost killed her.Jang-geum now have a phobia about acupuncture.Although she had already knew where all the acupunture points are and get to feel them correctly, she is still fearful about doing it on her own.

During this time, Japan was in the Sengoku period,during which warlords and pirates frequently raided the islands of Korea. Jeju often experienced attacks from the Japanese.

There was an epidemic at a nearby island, and Master Min was asked by the island's governor to investigate it and take the army with him and the medicine mistress, and in the meantime muster the horses for sale.

Jang-geum, at this juncture, has to look after the goverment clinic. Although Jang-geum cannot administered acupunture, she is well versed in other areas. Gam came to Jeju sea sick and the ferry captain brought Gam to the clinic, where jang-geum attended to him.

Master Min jung-ho gets sent on an assignment.The medicine lady is ordered to acommpany master min and his soildiers since they may need medical attention.During the medicine mistress's absence,the maids tell jang-geum she should practice medicine since the medicine mistress won't let her practice when she's around.

A very ill man is carried to the pharmacy and jang-geum discovers it's gam tuk-goo.Jang-geum examines gam and realizes he's suffering from the severe side-effects of seasickness. the fastest way to treat him is through needle treatment but jang-geum is too nervous to poke him so she opts for hot candle treatment instead. gam tuk-goo recovers and the two chat about matters in han-yang and the palace.Jang-geum receives news that the gams' only son, gam ee-do had died from the warm disease but they're expecting another child.Jang-geum also gets news of yun-saeng and how choi sang goon has banned gam and sale of their wine from the palace as well, reducing their income considerably.

Alone at night, jang-geum goes outside and yells at the sky to ask han sang goon if it was so wrong of her to wish for revenge by becoming a medicine lady.

During the night, foreign warriors begin their attack on jeju.The city's mayor escapes but gam tuk-poh and jang-geum are among the captured.The foreign general is ill so his subordinate goes around to see if there is a doctor among the captured but finds none. however a warrior discovers the pharmacy so the general's subordinate yells at the captured for someone with medical knowledge.Someone tells him she's away but Gam says jang-geum is a medicine woman in training and jang-geum is ordered to go inside and treat the warrior general.

She discovers that the general has an unstable heartbeat and suffers from a lung condition, which requires acupuncture.She states she cannot treat him because she has never done acupuncture and if she tries she might make a mistake and cause more harm.The general's subordinate drags her outside and ask the other captives if it's true that jang-geum can't perform acupuncture. they say yes but believe that she is capable and will probably succeed even if she's never done it before.The warrior orders jang-geum to do it but she insists she can't so the angry warrior threatens to kill the citizens one at a time if she refuses.Gam tuk-goo begs jang-geum to do it so no one has to die, and the warrior tells his soldier to kill gam first.Just as gam is about to be beheaded, jang-geum agrees to do it.

Jang-geum is nervous to poke the needle into the foreign general but she focuses on what the medical literatures say to do and succeeds.Then she asks the warrior to send for the maids from the pharmacy to fetch her the ingredients she needs to cook the general a medicine to help him recover.

The warrior asks jang-geum how long it will take for the general to recover.Jang-geum says a few days but the warrior states they're leaving tomorrow so in that case jang-geum has to go with them to take care of the general.

Jang-geum gets a letter from Master min jung-ho wrapped in the herbs as she requested from the maids.Jang geum openned the letter and scans it hastily when one of the sick general's men came in.Jang geum sensed the coming man so she pretended to scold the maid about making wrong moves in the medicine-making to hide what they're really up to.Master min's letter states he's back and has soldiers with him but they're in the process of finding out more info about the attackers before he can come save her and the rest of the captured.

The next day, the warriors set out to leave jeju, taking jang-geum with them, but jang-geum says they have to make a stop at the herbal garden to get a necessary herb for the general's medicine.The invaders think that it's for an opportunity to refuge that jang geum wants to go for a stop-by and gather herbs that are hard to get but Jang geum tries to mislead their assumption, insisting that it is urgent to gather those for the welfare of their (the invader's) general.The head of the general's men agreed saying it must be done if it's really necessary since the life of their general is on the line. They've taken the risk, however.So the foreigners all go to the garden.When the warriors begin digging for the herb, they get ambushed by the korean soldiers led by Master min jung-ho and they successfully kill and defeat the foreigners.

The mayor shows up again and tells Master min he did well but the mayor gestures that he plans to take the credit for himself.Jang-geum, min jung-ho and gam tuk-poh celebrate the success of jang-geum overcoming her fear of needles and Master min helping to free them from the foreigners.

When alone, min jung-ho confesses to jang-geum that when he heard that she was able to perform acupuncture treatment he had a bad thought wishing that she never would succeed in using the acupuncture needles so that she could stay here with him forever.Master Min smilingly asks jang-geum if he is bad.Jang-geum smiles back.Master Min then states how he is of no help to her in her pursuit of goals in life.Jang-geum replies he is watching her even now.Master min reaches out to hold jang-geum's hand.This time she doesn't pull away and the two watch as snow falls in the courtyard, hand in hand.

Gam tuk-goo gets ready to leave jeju to return to han-yang city.Master min jung-ho gets ready to leave for han-yang as well,for an assignment.The medicine mistress shows jang-geum how to treat insect poison but they're interrupted by soldiers who have come to summon jang-geum for the crime of giving treatment to a foreign enemy. [edit] ep. 32

Jang-geum gets taken away for her alleged crime.The other maids tell the medicine mistress if it wasn't for jang-geum treating the foreign general, they all would've died.

The mayor of jeju and Master min jung-ho return to han-yang city to give the palace generals an update on the recent attacks.Elder oh sees min jung-ho and wonders what he's up to.The mayor reports that he did all the work and a medicine maid should be punished for betraying the nation.Master Min jung-ho goes to see his boss to tell him the account given by the mayor is incorrect, as not only was the mayor missing during the attack, the slave jang-geum contributed to the palace by saving the citizens of jeju.

In the justice dept.The master announces jang-geum's crime.Master Min jung-ho arrives with proof that jang-geum played an important role in helping him defeat the foreigners.Master Min jung-ho asks the master to put the matter on hold for the time being.Master min jung-ho goes to see Elder oh and demands that jang-geum be released and mentions that the mayor was missing during the action.Elder oh insists that it was still wrong for jang-geum to save the foreign general no matter what.If she hadn't saved him the general would've died and an army without a general would not have been successful in their attack.

The palace medicine maids report the news of the jeju medicine maid (jang-geum) to the lady queen.The lady queen tells the king about it.The king is angry that the mayor tried to hide his incompetence by putting blame onto a medicine maid and orders his generals to immediately reward the medicine maid from jeju.

Jang-geum is released and the jeju general tells jang-geum that Master min jung-ho worked very hard to plead her case.Master Chung arrives to greet jang-geum.Master jCng asks jang-geum where she's staying so he can talk to her after his work is done.Jang-geum states she will be at Master min jung-ho's.

Master Chung remembers the days at jeju when jang-geum told him about her goal to revenge against those who harmed han sang goon and her mother.

Back in jeju, the medicine mistress and the pharmacy maid wonders how jang-geum is doing. Master min jung-ho's boss tells him to stay in the palace and work for min's father who needs him by his side. Master Chung visits jang-geum and asks her if she still plans to return to the palace for revenge.Jang-geum states that she still hates the palace.Master Chung notes that jang-geum is still confused and leaves.MAster Chung asks min jung-ho to talk to jang-geum so she will change her mind about revenge.Master min jung-ho states he wishes to honor jang-geum's opinion.Master Chung is worried about jang-geum.

Master min jung-ho tells his boss he plans to leave the next day.The boss tells Master Min he is needed in the palace and asks him to reconsider about going to jeju. Gam tuk-goo and his wife visit jang-geum who prepared a meal for them. Mrs.gam scolds jang-geum for not visiting them but Mr. gam states jang-geum is still a slave and can't go around on her own.

Jang-geum overhears a servant trying to persuade min jung-ho to stay.At night, jang-geum goes to see min jung-ho and asks him for a favor.Master min states he will do whatever she asks.She asks min jung-ho to stay in han-yang instead of going to jeju.Master min replies he wants to stay by her side.Jang-geum states whether Master min is in jeju or in hanyang, he is with her all the time, just like han sang goon is.Jang-geum insists that min's place is in han-yang and she will surely return to the palace one day.Speechless,Master min watches jang-geum.

The next day, jang-geum and the jeju soldiers leave to return to jeju.Master min jung-ho watches as the two leave.

On the way back, jang-geum stops by han sang goon's grave and cries.The soldier asks her to leave immediatly since it's so cold, but jang-geum asks if he could help her make a memorial plaque for han sang goon. gam tuk-goo, who was chasing after them to give jang-geum a package, catches up to them and agrees to help jang-geum to make a plaque for han sang goon.

A young master arrives and tells them they can't put anything there since it's his family's land.Jang-geum notices that the boy is not well and goes after the young master to ask him about his illness.The young master asks her who she is and she states she is a medicine maid from jeju.Jang-geum asks if she can examine him.The young master tells jang-geum he has been ill from age 7 and no one can cure him.Then jang-geum comes up with an idea to treat him but the father of the young master arrives saying she can't treat him but the boy convinces his father and jang-geum prepares a beef dish to use as medicine.The father casts doubt about jang-geum's ability to heal his son since she is of a slave background and she uses an unorthodox treatment.The young master shows that he believes in jang-geum. jang-geum goes to fetch water from the river and uses it to cook a stew of bone marrow, beef, and river water.

Jang-geum spoon-feeds the soup to the young master.Meanwhile the jeju soldiers argue with gam tuk-poh about the delay.The young master continues to eat the soup but shows signs of pain and wanting to vomit.The father gets upset and tells his servants to take jang-geum to the justice dept.But jang-geum says the young master must endure through the pain and must vomit the residues in his body so that blocking agents will disappear.Finally jang-geum succeeds and the boy feels better.Jang-geum asks the boy how he knew she would save him in the first place.The boy states he knew for a while that someone would arrive to save him.The father tells jang-geum his son is a child-prodigy.The boy tells jang-geum he can offer a better land to bury han sang goon.The father tells jang-geum she should enter the contest for picking medicine maids.The young master tells jang-geum to study a certain literature. He states she will save many lives if she will study it.Jang-geum runs to han sang goon's grave to thank her for giving her a new hope.

Jang-geum enters the contest for picking new medicine maids.Inside the interview room, jang-geum sees 3 masters,one of them being master chung.Of the 3 maids in the room,jang-geum shows the most knowledge.Jang-geum continues to gain an upper hand against the other maids. Master Chung asks the maids if they will save people during their adversaries.The other two maids state yes but jang-geum states she hasn't decided.For that answer, she receives a 'ha' point (negative point) and for that she thinks she won't pass the exam.

Alone, jang-geum thinks about master Chung and what happened.She replays master Chung's advise that a medicine worker must never harbor any personal feelings toward their patient. Next day, the names of those who passed the contest are posted on the wall.The poster shows jang-geum's name which means she passed the contest to be a medicine maid.

The newly selected medicine maids are gathered.They're told they will start training from next day.Jang-geum goes to thank master Chung.The master states he has not accepted her yet but since she hasn't made the decision herself he will hold off his decision as well.

Jang-geum, the gam's, the jeju soldier, and Master min jung-ho celebrate jang-geum's success.The jeju soldier is sad that he has to go back to jeju by himself.Master min jung-ho tells the soldier if he wants to come to han-yang he will try to help him.

Alone, jang-geum and Master min jung-ho talk as they stroll.Master min congrats her and tells her he knows she will succeed.Jang-geum and the other medicine maids begin their training.Their new boss tells them from now on they must cast aside everything they know and start from the beginning. [edit] ep. 33

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The teacher master announces to the newly picked medicine maids that for the next 6 months they will undergo strict training.They must study very hard to pass the medicine license and each maid has a 3 warning strike system.If a maid gets 3 strikes against them they must leave the group and go back to being a slave or servant.The teacher master tells jang-geum she already has a strike against her for saving a scholar's son when she was still a slave, and trying to use that as a stepping stone into the palace medicine dept.The medicine maids complain to each other how strict the master is but jang-geum goes to see him instead to explain that he saved the boy without any other motive.The teacher master tells jang-geum she doesn't have the makeup of a medicine maid.

Jang-geum returns to study but the other maids refuse to be her study partner since the master dislikes jang-geum,except shin-bi (han ji min)who agrees to study with her but warns jang-geum she's not too good at it.

The head master gave the maids a quiz on orthography and understanding of proverbs.None knows what the master is talking about except jang-geum.The head master is impressed and calls jang-geum in front of the class for a dictation exercise.

Next, the maids have to memorize hundreds of ingredients and their usage.Jang-geum successfuly names all the usage but her partner shin-bi struggles to remember everything. The other maids realize jang-geum's skills and ask her to study with them.Jang-geum passes onto them medical knowledge she has acquired in jeju.

Master min jung-ho begins his efforts in gathering loyal men who used to work in the palace but they are either retired or left the palace to stay away from the corruption.Master min asks an old general,then a retired scholar and another warrior to come back to the palace. Each declines but min states he will continue to try until they agree.

Master min goes to the countryside to ask master Chung to return to the palace.Master Chung had left the palace to get away from the corruption.Master min jung-ho begs master Chung to return so he can help the palace stay healthy and help Master min to counter corruption.

The gam's plead Master choi to forgive them since they're innocent so they can sell their wine in the palace and in the market again but master choi tells his servant to send them away.

Jang-geum begs her teacher to show her how she can be a palace medicine woman.The master insists jang-geum is not a medicine woman material and gives her another strike.Jang-geum continues to beg saying she will endure punishment and do all the cooking,cleaning chores for everyone if only the master gives her a chance. The teacher replies he doesn't think jang-geum can be a medicine woman not because he detests her but because he truly doesn't believe she can be a medicine woman.Jang-geum is rendered speechless and remembers her past as a child maid of soo-rak-gan when the sang goon told her she couldn't be a kitchen maid and sent her off to clean instead.

Shin-bi is surrounded by other medicine maids who accuse her of bribing the teacher or related to the teacher since she got a higher mark then the other maids.Jang-geum watches as shin-bi tries to defend herself by denying the accusations.

Jang-geum gathers dirty clothes from the other maids to wash for them and memorizes her literature as she cooks their meal.The other maids are happy that jang-geum does all the chores for them and wonders if she's trying to win the teacher's favor just like she did when she was a child.Jang-geum washed clothes and cleaned during the day as she listened to the teacher and stayed up late to clean the dishes.The teacher tells jang-geum to not bother with unnecessary tasks.

Jang-geum returns to the sleeping corridor and the maids tell jang-geum the head master wanted to see her.The head master tells jang-geum he can help her get rid of her 2 strikes, then tells her to prepare to go somewhere tomorrow.Jang-geum is worried about going because the other teacher had set tomorrow to be a training day.Alone, jang-geum cries out the hardships she is now enduring as she remembers han sang goon saying she's waiting for her in the palace.

Next day, all the other maids left to go with the head master.Only shin-bi and jang-geum showed up to the training with the teacher.The teacher brings them to a room of sick patients.Jang-geum diagnoses her patient at once,but shin-bi can't pass. The teacher tells jang-geum to watch the patients and do laundry until shin-bi gets it right.The master leaves, and jang-geum asks shin-bi if she's related to the teacher master since he's so nice to her but shin-bi states no and she doesn't understand why he's so kind to her.

The maids all return.The teacher master gets angry at them and tells them to never show up to his class.The teacher master goes to see his boss the head master who yells at him for being so stiff and tells him to follow his orders from now on.

Meanwhile, shin-bi continues to try to figure out why her patient is ill.Jang-geum watches as shin-bi asked for the patient's symptoms to the very detail.From what she listens jang-geum figures out what the patient's illness is and realizes why the teacher has given her 2 strikes.Jang-geum realizes until now she relied too much on her own skills and her confidence kept her from giving her patients the detailed care they require.

The head master sends all the newly returned maids into the training room and orders teacher Master Shin not to go against the high-ranked official's will anymore of making medicine students sexual escorts during occasions.Master Shin argues saying that it's in direct contrast with the King's order not to make medicine trainees as sexual escorts for they must be treated with respect since they are the ones to examine and take charge of the Mother Queen and the Queen's health concerns.But the Head Master scolds him and forbids him from going opposite his orders since he is an unqualified doctor upon being the sole responsible for the death of a monarch. The Head master furthers that Master Shin should be more than thankful that those officials protected him and did not revoked him from his position.The teacher master asks them what they learned from the training.Jang-geum states what she learned and gives shin-bi credit for diagnosing her patient correctly but shin-bi says jang-geum made the diagnosis.But jang-geum replies that she learned how to treat the patients by watching shin-bi.The teacher tells them to prepare for another test. [edit] ep. 34

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In front of the class, jang-geum confesses to the teacher that because she was too proud and too sure of her skills that she was unable to diagnose the patient like shin-bi did.The teacher replies he is still not sure whether or not jang-geum really understands what it takes to be a medicine worker.

The teacher gives the students another exam to be finished in just a while. They're asked to write down all types of medicines they know and for what illness can it give cure to. All the other trainees trembled into naming all the specified medicines for specific illnessess they knew but Jang geum does it the other way around. After reading the test answers, the teacher calls for Jang geum to discuss her answer since she's the only one to get the question accurately. The class, being elated, became astonished by her wit. Teacher Master Shin reiterates the point as Jang geum said and states the same ingredient can be both medicine and poison to patients, depending on the illness each patient suffers from.So a medicine worker must be detailed like shin-bi to correctly diagnose the illness or else the patient may become poisoned by the medicine instead of the other way round.

The teacher continues to be hard on jang-geum.Shin-bi arrives to comfort jang-geum saying though he's harsh with jang-geum but he cares about her as student.Shin-bi tells jang-geum she was extremely sick as a child,then a medicine master cured her,and when she told the master she wanted to return his favor he told her to give back to the world.So shin-bi decided to become a medicine woman.

The maids go through rigorous training between hands-on intership and reading of literature.Shin-bi tells jang-geum she thinks jang-geum will end up in the internal medicine dept.(the most challenging/ prestigious dept. it's in charge of taking care of the royal family). But Jang geum gets worried since she's nearly acquired three warnings.

Jang-geum gets a visit from the jeju medicine mistress.Master Chung shows up to tell jang-geum something went wrong with her patient.Jang-geum returns and overhears the head master and the teacher discuss about whether or not jang-geum should be allowed to pass the license.The head master insists jang-geum has the talent and the skills but the teacher objects.Jang-geum is sad and goes back to see master Chung and jeju medicine mistress.Jeju mistress tells jang-geum there's nothing she can do now and she should just forget about becoming a medicine woman.Master Chung goes to see the teacher to give his opinion about jang-geum.Jang-geum tries to talk to the teacher but he walks away.

Alone at night, the teacher writes down a list of names.Next day, the teacher names the maids one by one and announces each one as 'not passing'.The head master is furious that no one passed.Jang-geum and shinbi smile at each other,realizing that the teacher is trying to get some other master to pick who to select as medicine women,since he can't pick jang-geum if it was up to him.The superior master who is in charge of the palace health is angry that no maid was selected since they spent a lot of money to train the maids.He decides to go through with the selection process himself.After examining the maids, the superior master realizes jang-geum is highly skilled.Master Chung informs Master min jung-ho about what's going on with jang-geum.Master min decides to go visit the superior master.

The king finds out that no maid was selected and becomes angry.Superior master assures him that they're still selecting the maids and soon they will have the results.Master min jung-ho arrives to see the superior master who tells Master min everything will be okay.

The teacher announces the new results.Some of maids didn't pass and they have to go back to wherever they came from.The passing maids are assigned to various departments within the palace.Jang-geum and shin-bi are the only two assigned to 'nae-ee-ohn' (internal medicine house),the highest rank for a medicine woman. Jang-geum and shin-bi are each given a special badge that indicates they work in 'nae-ee-ohn'.Finally the teacher gives jang-geum a smile as he leaves.The maids say their farewell and congratulates each other as they prepare to move on.

Master min jung-ho waits for jang-geum by the gate.When she arrives he asks how it went.Jang-geum pretends to be sad and he gets worried.Then jang-geum shows him her badge and he congratulates her with laughter and smile.The two walk together to the gam's.

The jeju medicine mistress is staying with the gam's.She watches the gam's selling wine and tells the customer that the wine doesn't really contain the precious ingredient that they say it does.The customer gets angry and leaves.Mrs. gam goes after the medicine mistress and tells her to leave.The medicine mistress says she will leave if she gives her money since jang-geum said she could stay here.Mrs. gam cannot believe what she's hearing.Mr. gam watches as his wife meets her match.Master min jung-ho and jang-geum arrive.The gam's, the medicine mistress,Master min, and jang-geum celebrate jang-geum's success.

Jang-geum asks the medicine mistress when she'll be returning to jeju.She replies she's not going back.Jang-geum asks her if she'll be going to 'nae-ee-ohn' as well but the she doesn't reply. Master min jung-ho asks jang-geum about her thoughts of returing to the palace.Jang-geum says it feels strange.Master min states a palace through the eyes of a palace maid will be different from the palace through the eyes of a medicine woman.

Next day, jang-geum goes to the palace and passes by 'soo-rak-gan' to watch the kitchen maids busy preparing food.At 'nae-ee-ohn' jang-geum and shin-bi's boss tells them they're not medicine women yet,only interns for the time being so they must be careful.Their mentor arrives to send them off to a patient.The two leaves.Afterwards, the mentor tells herself she's been waiting for this day for a long time and it's time for someone else to suffer. Jang-geum and shin-bi arrive to see that the so-called patient basically wants someone to massage her face and wash her feet.Offended, shin-bi says they're medicine women not servants.The patient complains saying the other medicine women never complained in the past. Jang-geum says they will do it.Outside, shin-bi tells jang-geum they're not servants, but jang-geum says this is reality as she used to be a palace maid.

Jang-geum finishes washing the feet and they return to 'nae-ee-ohn'.The mentor scolds them for being so late and tells them the lady queen is suddently ill.The 'nae-ee-ohn' staff prepare to treat the lady queen.Jang-geum arrives at the royal family corridors and she runs into geum-young, dressed as a sang-goon (supervising escort). [edit] ep. 35

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Master Chung holds a meeting to tell the cooks and the medicine ladies what to do.Jang-geum and shin-bi stand and watch.Geum-young attends as soo-rak-gan's head escort (she took han sang goon's old job).Choi sang goon who took the job of the old jae-jo sang Goon is not present for the meeting because she was busy at the moment.When geum-young discovers jang-geum's presence she is shocked but remains silent.Jang-geum acts surprised and speechless. Master Chung gives his orders and the meeting ends.Geum-young stares at jang-geum as she exits but says nothng.Left alone in the meeting room, jang-geum gathers her thoughts for a moment before leaving.Then as she is behind geum-young, geum-young turns around and tries to ask jang-geum something but seeing that others are watching,jang-geum leaves first.

The lady queen's condition suddently worsens.Jang-geum tries to stay calm and keep the lady conscious while the other medicine lady fetches master Chung.Choi sang goon arrives and is startled by jang-geum's presence,Then asks jang-geum why she is here.Jang-geum tries to stay calm and talks business.Choi sang goon keeps getting distracted and asks jang-geum how she got here.Jang-geum tells choi sang goon to update the king on the queen's condition.Choi sang goon asks the king to comfort the lady queen.The lady queen had a miscarriage.

Jang-geum and shin-bi go back to nae-ee-ohn (internal medicine house).The head medicine lady praises jang-geum for staying calm.Jang-geum and shin-bi are ordered by master Chung to make medicine stew for the lady.

A servant from soo-rak-gan (royal kitchen) arrives to tell jang-geum the kitchen head (geum-young) has asked to see her.The servant recognizes jang-geum and the two greet each other. jang-geum arrives at soo-rak-gan and memories of han sang goon appear.Geum-young asks jang-geum if she's really jang-geum.Jang-geum talks up to her and states yes, and gives geum-young her belated congratulations for the promotion,and wonders what sacrifices geum-young made to get to her current position.Geum-young says jang-geum cannot stay here in the palace,but jang-geum leaves.

Outside, choi sang goon awaits her and asks her how she got from jeju to the palace.Jang-geum greets her and says she must go since the lady queen is still ill.As she leaves, young-roh (who is now a sang-goon/escort) arrives and is also surprised by jang-geum's reappearance at the palace.

Back at the kitchen choi sang goon wonders about the life of jang-geum and her mother.One ate poison but reappeared years later.One was sent to jeju as servant but reappears as a medicine woman.

Jang-geum tries to find the whereabouts of yun-saeng and min sang goon.A maid tells jang-geum where min sang goon is.Jang-geum arrives just as chan-ee and min sang goon argue about who should be the one to examine the lady's poop (to see if it's normal).Chan-ee, min sang goon and jang-geum share a tearful reunion.Min sang goon and chan-ee update jang-geum on what's been happening in the palace,including how choi sang goon and geum-young got rid of all the people who used to be loyal to han sang goon.Min sang goon and chan-ee were sent to an undesirable dept.While yun-saeng spends her days as a has-been concubine,since the king no longer favors her.

Jang-geum is taken to see yeon-saeng,who is praying.min sang goon tells jang-geum that yeon-saeng had been praying for jang-geum since the time she and han sang goon left the Palace for Jeju.Jang-geum calls yun-saeng and the two are rejoined in tears. Yun-saeng tries to host jang-geum but the maids are relunctant to follow her request for food.Jang-geum watches and cries.Yun-saeng tells jang-geum they must seek revenge against choi sang goon and geum-young.Choi sang goon tells her brother about jang-geum.

In the king's court,Elder oh tries to block min jung-ho's boss from bringing into the palace the retired generals that min jung-ho has been recruiting.The king leans on min jung-ho's side and tells Elder oh not to get involved.Outside, min's boss tells min jung-ho things went well.Master min jung-ho meets with jang-geum who tells him she already met choi sang goon and geum-young.

Jang-geum meets her medicine teacher again during a meeting.Afterwards jang-geum watches as choi sang goon whispers something to a medicine master.

Jang-geum goes to see Min jung-ho. Min jung-ho and his boss set up a meeting with Elder oh and master choi, and another master.Min jung-ho warns Elder oh and master choi that if they want to fight then he's prepared to fight with his life.Master choi tells his sister that Elder oh is wondering if it's time to fight.

Geum-young and min jung-ho meet.Min jung-ho tells geum-young he wishes no harm on her and states he wishes he didn't have to be this extreme.Jang-geum massages the young court ladies.Geum-young arrives and demands a foot massage from jang-geum.Jang-geum pauses and geum-young ridicules her saying she is a maid and must follow her orders.Jang-geum swallows up her pride and massages geum-young with a very professional attitude. Geum yeong continued to humiliate Jang geum's current position but instead, Jang geum gave somewhat like a double-meaninged response. Here's how it goes like: "are you experiencing some kind of upper abdominal pain?" jang geum asked. geum yeong halts in surprise about the response. jang geum however broke the tension by justifying that it is since that a certain portion of her foot shows signs that she might have been so.

Choi sang goon tells the master from nae-ee-ohn who jang-geum is. The head master assigns a medicine scholar to teach jang-geum and shin-bi how to perform a different kind of needle treatment.

Nae-ee-ohn's best medicine lady examines the lady queen again,with master Chung behind the curtain for assistance.Jang-geum and shin-bi assist the head medicine lady by her side.The medicine lady and master Chung leave, with jang-geum and shin-bi watching the lady queen. Later, the head of nae-ee-ohn is angry that jang-geum and shin-bi haven't returned to the dept.Jang-geum and shin-bi are making some medicine without permission.

The head master is angry and yells at jang-geum and shin-bi.The medicine scholar arrives and tells the head master he was looking for them too.Then, they get the news that the lady queen is unconscious.The head master sends jang-geum and shin-bi to the study while the rest of the medical staff go and tend to the lady queen.

At the study, jang-geum asks shin-bi if she noticed something strange about the queen and the head medicine lady's diagnosis.Just then, the head medicine lady arrives asking if jang-geum is accusing her of mistreating the lady queen. [edit] ep. 36

Jang-geum and shin-bi discuss how things were strange with 'nae-ee-ohn's best medicine woman,yuh-ri's diagnosis.But yuh-ri arrives to defend her skills.She confidently states what she believes to be wrong with the lady queen.Jang-geum still thinks yuh-ri is wrong but says nothing because she is not sure if she's right.

The 'nae-ee-ohn' staff meet to discuss what's wrong with the lady queen based on what everyone observed and examined.Everyone gives a response that suggest that the lady queen's system is working too slow based on her pulse but jang-geum shows she disagrees but still says nothing.

Yuh-ri practices needle treatment on shin-bi while master jung and jang-geum watch.Then yuh-ri repeats the procedure on the lady queen who is burning with fever and battling consciousness.When yuh-ri pokes a needle in the lady queen, she yells in pain and vomits.The medical staff and maids worry again.The king is furious that his wife is not getting proper treatment after losing her baby.

Gam tuk-goo hears news that 'nae-ee-ohn' is under heavy distress trying to figure out how to treat the lady queen.

Jang-geum researches to confirm her suspicion about the lady's condition even though it is counter-logic.

Elder oh yells at 'nae-ee-ohn' staff and holds them responsible should anything go wrong with the lady queen.

Shin-bi goes to see the teacher master to tell him that jang-geum is working on something.Jang-geum is summoned by the masters to a meeting.The senior medicine women question jang-geum's qualification to diagnose the lady queen.Jang-geum reports the lady had a 'san-maek'(scattering pulse) caused by a dead fetus inside her body.The masters argue that it can't be so since the lady already had a miscarriage.Then the medicine scholar states the lady was pregnant with twins then.

The masters and the senior medicine women are impressed by jang-geum's skills,since a scattering pulse is extremely difficult to detect.The masters ask Elder oh for permission to allow jang-geum to treat the lady queen.Elder oh is reluctant since jang-geum is a new staff.But the masters state if indeed jang-geum is correct then the lady queen is in dire danger so Elder oh agrees.

The masters stay behind a screen while jang-geum and yuh-ri examine the lady queen again to treat her.Yuh-ri determines a stagnant pulse(no-maek)but jang-geum reports a floating pulse (po-maek)which is a result of the spreading pulse.

The masters discuss which diagnosis to follow since they're conflicting.They decide to go with jang-geum's diagnosis.Master Chung tells yuh-ri to perform needle treatment on the lady queen to treat the spreading pulse but yuh-ri declines saying jang-geum must do it since it's her diagnosis.

Jang-geum practices once and performs the treatment on the lady queen with master Chung giving her his confidence.Choi sang goon who has been by the lady's side (since she's a superior sang-goon) wonders about jang-geum's treatment.After the treatment, jang-geum and shin-bi go and cook the herbal medicine for the lady queen.

Min sang goon and chan-ee complain about jang-geum butting in again since it got her in trouble before while yun-saeng kneels and prays to jung sang goon to save jang-geum.

Young-roh reports to geum-young that the lady queen has no sign of recovery so far and wishes they can kill 2 birds with one stone with this opportunity,getting rid of both jang-geum and the lady queen.

Gam tuk-goo meets with master min jung-ho and tells him about what's going on in the palace and with jang-geum.

The lady queen suffers from extreme pain again and the king is informed of this by choi sang goon.The king goes to see the lady.Meanwhile, the lady queen excretes the dead fetus from her body and shows sign of recovery.The king arrives and learns the queen will be fine now that she passed out the dead fetus.Choi sang goon and Elder oh is displeased by the news.

Yuh-ri asks for punishment for her mistake.The masters want to show sympathy toward her but she states she must be fired from the palace.The masters agree that she should be punished but not fired, so they agree to the punishment she asks for which is to do chores until she forgives herself.The senior medicine women tells yuh-ri she didn't have to go so extreme but yuh-ri insists she will learn from jang-geum from now on.

Alone, jang-geum apologizes to yuh-ri but yuh-ri shows her true self by ordering jang-geum not to pity her and leaves.The masters congratulate jang-geum.The scholar arrives to brag that jang-geum is his student and leaves.

choi sang goon discuss with the head of nae-ee-ohn about the event.The head master assures her things will be okay.Yuh-ri watches the exchange from a distance.

Geum-young has a pain attack in her stomach and remembers jang-geum asking her about her abdominal pain when she was getting her foot massaged by jang-geum.

The jeju medicine mistress continues her stay in han-yang,treating patients for all illnesses including dental problems.After she returns to her office after treating a dental patient, she gets a visit from min jung-ho.After he leaves, jang-geum and gam tuk-goo arrive. she asks jang-geum if she saw min jung-ho but jang-geum missed him.

Min jung-ho urges his boss to ask the king to approve developing land and men to build weapons.The boss brings up the idea to the king who is delighted by the suggestion.But Elder oh is nervous because that would affect his monopoly over weapon importry.

The lady queen has completely recovered and learns about the new medicine woman who healed her and asks to see her.Choi sang goon is distressed by it and goes to see Elder oh who tells her min jung-ho is threating their fortune.To choi sang goon's delight, the queen mother is angry at the lady queen and the king,and refuses to receive treatment for her own illness.The lady queen and the king is shocked and rendered speechless. [edit] ep. 37

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Choi sang goon had thought of a plan on how to keep left Minister park and Min Jung-ho from intervening with their works in the Palace by using the Mother Queen. Receiving treatment from a new doctor, Choi sang goon tells the Mother Queen of Master Shin's past mistake which resulted to the death of a prominent man and that Master Shin is the culprit behind the termination of the Mother Queen's relative, the Head Master of the Medicine trainees (the one with whom Master Shin discorded to follow since he would want to follow the King's oreder not to make medicine trainees as sexual escorts).

The queen Dowager yells at the king saying he doesn't care about her and all he does is to send incompetent doctors to her.The king and the lady queen is shocked by the mother queen Dowager's words and the king defends himself saying he worries about her all day.But the queen Dowager tells him she doesn't want to see his face again.Choi sang goon who is standing there smiles to herself.The king and the lady queen beg the mother queen to continue taking her daily medicine but the mother queen sends them away.

The teacher master (master shin) brings the medicine to the mother queen again.She refuses to see them but they come in anyway to beg her.Then the queen Dowager yells at the master shin saying she won't take his medicine since he caused the death of a past royal family member.

Choi sang goon alerts the king saying the medicine maids and master shin are giving bad attention to the queen Dowager's health.Min jung-ho meets with jang-geum and they agree that there is much conspiracy behind the queen Dowager being upset at master shin and the king.

The King and the Lady Queen go to see the Mother Queen and knelt before her but the Mother Queen declined to talk to them or take her medicines either unless the King would obey her and revoke Master Shin from his service, put back the holy temple, refuse to hire back the retired generals to the Palace neither part other official's lands in exchange of buying weapons for the state's safety, nor deal with Left Minister Park and his subordinate, Min Jung ho; all since Choi sang goon made her believe that the two are in league of Master Shin, whom the Mother Queen gets to hate for being the culprit for her relative's termination and for worse, being a frustrated doctor.

In court the king announces his decision to get rid of master shin from the palace. He concluded that despite the need to streghten the nation's defense, he cannot be unfilial to the queen Dowager. Master shin begs the queen to take the medicine again but the mother queen is angry by his presence.Jang-geum butts in asking the queen not to put the king at test risking her own royal life.Jang-geum asks the queen Dowager to enter a test with her instead and states she is willing to give up her life.The queen Dowager agrees but holds jang-geum responsible should she lose.Jang-geum says she will win for sure.Choi sang goon and lady queen are listening outside.Choi is about to enter the room to scold jang-geum but lady queen stops her. Jang geum discusses to the Mother Queen that the quiz would immediately follow the next day and that she is sorry she could only spare the Mother Queen a night to think of the answer for her health condition is worsening.

The queen Dowager signals jang-geum to start the quiz. Jang-geum describes the life of the first shik-ee (food doctor) in China (Ming that time) and the way she cares for her patients; that everything goes well at her attendance but the high mountains which teems with plentifulness as it shapes the land melts all into water in her absence, and asks her to guess who it was. Lady queen tells the king about jang-geum's exchange with the queen Dowager.The king is intrigued and wonders if the queen Dowager will guess the answer by morning.

The nae-ee-ohn medicine women scold jang-geum for butting in when it wasn't her place but they're impressed by her knowledge and courage.Yuh-ri is furious.Gam tuk-goo is worried about jang-geum's life but the jeju medicine mistress say jang-geum is confident for a reason so not to worry.Master Chung and min jung-ho believe that jang-geum will succeed.

Choi sang goon shows her frustration in front of geum-young and young-roh.Elder oh and master choi agree that they must get rid of the root of their problem immediately.

The Gam's try to figure out the answer to jang-geum's quiz.Young-roh, geum-young, the king and the queen try to figure out as well.

Next day, jang-geum's colleagues beg jang-geum to tell them the answer since they couldn't figure it out all night. jang geum tells nothing but flashes a good confident smile instead and leaves.

Yuh-ri tells them there's a meeting between the soo-rak-gan and nae-ee-ohn staff that jang-geum and shin-bi should attend.During the meeting, geum-young shoots a dirty look at jang-geum as she remembers the past when they were both kitchen maids during the soo-rak-gan competition.Geum-young tells choi sang goon she knows the answer.Choi sang goon goes to report to the mother queen that she knows the answer.

Jang-geum and master shin arrive at the queen Dowager's chamber.A grinning choi sang goon asks the queen Dowager what she wishes to do and states jang-geum is the same as dead.The mother queen replies she will accept medical treatment.Jang-geum smiles.Choi sang goon is surprised and distraught.The king and the lady queen are elated.Jang-geum, master shin, shin-bi, and yuh-ri begin treatment on the mother queen by examining her first.

Elder oh asks choi sang goon if the answer she found is incorrect since the mother queen went ahead with the treatment.Young-roh asks geum-young what she thinks of the situation. Shin-bi and jang-geum bring the mother queen's herb stew in.In front of the king, the lady queen, and choi sang goon, the mother queen states jang-geum is a bright girl.The king asks what the answer is.

The mother queen replies choi sang goon already told her the answer and it's not difficult. the answer is none other than herself.Jang-geum explains the self-sacrificing'shik-ee'is a mother.A mother sweats and toils preparing the right food to keep her family healthy; that everything is well at her attendance but the high mountains all melt down to tears as she was gone. The mother queen is touched by the answer and she shares a tender moment with her son who apologizes to her for not being a good son.

Yun-saeng waits for jang-geum outside and runs to her to ask her if everything went well. Jang-geum replies things look optimistic.The king passes by and asks yun-saeng who she is. The head guard tells the king she is the Yeon-Sheng sang-goon.

Yeon-Sheng is sad realizing the king forgot about her.The mother queen is vomiting and unable to take in any medicine.Master shin explains to the king that since the mother queen's treatment was delayed she may have severe infection inside.The nae-ee-ohn staff meet to decide on the best treatment options.Their meeting was interrupted by the news that the mother queen is losing consciousness. [edit] ep. 38

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The queen Dowager is able to receive treatment for her on going illness.The nae-ee-ohn staff discuss what to do with her.Just then the mother queen lost consciousness.Master shin, yuh-ri, jang-geum and shin-bi examine her.They determine she has gak-gi-byung (breath disabling disease)The medical staff cook the herb medicine for her but she vomits it out.

Master shin suggests to master Chung to meet with soo-rak-gan staff to discuss the mother queen's diet.Master Chung tells geum-young to avoid beef, pork and prepare barley and vegetables for the queen mother.Geum-young complains that the mother queen hates vegetables and may refuse to eat but adheres to Chung's request. jang-geum looks around the ingredients at soo-rak-gan making geum-young uneasy.Then jang-geum asks geum-young for the past menu used to the mother queen.

The mother queen takes a bite of the barley and veggie meal geum-young prepared but refuses to eat more.Choi sang goon is upset that the mother queen has to eat food she never liked and calls a doctor. Jang-geum comes up with idea to prepare medicine balls, using the medicine the mother queen couldn't take in liquid form.The teacher master approves and jang-geum goes to Yeon-Sheng to get her to help her make the balls.

The teacher master arrives with Jang-geum and yuh-ri.Choi sang goon yells at the medical staff for the unsavory food.Jang-geum presents the medicine ball and the queen mother tries it, then decides she likes it and agrees to eat them.The teacher master praises jang-geum for good thinking.Yuh-ri tells the master making medicine balls should be her task and not jang-geum's.

The lady queen watches as the mother queen tries to eat her meal but has no appetite.The only food she wants to eat are medicine balls.

Geum-young and yuh-ri are displeased by jang-geum's success.Yuh-ri sneaks into the place where jang-geum and Yeon-Sheng are making the medicine balls.Yuh-ri discovers that jang-geum uses garlic as one of the ingredients and goes to report to the head master.The lady queen arrives and hears the report

The lady queen and the master arrive at jang-geum's to scold her for using garlic, which is the mother queen's most detested food. Master Chung stands by the teacher master and jang-geum's position saying garlic is beneficial to gak-gi-byung.

The mother queen is presented with liquid medicine cooked with garlic and drinks it without trouble.The lady queen realizes she almost made a huge mistake by stopping jang-geum and reports to the mother queen.

The mother queen and the lady queen summon jang-geum and master shin to ask them how they made the medicine.The mother queen asks jang-geum how she got rid of the garlic smell she detests.Jang-geum reports she did it by steaming it first with green tea. the two queens are impressed by jang-geum's skills and hardwork. The king learns that his mother can finally drink the medicine she needs and is pleased.

Choi sang goon is upset by the king's positive reaction.Yuh-ri examines the mother queen and reports she is recovering.The king arrives to see the mother queen is pleased by the recovery.

The nae-ee-ohn women praise jang-geum and wonders how she knew such detail as the mother queen not liking garlic.

Yuh-ri is upset by jang-geum's popularity.Jang-geum goes to see the teacher master who tells her she worked hard.

Just then, the head guard arrives and sees jang-geum.Realizing she's familiar, he asks her if she's the jang-geum from soo-rak-gan.The head guard is happy to see her and tells her she can ask him for help anytime.Jang-geum says she has a request.

Yuh-ri overhears choi sang goon scolding the head master from nae-ee-ohn for jang-geum's success and states jang-geum must be rid of. Young-roh complains to geum-young about jang-geum. master choi, elder oh and choi sang goon discuss their new scheme to get the mother queen on their side again.

min jung-ho's boss tells min what's been going on. min jung ho is happy to hear that the mother queen is okay. yuh-ri goes to see geum-young. yuh-ri tells geum-young she can make her wish come true to get rid of jang-geum.

Min-sg and Chan-ee bring Jang-geum to Yeon-saeng. Yeon-saeng and Jang-geum cook the food that Han-sg and Jung-sg used to like. Chan-ee cooks her favorite food 'ddok bok gi - fried rice cake'.The four of them cook and smile as they remember their old days in soo-rak-gan. afterwards they enjoy the dishes as they chit-chat. jang geum has to leave them early so as leaving the three alone. Min-sg is upset that yun-saeng still hasn't won back the king's favor so takes her outside for 'seductive' breathing and looking exercises. during her absence, the king arrives at yun-saeng's room but finds her gone. the king decides to wait but the guards search for her.

Yeon-Sheng is found and rushed back to her room.By then the king has already left and Yeon-Sheng falls asleep crying.But the king returns and tells her when he first saw her she was crying too.Yeon-sheng bows before the king.The king dines and wines in her room.Yeon-sheng remembers min-sang goon's advice about treating the king and raises her chopstick to try to give him a 'seductive' feeding but she starts mumbling and shaking.The king is amused by her nervous and innocent behavior, and tells her to come close to him.Yeon-sheng scoots close to the king.The king undresses yeon-sheng and caresses her.

Min jung-ho visit jang-geum and tells her to be careful.She tells him his task is more dangerous and asks him to be careful too. The lady queen asks to speak to jang-geum, then asks her if she's the girl from soo-rak-gan and how she ended back at the palace. The lady queen remembers han-sang goon and tells jang-geum she knows she was a good sang-goon.The lady queen says in time she will resolve han-sang goon's innocence.

Jang-geum is touched by the lady queen's words.The lady queen asks jang-geum to be her close assistant and asks her if she could cook the dish she once made during the soo-rak-gan competition. Jang-geum agrees earnestly and goes to soo-rak-gan to start cooking.Geum-young arrives and sees jang-geum, then demands why she is there. Geum yeong tells her that she is no longer a Court Lady and that she is no more fit to use the Royal Kitchen. [edit] ep. 39

* Geum-young is upset by jang-geum's presence at soo-rak-gan and tells her to leave immediately.Jang-geum goes to cook in a different kitchen instead.Geum-young cooks stir-fry roll while jang-geum makes something similar.Geum-young brings the rolls to lady queen as her late night snack.The lady queen says she forgot that she asked geum-young to make her a snack.

* Jang-geum arrives with her food.The lady queen tries jang-geum's food and praises her for satisfying her long craving.The lady queen apologizes to geum-young and asks geum-young to leave with her dish since she's been craving for jang-geum's food.Outside, a furious geum-young runs into an arriving yuh-ri.Geum-young tells yuh-ri to see her afterwards.

Jang-geum visits the gam's just ask they were saying how they haven't seen her in a long time.Mrs.gam gets up to cook jang-geum something to eat. Mr.gam gets up to help her. Alone, jang-geum remembers the words of lady queen.gam tuk-goo asks his wife what she's up to since she is suddenly so nice to jang-geum. when they get back they find jang-geum asleep.The gam's wonder how tiring jang-geum's life is inside the palace.Outside, Min jung-ho hears the exchange and smiles, then leaves.

Jang-geum, min-sang goon, chan-ee giggle and congratulates yeon-Sheng at her rendezvous with the king.The maids who previously ignored yeon-sheng's requests comes in with food for yeon-sheng's guests.

Geum-young and yuh-ri talk alone to build an alliance and plot some new scheme.

A sang-goon runs to yuh-ri asking for jang-geum.Yuh-ri asks her why.The sang-goon states a child lady is ill.Yuh-ri says she will tell jang-geum but instead she tells jang-geum to go tend to the lady queen instead.The head nurse finds out jang-geum went to spend time with the lady queen instead of tending to the sick child,which is jang-geum's duty.The head nurse scolds jang-geum.Jang-geum replies saying she didn't know the child was sick but yuh-ri interrupts saying there is no use in lying.Yuh-ri steals a previous ingredient and hides it in jang-geum's pile of books.The head nurse is led to believe that jang-geum is stealing.

Jang-geum confronts yuh-ri.Yuh-ri pretends to be the victim when she sees master shin arriving.Jang-geum yells at yuhri saying she will stop her.Master shin overhears jang-geum's words and misunderstands it as jang-geum bullying yuh-ri.Yuh-ri continues her fake act of being a victim to jang-geum's greed.

The nae-ee-ohn supervisors meet and decide that jang-geum should be sent away for laboring off-site assignemnt as her punishment. Yuh-ri meets with the head of nae-ee-ohn.Yuh-ri says she has done her part and now it's up to him to finish the plan. The head of nae-ee-ohn,jang-geum,and the scholar tend to sick citizens.The project is overlooked by Min jung-ho and his boss.

The head of nae-ee-ohn tells jang-geum to work on dispensing medicine.The scholar arrives and states jang-geum must be hungry from working.Jang-geum replies saying it's only right that the ones working with the patients should eat first.The scholar comments jang-geum has a kind heart.ang-geum smiles and says no but the scholar then asks if she could share her heart with him.

A man comes forward to say that jang-geum was stealing the precious medicines from the storage room overnight.Jang-geum is about to be taken to the punishement dept but the scholar arrives saying it's impossible since he had the key to the storage room overnight. The guard says they must investigate the matter further and let jang-geum go for the time being.Yuh-ri and a few other nurses arrive to help treat the ill since there's a shortage in hands and medicine.

The medical staff discover that they may have a contagious disease spreading among them so they order a 'lock out'.No one is to enter or leave the premise.Yuh-ri is given the task of informing all the nurses about the lock out.Yuh-ri tricks jang-geum telling her she needs to go a far distance to fetch some medicine that they desperately need.Jang-geum leaves the premise before the lock out officially begins.Outside she runs into master min jung-ho who asks where she's going.

The lock out officially begins.The soldiers guard the entry/exit way so that no one can leave or enter.Citizens who are ill beg to enter but no avail.Jang-geum arrives realizing she's been tricked.There's no way she can unite with her colleagues.Inside,the medical staff realizes jang-geum is missing.Yuh-ri says she specifically warned jang-geum about the lock out but she has her own will as usual.

Min jung-ho realizes something's not right.He forces his way out the lock out to look for jang-geum.On horse he finds her but a teary and broken-spirit jang-geum is ready to give up on everything. [edit] ep. 40

Min jung-ho finds jang-geum who is exhausted and broken from the recent events.Jang-geum asks what she did wrong to deserve this and states she tried to endure it all but now she has no energy nor patience to go on.Min jung-ho replies saying she cannot give up and asks her to hang on for him.

The two travel back but they were met with hostile civilians who attack min jung-ho since he is an officer.The citizens are angry that no one will treat their illness.Jang-geum stops the beating saying she's a medicine maid and she has medicines.

Jang-geum starts to treat the ill but she runs out of medicine and the citizens become angry again.They capture min jung-ho again but jang-geum says they can get more medicine if they let go of min to make the trip to the place where she went to get medicine before.The men agree but gives min jung-ho only one day or else they will kill jang-geum.Min jung-ho goes to the town where jang-geum directed him but the medicine merchant has long fled.

Jang-geum works round-the-clock to tend to the sick.She's exhausted but a female patient is severely ill.

Back at nae-ee-ohn the masters and the nurses are surprised and angry jang-geum hasn't returned.Shin-bi states something must have gone wrong.The nurses aren't convinced but master Chung and shin agree with shinbi that something big must be keeping jang-geum from returning.

Jang-geum's sick patient passes away and the towns people blame it on her.They jail her inside a storage room and are about to beat her up when a fire breaks.The townspeople flee from the fire but jang-geum is still locked inside.Meanwhile min jung-ho rushes back.Alone and stuck, jang-geum remembers the last moments of her mother's life when jang-geum finger-fed wild berries to the dying mother.Then jang-geum remembers han sang goon dying on jang-geum's back as jang-geum pleads her not to fall asleep.

Min jung-ho finally returns but all the houses are deeply entranched in fire.Min finds jang-geum and rescues her but she already passed out.Grabbing on to her hands,Min jung-ho pleads jang-geum to wake up.Jang-geum finally regains her consciousness and min jung-ho hugs her.Jang-geum thanked him for coming back and min jung-ho wipes off her tears and hugs her tightly.Jang-geum calls him and they kiss.

Jang-geum and Min jung-ho return to where the townspeople are sheltered and offers to tend to the sick again.Jang-duk(the jeju medicine woman)arrives at min jung-ho's request.Since he couldn't get the medicine, he asked jang-duk to help.

Back at palace, yeon-sheng gets worried about jang-geum.Choi sang goon meets yuh-ri.Yuh-ri tells choi sang goon and geum-young that even if jang-geum shows up again she can't return to the palace after being absent for so long.

Jang-geum goes around town looking for the culprit of the town's prevailing illness.She discovers that the water has a tainted smell.Jang-geum reports to jang-duk and min jung-ho there's something in the water causing the illness but since the townspeople didn't know, they continue using the water in farming.Those who ate fresh vegetable were the ones who were sick so the illness they have is not a fever-related one but a food bacteria related one.

Young-ro reports to choi sang goon that jang-geum has shown up.Jang-geum and min jung-ho report to Elder oh who is angry that they've been gone so long.Jang-geum and min jung-ho report their findings that the so called 'fever disease' that's getting everyone sick is not actually 'fever disease' but food poisoning caused by eating infected lettuce and other vegetables.Elder oh questions the finding but the medicine scholar jumps in saying it's the king's order to find the cause of the disease.

Choi sang goon tells the doctors that from all her years of working in the royal kitchen, there was never a case of people getting sick from eating vegetables.Master Chung states it's still possible but choi sang goon insists jang-geum is saying that to cover her absence. Min jung-ho replies saying if choi sang goon is so sure that jang-geum is wrong then why not choi sang goon herself eat the vegetable.Choi-sang goon agrees to the challenge.

choi sang goon eats a sample of the radish.Next morning geum-young goes to check on choi sang goon.Choi sang goon is seriously ill and geum-young goes back to the committee to tell them about choi sang goon's state.

Min jung-ho smiles at jang-geum at the meeting and geum-young is disgusted.Jang-geum brings medicine to choi sang goon who is shocked to see jang-geum. [edit] ep. 41

Jang-geum offers choi sang goon treatment. choi sang goon refuses but jang-geum states she's the only one who knows the treatment.Geum-young arrives and orders jang-geum to leave.Jang-geum asks what she's afraid of.Choi-sang goon agrees to be treated by jang-geum saying she has no fears.

Jang-geum remembers the death of her mother and han sang goon as she is about to poke her needle into choi sang goon but she gathers her thoughts and saves choi sang goon.Geum-young asks choi sang goon why she agreed to jang-geum's treatment.Choi sang goon replies jang-geum wouldn't dare to do anything against her.

Elder oh scolds Min jung-ho for acting alone against the group's plans.Min's boss tries to state min's contribution of finding the true reason behind the diseases.

At elder oh's request the king suspends Min jung-ho's officer rights.Jang duk (jeju medicine lady)hears about it from Mrs.gam and gets upset.

Min jung-ho visits the civilians who beg min for help since they're starving.Min says he will try to help but he has little power now.

The king finds out from jang-duk's boss about Min jung-ho's contribution and is angry at Elder oh that he wanted to punish someone who should be rewarded.

Min gets his power back and the citizens are given help.They offer ginseng to min jung-ho as a token of their thanks.Min declines but they insist on leaving 2 pouches of ginseng, one for Min and one for jang-geum.Min agrees to take the pouches while leaving the ginseng.He says the pouches symbolize the citizens gift that he will carry with him.Mr.gam who is with Min steals one ginseng as he leaves.

Back at nae-ee-ohn,Jang-geum insists she was never told about the 'lock out' but 2 other nurses testify yuh-ri made it clear for everyone.The head master states only jang-geum and yuh-ri will ever know who was the one who lied but since these events never happened before jang-geum arrived,jang-geum should be sent to hae-mi-sol.

Min sang goon and chan-ee tell yeon-sheng about jang-geum's demotion and they're sure choi sang goon is behind it all.

Min jung-ho and master Chung run into jang-geum who packed her bags to leave.Min jung-ho tells jang-geum she doesn't need to leave.Min jung-ho and master Chung bring jang-geum back to nae-ee-ohn to announce that jang-geum is to stay since she is a good nurse.The head master replies saying it's a matter of nae-ee-ohn but master Chung says nae-ee-ohn is within Min jung-ho's jurisdiction now.

The other nurses wonder if there's something going on between master min and jang-geum since he repeatedly helped jang-geum.Yuh-ri goes to tell choi sang goon and geum-young about what happened.

Yeon-sheng is recognized by the king(she is pregnant)and all the servants and maids are trying to get on her good books.Yeon-sheng's servants come to apologize to yeon-sheng about their rude treatment toward her in the past.Yeon-sheng is about to say all is forgiven but min sang goon interrupts by scolding the maids on yeon-sheng's behalf.Young-ro arrives with present from jae-jo-sang goon(choi sang goon)and herself.Young-ro brings up how they grew up together and such but yeon-sheng brushes her off and tells her to leave politely.

Jang-geum arrives with the news that yeon-sheng has just been promoted to the title of lady sook-won(sook won ma ma).Choi sang goon and geum-young are pissed about yeon-sheng being the new sook-won mama, which means geum-young must cook for her from now on.

Geum-young arrives with the food for yeon-sheng.Geum-young sees jang-geum and min sang goon in the room.Yeon-sheng is offended by the smell of food and shows sign of vomiting.Then yeon-sheng tells geum-young she can't eat the food.Geum-young takes the food away and brings new food. yeon-sheng is once again offended by the smell.Geum-young gets impatient and asks yeon-sheng what it is that she desires to eat.Yeon-sheng replies saying something must be missing in geum-young's skills that jung sang goon had and next time be sure to figure out what it is that she's lacking.

Geum-young goes back to soo-rak-gan.Choi sang goon is pissed by yeon-sheng's ridicule of geum-young.Geum-young brings food again. yeon-sheng takes a bite and is about to vomit again.Geum-young swallows her pride and says she will prepare something else.

yeon-sheng gets an official inauguration party. choi sang goon, geum-young and young-ro bows in front of yeon-sheng.Yeon-sheng tells choi sang goon how good it would've been if jung sang goon was still alive to see this.Choi sang goon is pissed but says nothing.Choi sang goon sees her brother and the two of them, together with geum-young, agree they must put a stop to the good things that are happening to jang-geum and yeon-sheng.

Nae-ee-ohn head nurse reassigns yuh-ri responsibility of taking care of the lady queen to jang-geum.Yuh-ri is unhappy by it but the scholar says it is only right since the lady queen looks so favorably upon jang-geum.Yuh-ri gets the responsibility of taking care of the newly appointed lady sook-won (yeon-sheng).

Yeon-sheng is pregnant.Yuh-ri tells yeon-sheng she will take great care of her so not to worry.Yeon-sheng says actually she is scared because her mother had a difficult time giving birth to her and she never recovered since.

Yuh-ri reports to choi sang goon.Choi sang goon asks yuh-ri if she figured out how to discreetly cause yeon-sheng's miscarriage. yuh-ri says it shouldn't be difficult.Yuh-ri orders rich and greasy food for yeon-sheng to take everyday. Min sang goon tells jang-geum that yeon-sheng keeps worrying about the baby since her mother had a difficult time. Jang-geum goes to see yeon-sheng who tells her about her symptoms of pain. Jang-geum discovers yuh-ri may be wrong in saying yeon-sheng is suffering from blood irregularity.

Jang-geum goes to see master shin and asks him the difference between yuh-ri and jang-geum's diagnosis of yeon-sheng's problem. Then jang-geum asks what will happen to someone with her diagnosis if they're pregnant. Master shin says it's dangerous to both mother and child. Jang-geum asks what will happen to that person if they eat rich and greasy food everyday. Master shin asks who dares to prescribe such food which will cause yeon-sheng's conditions to worsen.

Jang-geum goes around looking for yuh-ri.The soo-rak-gan maid says she could be with choi sang goon. jang-geum heads toward choi sang goon's corridor.Inside choi sang goon's chamber,yuh-ri tells choi sang goon and geum-young that yeon-sheng's food will eventually cause her to be paralyzed and the baby will not survive.Jang-geum is outside and overhears this statement. [edit] ep. 42

Yuh-ri goes back to nae-ee-ohn and she's told teacher master shin wants to see her at lady sook-won's room.Yuh-ri arrives and sees all the doctors and nurses examing yeon-sheng.The other nurses report to the master their finding which agrees with jang-geum's,not yuh-ri's. Min sang goon asks what's going on.Master shin asks min sang goon what lady sook-won's been eating.She reports shrimp and lots of greasy food yuh-ri ordered. The staff go back to nae-ee-ohn.Master shin demands yuh-ri to explain why she ordered such health-deprivating food for lady sook-won.Yuh-ri insists she didn't know it was harmful since she diagnosed yeon-sheng differently.Master shin and master Chung don't believe yuh-ri because she's very skilled and she couldn't have not known so they ask her what her real motive is.Yuh-ri continues to say she's innocent and the head master bails her telling the staff to forget the incident since yuh-ri made an honest mistake.

Alone, yuh-ri confronts jang-geum.Jang-geum tells yuh-ri jung sang goon and han sang goon will not forgive someone who uses food to harm people and neither will she.Jang-geum warns yuh-ri if she let's this happen again she will not be forgiven. Jang-geum gives detailed instructions on how to take care of yeon-sheng to min sang goon and chan-ee, and tells them yuh-ri is choi sang goon's spy. Jang-geum goes to see master min jung-ho to update him on choi sang goon's activities.Jang-geum states she wishes to look into the incident that caused the king to faint,which eventually led to han sang goon's jailing and death.Jang-geum believes choi sang goon and elder oh were behind the reason and she wants to dig out the truth to prove han sang goon's innocence. min jung-ho says that's impossible since she can't examine the king's health as a woman nurse. Jang-geum says there is a way, which is to look into the king's health records which can only be accessed by the king's closest servants.

Jang-geum goes to see the head guard who told her he can help her whenever she needs help. She asks him to help her get to the records but he says that can't be done since those are sacred. Min sang goon gets a blessed shirt for yeon-sheng from the gam's so yeon-sheng will have a smooth labour. Jang-geum goes to see master Chung for permission to enter the sacred room where the health records of the royal family are kept,with the excuse that she wants to look into the background of the lady queen,just to make sure she's giving her the best care.But master wun bek says that's not necessary.

Choi sang goon tells geum-young to decide how to deal with jang-geum.Jang-geum tells the lady queen she has a request.The nae-ee-ohn staff find out jang-geum asked the lady queen for permission to go inside the sacared room and gets upset since the room is forbidden to someone at jang-geum's ranking. The masters tell jang-geum to withdraw the request from the queen.Jang-geum sAys she can't and begs them to allow her to go in just this once. Jang-geum arrives at the record room.At first the guard forbids her from entering but the master inside says to let her in since she got permission from the lady queen. inside,the master tells jang-geum she is only allowed to look at the lady queen's records and she is not allowed to take anything from the room.

Jang-geum steals the king's record book and runs back to nae-ee-on.Just as jang-geum is about to pull the stolen book from her stockings,Yuh-ri arrives asking what she's doing. Jang-geum leaves and brings the book to jang-duk.Jang-duk copies the contents of the book so that jang-geum can return the original to the record room tomorrow. The next day jang-geum brings the book back and steals another one and jang-duk copy it and study with it.

Geum-young goes to see Min jung-ho and asks him to see her in private.Geum-young brings him to the room where she prepared food and wine for him. Geum-young tells min jung-ho that she always wanted to do this for him and asks him to remmeber her as the palace maid who was forbidden to love him but could not stop caring for him.Geum-young states tomorrow she must put a stop to all her lingering love but one thing troubles her heart which is that she was never able to serve him food, and begs min jung-ho to eat.

Jang-geum sneaks the last record book to jang-duk who tells her she's making progress in determining what may be the real cause of the king's illness at warm springs.The king is sick.The head master of nae-ee-ohn examines him and discovers a cold sore in the king's mouth. when alone, the head master suddently remembers something about the king's health and goes to the record room to look up something.After the head master leaves the guards from the record room tells the master to follow them.Then jang-geum arrives at the record room to put back the last record book she stole. After she leaves, the guards from the record room catch up to her and takes her to a dark room to ask her to confess her reason for stealing the king's record books.Jang-geum tries to deny it,but the guards say the record book was missing from the time the head master was at the room but it reappeared after jang-geum arrived so she is definitely the one who took it. The head master tells choi sang goon about jang-geum being under investigation.Choi sang goon suspects if jang-geum's trying to look into the king's faiting incident and orders young-ro and choi messenger to investigate further.The palace head guard tells jang-geum she should've listened to him when he told her not to go into the record room but jang-geum begs him saying the matter is not only about han sang goon's innocence but it also regards the king's health. The head guard tells the other guards jang-geum made the mistake due to her over-blown curiosity.The guards let her go and jang-geum is escorted out by the head guard. Choi sang goon catches up to the head guard and jang-geum,and asks the head guard if he wants to betray the king. [edit] ep. 43

Just as the head guard is about to escort jang-geum out.Choi sang goon arrives to stop the head guard.Choi sang goon reminds the head guard jang-geum stole the king's record book.The head guard says she did no such thing and even if she did the matter is not for choi sang goon to be involved in. choi sang goon is pissed but leaves.The head guard tells jang-geum what she did was a serious matter.Jang-geum goes back.Min jung-ho and jang-duk are worried about jang-geum's safety.

The nae-ee-ohn staff is busy trying to find a treatment for the king. choi sang goon tells geum-young and yuh-ri that jang-geum must be trying to investigate the incident that led to han sang goon's jailing and death. Elder oh asks to see the record book room guard to tell him that jang-geum indeed stole the king's record book.The guard tells elder oh the matter is not for him to be invovled in and leaves. Elder oh/choi messenger goes to see the guard next day and delivers a letter to him.

Nae-ee-ohn head master continues to examine the king.The lady queen asks what's going on with the king. choi sang goon reports the royal kitchen is preparing a precious dish for the king since he hasn't been eating well. Nae-ee-ohn head master whispers something in yuh-ri's ears and she says she'll follow the instructions.The medical staff are conflicted about what the king's illness is and how they should treat him.

Jang-geum is curious about the king's health and asks master shin for medical books.Master shin mentions a book. Jang-geum tries to look for the book.The other nurses say yuh-ri is the one who's keeping the book. Shin-bi asks jang-geum why she's always so curious about the king's health.Jang-geum finally tells shin-bi about han sang goon. shin-bi agrees to help jang-geum.Shin-bi spies on yuh-ri who cooks some herb and throws away all the leftover as if detroying evidence. The other nurses comment how it's strange that yuh-ri's medicine for the king seems to change color daily.

Jang-geum and shin-bi approach the medicine scholar to see what the nurses what herbs the other nurses have been using.They see nothing wrong with yuh-ri's record but they continue to investigate the situation. Min jung-ho is investigating a treason based on a map he received which resembles the map that was stolen by a foreign woman who attacked him a long time ago. Min runs into jang-geum who is also rushing to investigating the yuh-ri matter.Shin-bi and jang-geum find out the palace maids who are being treated by yuh-ri never received the medicines she took from the scholar.

At the town inn, elder oh, master choi, and the record room guard meet.The inn hostess spies on the men who are talking about jang-geum. Min jung-ho gets a tip from the inn hostess,panicks and rushes back to the palace to look for jang-geum. The palace head guard meets with choi sang goon again.Choi sang goon states she now has a witness on her side who speaks against jang-geum(the guard who met with oh and choi). The head guard has no choice but to report the incident to the lady queen.Choi sang goon wants him to report to the king instead but the head guard insists he's too ill at the moment.

The lady queen is notified that jang-geum read the king's record without permission and is angry.The lady queen states the matter cannot be forgiven. Jang-geum is captured by the guards.The head guard tells jang-geum there is nothing he can do.Choi sang goon and geum-young are elated at their success. Geum-young presents the dish of precious meat to the king.Choi sang goon praises how much trouble geum-young went through in front of the king.The king is pleased. At night, jang-geum is covered with white cloth and taken away in secret by the guards.The choi messenger and young-ro watch the event. One of the guards has a bottle of poision drink.Jang-geum is taken to the forest and given the poisionous drink.

Back at palace, choi sang goon tells geum-young that jang-geum has fianlly met her end.Just as they're about to celebrate their success, guards arrive at their door. The guards state the king has fallen unconscious from eating the food prepared by geum-young, thus geum-young is taken away by the guards for further investigation and questioning. During the questioning meeting the head master turns his back on choi sang goon and geum-young by suggesting that something must have gone wrong with geum young's cooking and a similar incident has occured before. choi sang goon is shocked by the head master's behavior and tries to defend geum-yuong but at last geum-young is held captive until further investigation. Master shin and master Chung agree that the culprit must not be food as jang-geum has suggested.

The nurses wonder where jang-geum is since she's been missing for a day.Yeon-sheng finds out geum-young is captured from min sang goon and chan-ee. shin-bi arrives at yeon-sheng's looking for jang-geum.Not finding her there shin-bi goes to look for her at jang-duk's. jang-duk is out of town but a man tells shin-bi jang-geum hasn't returned since she went back to palace. The gam's find out about geum-young and start dancing.Shin-bi arrives at the gam's looking for jang-geum. Jang-geum is covered with white sheet and brought to a room.The guards remove her mask and in comes the lady queen. The lady queen tells jang-geum she set up jang-geum's fake death because the lady queen believes jang-geum can clear up the king's real health concern. The lady queen tells jang-geum must uncover the conspiracy if she wants to return to the palace, or else she will disappear forever. [edit] ep. 44

The lady queen asks jang-geum if she can heal the king and clear up the confusion.Jang-geum states yes.Jang-geum is escorted to a remote house by the head guard.At the house jang-duk and min jung-ho are waiting for jang-geum. Jang-duk and min-jung-ho update jang-geum on recent events in the palace and the king's condition. the head guard leaves telling jang-geum she must solve the mystery speedily or else she will never again return to the palace.Jang-geum reads medical journals and practices what she learns.Jang-duk assists.

Back at palace min jung-ho informs the nae-ee-ohn staff jang-geum went away to jeju island for a little while.The nurses and the masters state their surprise.Elder oh tells the staff to stop making such fuss over jang-geum the medicine maid when the king is ill. Master shin and master chung(wun bek) examine the king and they agree with the head master's diagnosis.Choi sang goon continues to argue the culprit doesn't come from the kitchen. Head master Jung whispers something in yuh-ri's ear.Yuh-ri sneaks into the kitchen and plants some poision in geum-young's secret ingredient jar.

Young-ro runs to tell choi sang goon and elder oh soo-rak-gan is under investigation.The house of master choi is also under inspection. At soo-rak-gan the king's guards dig through the herbs and the ingredients to gather evidence against the royal kitchen.The confiscated ingredients are brought before the doctors.Geum-young is put on the spot to explain why each ingredient is necessary in the kitchen.The masters ask about the content of a small jar which geum-young explains as her secret ingredient.Choi sang goon defends her saying the secret recipe is sacred, kept and passed down within her family for generations,and cannot be told easily to outsiders. But the masters taste some strange ingredient(poisonous mushroom)in the liquid and accuse geum-young of harming the king.Both geum-young and choi sang goon deny such thing but things don't look good for them.

Meanwhile jang-geum and jang-duk are making progress.They discover that if their diagnosis is correct the king should suffer from skin blemish. Min jung-ho arrives to update jang-geum on what's happening inside the royal kitchen and the medicine house.He also brings some pepper found in the search of master choi's house and asks jang-geum about where the pepper is from (pepper was rare and expensive in korea). Jang-geum asks min jung-ho to ask shin-bi's help.Min jung-ho returns to the palace and gives shin-bi instructions to act discreetly. Shin-bi asks a superior nurse if the king ever suffered from skin blemish and the nurse states yes.The head master overhears it and wonders what shin-bi is up to.

Elder oh receives a letter from the retired jae-jo-sang goon (who was forced to retire due to choi sang goon pushing her out by framing her). The retired jae-jo-sang goon asks elder oh to reinstate her as the jae-jo-sang goon.In return she will help him gain more power inside the palace. Geum-young is dragged to jail.Choi sang goon is furious and promises to get her out.

Shin-bi reports her finding to jang-geum.Jang-geum and jang-duk figure out the king's cause of illness and they confirm their finding with other sick patients who are showing similar symptoms as the king. The head master is nervous about jae-jo-sang goon suspecting him of framing geum-young.Yuh-ri arrives telling the master it was she who did it(put the ingredient in the geum-young's jar)and she works for the ill-fated lady park who saved her and her siblings from starvation. Gam duk-goo catches a glimpse of the retired jae-jo-sang goon meeting with elder oh.Gam runs home to report his sighting to his wife and min jung-ho. Min jung-ho instructs gam to continue his watchful eyes on elder oh until everything's cleared up.

Mrs.gam watches as master choi is being taken custody by guards.Inside the palace choi sang goon is dragged to jail by the guards as well. Master choi, choi sang goon, and geum-young dressed down to felony attire and cuffed to chairs, receive violent questioning from the master of punishment dept. Young-ro watches the choi's fate and goes to yeon-sheng to beg for forgiveness.Young-ro tells yeon-sheng jang-geum was sent away to die. yeon-sheng is traumatized by the news.Min sang goon and chan-ee call shin-bi to examine a weeping yeon-sheng. shin-bi tells yeon-sheng jang-geum is ok and whispers the truth in her ears.

Min jung-ho visits jang-geum to tell her elder oh ordered the capture of choi sang goon, master choi and geum-young. Jang-geum tells min jung-ho she has found the answer to the king's illness but if she uncovers the truth it will go against choi sang goon and geum-young. Jang-geum takes time alone to reflect on what she should do next.

Choi sang goon and geum-young are cellmates in the jail.Jang-geum pays them a visit.The jailmates are surprised to see her alive. Min jung-ho waits for jang-geum outside the jailcell.Choi sang goon accuses jang-geum of putting something in geum-young's jar.Jang-geum replies she does not use such low measure and gives them a last chance to survive.Jang-geum tells them to plead forgiveness from han sang goon. Geum-young lashes out at jang-geum saying she will do no such thing as plead from jang-geum. Jang-geum leaves and exchanges looks with min jung-ho who understands what she went through inside.Jang-geum and min jung-ho walk back to the hideaway side by side but without exchange of words.

Shin-bi delivers a letter from yeon-haeng to jang-geum. In jail, choi sang goon tells geum-young not to worry because surely elder oh won't desert them at a time like this. The choi messenger arrives at jail.Choi sang goon asks him to find out what elder oh plans to do and what's happening to her brother. Jang-geum continues to reflect on what she must do now.She spends a whole day and night deciding what to do.

Meanwhile the retired jae-jo sang goon and elder oh start building their alliance. In the punishment dept.The master uses violence to solicit a confession out of the choi's but they insist geum-young didn't poision the king. Jang-geum and min jung-ho arrive at the punishment dept.And state that the king's illness was not caused by food. [edit] ep. 45

Just as choi sang goon, master choi, and geum-young are about to receive the death penalty for conspiring to harm the king,min jung-ho and jang-geum arrive. Jang-geum states the cause of the illness is not food-borne.The choi's are sent back to jail.In jail, master choi wonders how it is that their lives are in the hands of jang-geum. Geum-young states the lady queen must have put jang-geum on this task. Elder oh finds out about jang-geum and is upset he couldn't get rid of the choi's as planned.

Shin-bi reports to master chung and shin about jang-geum's return.The masters arrive at the courtyard just as jang-geum is about to report her findings to the lady queen. Jang-geum states the cause of the king's illness is a case of skin disease but the precise name of the disease she has yet to find.The head doctor jumps in saying it's a case of ho-hok-pyung. The head master states he just read about in the literatures from chinese medicine.The lady queen asks if the journals also report proper treatment.The master replies yes. but jang-geum states they must not rely on the literatures since it's not certain it is indeed a case of ho-hok-pyung.

The doctors and nurses have a meeting with master min jung-ho.The head master insists on his treatment but jang-geum remains sternly against it. The other doctors and master min begin to side with jang-geum.Elder oh learns about it and gets furious.Elder oh goes to see the lady queen to speak in favor of the head master. The lady queen appoints the head master to treat the king despite jang-geum's plead against it. Choi sang goon and geum-young learn about what happened from young-ro's report.Choi sang goon is upset elder oh is siding with the head master for fear that the head master will relate the blame to choi again.

The king receives treatment from the head master and his assistant,yuh-ri. but the king shows serious adverse reaction to the treatment. The lady queen is upset and states jang-geum was correct the whole time and re-appoints jang-geum to be in charge of the king's treatment.The head master performs the treatment jang-geum instructs and the king is immediately showing signs of improvement.The head guard is pleased and asks jang-geum what the king should eat. Just then choi sang goon and geum-young arrive at the meeting to take over the cooking responsibility.The head guard states because jang-geum insists the illness was not food-born Choi sang goon and geum-young were freed.But the head guard states the investigation is not over and for the time being and geum-young is to refrain from preparing the king's food.

Min jung-ho tells the gam's about jang-geum's recent assignment.Mrs.gam is upset she didn't inform them from the beginning but min explains it was the lady queen's instruction to keep it discreet. Jang-geum visits yeon-sheng.Just then the guards arrive to capture jang-geum because the king is going blind.Jang-geum is captured along with min jung-ho. Elder oh orders the guards to cast jang-geum away from the palace and send min jung-ho to jail immediately.But the lady queen arrives asking jang-geum to explain herself. jang-geum states it's a possible temporary side-affect from the treatment and begs the lady queen for permission to perform treatment on the king herself. Elder oh scolds jang-geum for asking to treat the king when she is a woman and a lowly nurse.But the lady queen wants to consider the option.

Jang-geum and min jung-ho continue to kneel in the courtyard tiedup, awaiting for the lady queen's decision. The lady queen arrives telling jang-geum she belives her heart and her words but to allow jang-geum another chance would mean to put her own title of queen on the line. Min jung-ho tells the lady queen jang-geum will heal the king undoubtedly and advises the lady queen to give jang-geum the opportunity. Next morning choi sang goon arrives at the courtyard with instruction from the lady queen to allow jang-geum to treat the king herself.But min jung-ho will remain a captive until jang-geum treats the king.

Jang-geum examines the king's condition and goes to read books for research.The other nurses ridicule jang-geum behind her back for not knowing the treatment but saying big words in front of the queen. Yuh-ri reports to the head master jang-geum's activity and the two agree that jang-geum must not know how to treat the king after examining the king. Jang-geum goes around the palace examining the water, the pastes, and the food in the royal kitchen.Jang-geum asks the lady queen to grant her permission to make a trip outside the palace. Elder oh strongly advises against such thing but the lady queen agrees to her request and assigns guards to go with her to the warm springs that han sang goon took the king previously. Jang-geum goes to the warm springs to examine the water and the local livestock.

choi sang goon calls yuh-ri for meeting.Choi sang goon tells yuh-ri she suspects the head master to be the one to put the poision in geum-young's jar and orders yuh-ri to follow their instructions from now on. Yuh-ri goes to see the retired jae-jo-sang goon (lady park).Choi sang goon sents a messenger to spy on her and finds out about yuh-ri visiting lady park and orders young-ro to find out what her relationship with the retired jae-jo-sang goon is and how elder oh is involved in the matter. Jang-geum returns and begins to prepare healing food to treat the king's blindness.After a day of treatment the king is still blind and the lady queen is upset by it.Jang-geum feeds another dish to the king which makes him want to vomit. The lady queen pushes jang-geum away yelling at her for not curing the king.Jang-geum tries to calm the lady queen by saying the king will be cured so she must remain calm.The lady queen is agitated and tells her servants to send jang-geum to jail.

Jang-geum is taken to jail.Min jung-ho who is already in jail watches her arrival and jang-geum is jailed opposite min jung-ho.Jang-geum weeps in her own cell.Geum-young and chio sang goon are taken to jail once again.The choi's are jailed next to jang-geum.Choi sang goon mocks jang-geum for bluffing.Jang-geum asks choi sang goon if she's afraid.Jang-geum states she is not afraid because of han sang goon. Next day, the jailward calls jang-geum out.Jang-geum is escorted to the sentence house along with min jung-ho.Elder oh asks the two if they confess to their crime. Elder oh orders continous punishement on jang-geum and min jung-ho until they confess.Just then the head guard arrives telling elder oh to release jang-geum and min jung-ho at once per the queen's order.

Jang-geum returns to the king's corridor.The lady queen states the king is showing drastic improvement.Jang-geum performs needle treatment on the king, followed by a long body massage. jang-geum continues the massage into early morning.Finally she stops and asks the king to sit up and open his eyes.The king opens his eyes and he is able to see jang-geum. [edit] ep. 46

The king gets his sight back.The lady queen praises jang-geum for healing the king and figuring out the real cause of his illness.The king asks jang-geum for her name and nods his head to show his gratitude.The medical scholar states jang-geum has saved the house of medicine but Elder oh instructs the staff to keep jang-geum at her original ranking.

Jang-geum runs to see min jung-ho to show him she succeeded and thanked him for putting his life on the line for her.Min jung-ho with tears in his eyes states it was a dangerous task for her and he worried about her safety.Had he known this before he would have asked her to runaway in jeju. Jang-geum goes up to him and embraces him.Min jung-ho returns her embrace and the two share a warm hug!

Jang-geum instructs the furious choi sang goon and geum-young to use red ginseng in the king's food from now on.The king asks elder oh about jang-geum saying he wants to award her but elder oh states what jang-geum did was her job and that master shin was about to find out the cause anyway. Yeon-sheng dines with the king and tells the king she has a wish.Yeon-sheng states she wishes the king to meet jang-geum who is like her sister. The king states he has wanted to meet jang-geum.Yeon-sheng steps out and calls jang-geum in to meet with the king privately.

Alone with the king, jang-geum asks the king to return han sang goon's innocence,that han sang goon was a righteous woman whose life was spent serving the king and the palace. The king remembers his conversations from han sang goon and the taste of her cooking, but states if he is to find han sang goon's innocence it would mean going against his mother. choi sang goon tells yuh-ri she thinks high of her.Then tells yuh-ri to go to lady park it is better if she remains quietly in her place.A stunned yuhri leaves to go see the retired jae-jo.sang goon choi sang goon tells geum-young at this time she doesn't have the will to deal with park since she already has to deal with elder oh.

Master choi sends an assasin to kill the head master of nae-ee-ohn. Before the assasin can attack the master, min jung-ho and jang-geum arrive at the master's doorsteps.Min jung-ho sees the assasin and goes after him. In the forest min jung-ho and the masked assasin exchange fights.Min jung-ho unveils the assasin's mask to see who he is but before he can ask him questions the assasin gets away. Jang-geum asks the head master to do the right thing by telling the truth about what really happened with the han sang goon instead since he was involved.The head master says he will think about it and tells jang-geum to go back.

Master choi's is angry that the assasin was seen by min jung-ho and sends the assasin back to finish the job. When the assasin arrives at the head master's he discovers the body of the head master who apparently committed suicide. Next day, the choi's are happy that they don't have to be the one to kill the head master and now no one will ever say anything against them. The gam's wonder if jang-geum can do anything about han sang goon's case now that the witness killed himself and the king declined her request. Jang-geum whispers her plan in their ears.

At soo-rak-gan a messenger comes to tell choi sang goon and geum-young a nurse wants to see them.Geum-young thinks it's yuh-ri and they go out to meet her. But it turn out to be jang-geum instead.She is pouring han sang goon's aged vinegar into a jar.Jang-geum asks if choi will use this vinegar that is made by han sang goon. The choi's are offended by jang-geum and about to leave but jang-geum says she must tell them something.Jang-geum states before the master committed suicide he left jang-geum a letter which will reveal everything and she plans to give it to the lady queen. choi sang goon and geum-young are shocked.Jang-geum asks them to confess their wrong doing and plead in front of han sang goon.

Choi sang goon goes to see elder oh for help.Elder oh suspects there is no such letter but sends a man to investigate. Choi sang goon pays daily visit to the lady queen and catches jang-geum giving the lady queen massage and the lady queen praising her.When alone,jang-geum asks choi sang goon if she thinks she doesn't have the letter. gam's are tricked by the choi messenger to deliver wine somewhere.While they're gone the choi workers rummage through the gam's house to look for the letter jang-geum mentioned but the only letters they find are old love letters from Mr.gam to his wife. Jang-geum asks geum-young if they can just for a little while return to the way things were when they were both kitchen maids.Jang-geum states she doesn't want to hate geum-young. Geum-young replies she cannot do so because jang-geum took away min jung-ho and her last pride.Jang-geum states that is an excuse and leaves.

Choi sang goon and master Choi call young-ro to meet with them.They offer her a large sum of money in exchange for her disappearance from the palace.The choi's want to get rid of her so that jang-geum can't use her as a witness against them. young-ro agrees for fear of her life but asks permission to go see her relative,Choi's messenger and a member of the royal guard.But Young-ro gets called into another private meeting by the master who is a co-conspirator with elder oh against the choi's. The master also offers young-ro money in exchange for her to confess everything to the investigation dept.And a possibility for her to receive the title of jae-jo-sang goon after choi sang goon is rid of. Young-ro who is confused and scared takes both bribes to show them to jang-geum. [edit] ep. 47

Young-ro presents both envelopes of bribery to jang-geum,and explains to jang-geum what they're for and who they're from.Jang-geum asks why young-ro is giving her this information. Young-ro says she doesn't want to be a runaway the rest of her life and she can't trust the other master's words.Young-ro states she can trust jang-geum and asks jang-geum to help her become the next jae-jo-sang goon,in return young-ro promises to help jang-geum.Jang-geum states she will not be involved in any schemes and sends young-ro away.

Choi sang goon arrives at the gam's looking for jang-geum.Choi sang goon requests jang-geum to take her to myung-ee's grave.Jang-geum takes choi sang goon to her mother's grave.Choi sang goon kneels in front of the grave and apologizes to the deceased myung-ee,then asks jang-geum for forgiveness.

Choi sang goon turns to jang-geum,kneeling,she repeatedly asks jang-geum for forgiveness saying how hard it was for her to bear the grief of killing her childhood friend,myung-ee. Jang-geum replies she believes the words of choi sang goon but she must go confess her mistakes to the court. choi sang goon begs she can't do that or else her family will be doomed,but jang-geum states she must be responsible for her actions,if a person loses nothing then she will not learn her lesson.

Young-ro is missing from the palace.The choi's learn that she went to see the other master and master choi sends his men to look for her all over the han-yang city.

Young-ro is about to meet with the master.When the master turns away for a minute,the choi assasin kidnaps young-ro and throws her into a isolated room.

Master choi and choi sang goon find the master's envelope on young-ro and asks young-ro to confess what the master instructed her to do.Young-ro confesses.

The master works for elder oh.The choi's find out elder oh is trying to detroy the choi family for his own gain.Elder oh finds out young-ro has been kidnapped, probably by the choi's.Under choi sang goon's instruction, young-ro goes to the court to reveal dirt on elder oh.

Choi sang goon visits the queen dowager.Elder oh sends a messenger inside to request an audience with the queendowager.Choi sang goon tells the messenger to lie to elder oh and say the queen dowager is not feeling well and to return another day.She also instructs the messenger to say that choi sang goon is not there.Choi sang goon reports to the queen dowager that elder oh has been planning activities against the court and states he's unfit to manage the various dept's including the house of medicine.

Master choi sends young-ro away with a man as her escort.On her journey young-ro begins to sense danger.Min jung-ho tells jang-geum, young-ro has been arranged to leave the palace by choi sang goon.Jang-geum remembers her meeting with young-ro the previous night and gets worried and states young-ro is under danger.Min jung-ho says he'll look into it right away.

Elder oh tries to clear his name in front of the court official.Min jung-ho arrives saying yoon sang goon (young-ro) has died.Choi sang goon tells the queen dowager yoon sang goon (young-ro)has died and surely she was murdered and suggests it may have been elder oh.Choi sang goon further reports jang-geum has a letter from the dead head master.Choi sang goon wonders aloud what would happen if the letter got into the hands of elder oh and lady queen.

yeon-sheng weeps at the news of young-ro passing away, and remembers the days when they were young kitchen maids.Chan-ee and min sang goon arrive and tell yeon-sheng that young-ro went to see jang-geum the night before and wonder if jang-geum could have prevented young-ro's death. Choi sang goon explains to geum-young that she had no choice but kill young-ro since it's her job to protect the choi family.Choi sang goon instructs geum-young she must be the next one to protect the family.

The king visits yeon-sheng and senses her sorrow.Yeon-sheng begs the king to grant jang-geum's wish or else more lives will be sacrificed.The king states the matter concerns many people and if it doesn't go right,jang-geum's life could be further endangered.Yeon-sheng tells the king jang-geum has a proof of conspiracy,which is,the letter the head master left for her before his suicide.

The king orders the head escort to retrieve the letter from jang-geum.The lady queen who is present is surprised by the news of a letter.Jang-geum is called by the queen dowager.The queen dowager demands the letter from jang-geum.Jang-geum replies she doesn't have it.The queen dowager turns to choi sang goon and asks what she's up to.

Choi sang goon goes back to talk to geum-young.Choi sang goon figures out yuh-ri must have the letter since it's unlikely that the master died without leaving his words.The head master asks jang-geum to present the letter to the king.Jang-geum replies she doesn't have it.She made it up and she'll clear it in front of the king herself.

Choi sang goon calls yuh-ri and orders her to alter the letter and present it to the court. Yuh-ri is reluctant but choi sang goon states if she doesn't she'll tell everyone about yuh-ri poisoning lady sook-won (yeon-sheng). Jang-geum finds out yuh-ri has a letter and runs to min jung-ho with the news.The king finds out a letter has turned up and tells his head guard he wants to read it.

Elder oh is taken to the investigation officers.The investigation master tells elder oh according to the head master's letter, elder oh instructed him to put something in the king's food.Elder oh laughs at the accusation and points to choi sang goon as the true culprit who also killed Yoon sang goon (young-ro) and probably the one who told nurse yuh-ri to write up a fake letter.

Just then the head guard arrives saying the king wishes to read the letter and has summoned all parties involved to show up before him,including members of the medicine house and the royal kitchen.

At the meeting the investigation master tells everyone the letter accuses elder oh but elder oh accuses choi sang goon, so everyone must retell their story to see where the differences lie.

Choi sang goon defends herself saying at the time the king became ill at warm springs, she was sent to 'Tae Pyung Guan' as a punishement and ordered by han sang goon to not step out of Tae Pyung Guan without permission. Choi sang goon raises her voice to point the fault at elder oh and tells everyone not to question the last words of a deceased man.

Just then, to everyone's shock,the supposedly dead head master shows up,accompanied by Min jung-ho and jang-geum. [edit] ep. 48

To everyone including yuh-ri's shock,the deceased head master arrives at the meeting, accompanied by min jung-ho and jang-geum. Min jung-ho states the head master is the only one who can clear the truth.The head master states he needed time to sort things thus he agreed to min jung-ho's request to fake death for a short period of time. Choi sang goon and elder oh are going nuts and continue to point their finger at each other. The head master tells everyone both elder oh and choi sang goon are responsible for the conspiracy against the king.

Elder oh and choi sang goon raise their voice to defend themselves but min jung-ho brings a witness who was a servant at the soo-rak-gan at the time. The servant was the one who ate the doctored abalone by choi sang goon that caused her to have the same symptoms as the king during the incident. The servant testifies against choi sang goon who still maintains her innocence.But ma sang goon arrives to testify as well.She brings her a proof which is a correspondance between choi sang goon and elder oh. Choi sang goon is taken to an isolated room.The king is given report about the situation.He orders all suspects to be brought before the confession court.Geum-young, elder oh, a captured master choi who tried to escape,yuh-ri, and head master are all brought before the court.

The court session is interrupted by a guard who reports choi sang goon is missing. Choi sang goon hides in a freezing room to wait for the arrival of the queen dowager's messenger.Choi sang goon begs the messenger to let her see the queen dowager.The queen dowager refuses to see choi sang goon and tells the messenger to tell choi sang goon to turn herself in.Choi sang goon tries to solicite help from another sang goon who tells the guard choi sang goon's whereabout.Choi sang goon sees it and runs to the jar storage room to hide.

A kitchen maid hears noise in the jar room and reports to min sang gon.Jang-geum arrives at the jar room to face choi sang goon. Choi sang goon raises her arms to slap jang-geum but jang-geum grabs her hand and states if she doesn't turn herself in geum-young will take all the blame instead. Jang-geum tells choi sang goon to turn herself in and leaves.Outside min sang goon and chan-ee scold jang-geum saying they can just call the guards but jang-geum says she wishes choi sang goon to turn herself in.

Choi sang goon steps out and begins to walk.With each step she remembers the way jung sang goon and han sang goon begged her to do the right thing before they each passed away. Choi sang goon kneels in front of myung-ee's grave to talk to myung-ee.Choi sang goon wonders aloud how life would be different had myung-ee never saw choi sang goon putting poision in the queen's food.And how things would be if myung-ee and choi sang goon switched lives. She begs forgiveness from Myung-ee, because she killed myung-ee who had nothing, while (before she died) han sang-goon had tormented her, became the head of the royal kitchen, and met myung-ee's daughter (basically more than myung-ee). She asks if that's impossible, and a rock falls from the mound, and she bitterly laughs. She says she understands that it's impossible and that she's going to turn herself in, not to beg for forgiveness, but to save the remaining seed of her family: Geum-young. Choi sang goon walks away and remembers her childhood laughters with myung-ee and han sang goon.Outside the cave,choi sang goon sees a red ribbon hanging on a tree like when she was little and choi sang goon tries to get the ribbon. choi sang goon gets the ribbon but slips and falls off the cliff.Choi sang goon grabs a twig hanging on the side of the cliff and remembers a similar time when she was little.Back then choi sang goon was scared to jump off but myung-ee and han sang goon caught her,so choi sang goon smiles and lets go of the grip on the twig and choi sang goon falls into the open forest to her death.

Min jung-ho tells jang-geum where choi sang goon's body was found and jang-geum replies that's near her mother's grave. Min sang goon and chan-ee are saddened by the news of choi sang goon death but yeon-sheng reminds them how jung sang goon and han sang goon died. Elder oh and master choi are given the death penalty.Geum-young is to be banned from the palace forever.Before geum-young leaves, she sends a child messenger to get jang-geum. Geum-young hands a letter to jang-geum saying it's a letter jang-geum's mother wrote to jang-geum.Choi sang goon had told geum-young to detroy it but geum-young kept it. She tells Jang-geum that she can't wholly be a Choi family member or a moral-conscious person.

Geum-young leaves the palace.Min jung-ho tells her the only thing he can say to her is he's sorry (sorry he couldn't save them, and sorry he can't accept her love).Geum-young replies if they meet again in the next life to please say to her anything but not sorry.

The king summons jang-geum to tell her he wishes to reward her.Jang-geum tells the king and the lady queen she has 3 wishes.First is to find han-sang goon's innocent.The king states he will and assigns the job to the lady queen.Next jang-geum tells the king her mother was a kitchen maid who was a scapegoat because she saw what she shouldn't have. The then jae-jo-sang goon is choi-sang goon's aunt.The lady queen is astonished and asks jang-geum if that's why choi sang goon hated her so much.The king says he will clear jang-geum's mother name as well and asks jang-geum what her 3rd wish is.

At soo-rak-gan the maids wonder who the next kitchen head will be. just then jang-geum arrives at soo-rak-gan dressed in sang-goong attire. A servant tells the maids to pay respect to jang-geum who is their new boss.Jang-geum tells the staff it's time to prepare the king's meal and smilingly asks chan-ee to help her. The medicine staff find out about jang-geum and is surprised.Min jung-ho tells them it's just temporary per jang-geum's request to the king. The king tastes jang-geum's food and praises her skills despite not being in the kitchen for such long time.The king continues to praise jang-geum.

Back at soo-rak-gan the nurses come to visit jang-geum and comment on her beautiful new attire.Min sang goon and chan-ee try to talk up to jang-geum and asks jang-geum what's going on.A nurse says jang-geum wants to be the kitchen head until an official head is selected. Min sang goon asks jang-geum why and jang-geum states it's because there is something she must do. Alone, jang-geum reads her mother's letter.In the letter her mother tells jang-geum to be the kitchen head and find her justice back. Jang-geum goes around the houses of soo-rak-gan and watches as the child maids learn the ropes to kitchen life.Jang-geum stops a running child and tells her not to run in the kitchen or else dust will be spread onto food.

Jang-geum hallucinates han sang goon coming back to talk to her.Jang-geum reaches out her hands to hug han sang goon but realizes she's dreaming.She runs toward the place han sang goon burried her vinegar and weeps. Min jung-ho watches jang-geum.Later jang-geum and min jung-ho walk in the kitchen field. Jang-geum tells min jung-ho when her father was being captured she started to feel guilty. when her mother passed away she began to miss her and feel guilty as well. Jang-geum begins to cry as she recounts the happiness she felt as a child among her parents even though they were on the run.Min jung-ho draws her to comfort her and jang-geum cries leaning into his shoulder.

The king calls jang-geum.The king tells jang-geum when he was still a prince a little child delivered wine to him and begged him to take her into the palace to become a maid.The king asks jang-geum if she is that child and jang-geum replies yes.The king is elated jang-geum is that child whom he met as a prince. [edit] ep. 49

The king remembers when he was still a prince a little girl delivered wine to him and bow to beg him fulfil her wish of becoming a royal kitchen maid inside the palace. The king asks jang-geum if she is that little girl from back then.Jang-geum returns his smile and replies yes.Jang-geum thanks the king for fulfilling her childhood wish. The king states he often wondered about what happened to that little fearless girl and is amazed that that girl ended up saving his life as a medicine maid. The king is extremely happy and tells jang-geum to ask for anything and he'll grant her wish.Jang-geum asks for permission to visit outside the palace to practice medicine.

During the nae-ee-ohn meeting,jang-geum tells her colleagues and supervisors she asked the king for permission to go outside the palace to learn more about medicine treatment. Jang-geum tells the masters that because of han sang goon, she practices medicine and she feels that she has reached the limit of what she knows.She wants to start all over again. yeon-sheng is upset that jang-geum might not be around to deliver her baby. jang-geum assures her shin-bi will do a great job and there is nothing to worry about. The gam's scold jang-geum for her constant curiosity and tells her,she should just tell the king she has no wishes next time the king asks her or else she will end up getting herself into more trouble each time. But jang-duk the jeju medicine woman compliments jang-geum for her desire to improve herself.

Jang-geum arrives at the town and finds min jung-ho there already, making kites and teaching calligraphy to the local kids.Jang-geum asks min jung-ho what brings him to this remote town, but min jung-ho replies in a professional tone of voice he had business to take care of. When jang-geum teasingly asks if he's there for any other reason,min jung-ho doesn't smile back and states, "what other reason?" then min jung-ho leaves after saving goodbye. Jang-geum is disappointed at his response but goes back to tending the ill.

At night, jang-geum goes to see min jung-ho and when he arrives she puts on a big smile, but min jung-ho coldly asks why she's doing there.Jang-geum asks him to go teach the children again.Min jung-ho says he has a lot of things to do and sends her away. After min jung-ho leaves, jang-geum mumbles, "actually i missed you.. so" then she leaves.

Jang-geum goes back to the treatment house.Next day, jang-geum watches min jung-ho teach poetry to the children.Afterwards,jang-geum speaks with min jung-ho.

JG: i wish to see you everyday. MJH: the kids do? JG: no...(small whisper) i do... MJH: (raises voice) then you should've said so from the beginning.You should know the pain i suffered through. JG: (surprised) then were you just teasing me? MJH: no why would i (acts angry and turns to leave). JG: --- (speechless) MJH: I want you to know what it feels like to be me when I miss you. (turns back and laughs) hahaha.

Jang-geum smiles realizing min jung-ho is playing with her.

Back at the palace the kitchen staff are wondering who the king will name as the next kitchen head.Min sang goon jokes to chan-ee that she should go for that title. min sang goon prepares food for the king during the palace festival and the king enjoys her food.Min sang goon is declared the next kitchen head.Min sang goon is shocked and feels stressed about the title.

Min sang goon goes to see jang-geum.When she sees her,min sang goon calls out jang-geum's name and embraces her.Jang-geum gives min sang goon a recipe book where jang-geum recorded what han sang goon and jung sang goon taught to encourage min sang goon. Min sang goon thanks jang-geum but tells jang-geum she's scared.Jang-geum gives min sang goon encouraging words of advice and assures min sang goon she will do well in the new job. Min sang goon goes back and prepares her first meal as kitchen head.She serves the food to the king and before he can say anything,she begins to ramble on about how bad her skills are, but the king replies saying the food is great.

Jang-geum is called to a secret meeting with the lady queen.Lady queen confides in jang-geum that her position in the palace is not secure due to a prince who is older than her son.The older prince is in line to be the king's heir, but the prince has a perpectual illness that he will eventually die from but no one knows when for sure. The lady queen's assitant tells jang-geum to return the lady queen's favor to jang-geum, by helping the lady queen out.The assistant tells the lady queen will arrange for jang-geum to treat the sick prince,and jang-geum is to discreetly kill the prince, since he's already living a life of hell on earth. Jang-geum is shocked and distraught.She agrees to visit the ill prince.After examing him, jang-geum goes home and worries about what she should do.

Jang-geum visits min jung-ho and the two go around town shopping.Min jung-ho tells jang-geum he wants to buy her a gift so she can't look.Later, min jung-ho puts an accessory on jang-geum and jang-geum smiles saying she loves it. Then jang-geum gives him the pen brush set her father gave her.Jang-geum tells min jung-ho it's the most valuable item she owns and she wants to give it to him.The brush set reminds her of her father and childhood and also how she and min jung-ho met. Min jung-ho tells jang-geum he likes the life outside palace and asks her to live with him Outside the palace,He teaches children in a school house,while she tending a small hospital. Jang-geum gets upset(since she thinks she won't have a life with min jung-ho after what the lady queen asked her to do)and jang-geum says she doesn't want a small pharamacy. Min jung-ho is taken back but replies then she won't have a small one, she wants a big one because she wants to save lots of people.Min jung-ho says she'll have a big medicine shop that's bigger than his school house.Jang-geum looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Jang-geum worries about what the queen's words to her all night.The next day she tells the lady queen she can't do what she asked, because her mother and han sang goon always said to her a cook's hands cannot harm a person,and she is a nurse,her job is to heal people not to harm them. The lady queen replies this is the only way to secure her position and her son's future and asks jang-geum to do it for her since she saved her life.Jang-geum states she wants to return her life back to the lady queen instead.The king overhears the conversation outside but goes inside and pretend that he didn't hear a thing.The lady queen reports to the king she wants to keep jang-geum near her as a sang-goon.The king replies it's a good idea.

The king asks jang-geum what the lady queen asked her to do.Jang-geum refuses to say anything.The king says it's the king's order but jang-geum replies she can't say a word as she had a promise.The king tells his head guard to investigate the matter.

Jang-geum is going crazy with the secret buried inside her and she runs to look for min jung-ho but she has a difficult time finding him.Everywhere she looks for him, he's just not there. Meanwhile, min jung-ho hears jang-geum is looking for her but everywhere he goes jang-geum had already left.Finally at night they run into each other.Jang-geum, with tears, complains to him:

JG: (crying)You said you'd be there for me wherever i need you but how can u be there if i can't find you? MJG: (surprised expression) JG: you said to runaway with you before.So please take me away from here.Take me to away from here.don't ask me why. MJG:ok

Min jung-ho makes plans to leave the palace with jang-geum.Jang-geum writes her resignation letter and packs her belongings. [edit] ep. 50

The king declares he will make jang-geum his personal medicine general during court. Min jung-ho overhears the statement as he approaches the court from outside. Jang-geum packs her stuff and leaves a letter for the gam's.Min jung-ho leaves his resignation letter for his boss. Jang-geum and min jung-ho leave han-yang city by boat.Min jung-ho's boss finds out and sends his men to look for them immediately. The lady queen hears about the king's declaration and is shocked that a nurse will be in that position.

Jang-geum and min jung-ho are riding on the boat.Min jung-ho asks jang-geum if she's fearful but jang-geum replies she's happy. Min jung-ho states that if this is a dream, then he doesn't want to wake up.Gam tuk-goo looks for jang-geum. The general who heads the medicine house is angry that a nurse is called to be the king's personal general.He promise to stop such unprecedented event. The queen dowager tells the lady queen she needs to stop the king from such unruly behavior.

The palace elders discuss the king's decision.Some say that a woman cannot be in such high position while some state they must honor the king's request.Min jung-ho's boss is worried that min jung-ho and jang-geum will be severely punished for running away.Shin-bi tells mrs. Gam and jang-duk about the king's decision.

Jang-geum goes on and on about whether min jung-ho minds that she has nothing and will have to live a humble life starting life again. min jung-ho interrupts saying everything is okay with him as long as she is with him.Jang-geum smiles and reaches her hand out to min jung-ho.The two hold hands as they walk in the snow. Then min jung-ho tells jang-geum to ride on his back since it's hard to walk in the snow. Jang-geum tells min jung-ho how her mother agreed to marry her father.Jang-geum starts to laugh on his back since it reminds her of her childhood.

They arrive by the river with a boat waiting prearranged by min jung-ho.But soldiers sent by min jung-ho's boss arrive to tell him to return to the palace.He raises his sword to tell the soldiers to return since he is no longer a king's servant, but min jung-ho's boss arrives and orders him to return with him at once. Min jung-ho's boss tells him that it's not late to go back.If they don't go back they will be considered fugitives for disobeying the king's order. Min jung-ho tells his boss to give him more time then gets up to leave.The boss tells his men not to stop min jung-ho since he believes he will return soon.

Min jung-ho tells jang-geum to follow him and he brings her to a house in the mountains.He shows the house to jang-geum as a possible place for her pharmacy.Jang-geum is worried about min jung-ho's fate and tells him that she cannot be the one to ruin his path and she was only thinking of herself when she asked him to take her away.Min jung-ho ignores her and begins to talk about her childhood. Jang-geum smiles as she remembers where she grew up but her smile fades as she thinks about the reality again.Min jung-ho senses her emotion and reaches out his hand:

MJH: (reaching out hand)if not now then we will never be able to realize our dream. JH: (reaches out her hand to his.. then cries) we cannot go.. we cannot go..

They return to see his boss.The boss gives instructions on how they should go back separately once they're in han-yang.Min jung-ho tells jang-geum there was never a female medicine general in the past and there will never be another one but there is a reason.Min jung-ho tells jang-geum she must accept the job to show that women can do what men can do. Shin-bi and the gam's are worried about jang-geum but jang-geum returns without saying a word to them.Jang-duk tells jang-geum she should accept the position.Jang-duk tells jang-geum she should be a general even for a day to show the people that a woman can do the same job as what men can.

The nurses and the masters at the medicine house tell jang-geum she must decline such order.The lady queen tells jang-geum to be her sang goon instead and if she insists the king will agree.The king is advised against the decision by his generals but the king states jang-geum saved his life and there is no reason why she can't be promoted to the status of a general.The king tells jang-geum he believes in her and asks her to be her general.Jang-geum replies she accepts.

The queen dowager and the lady queen visit the king.The queen dowager tells the king to retract his decision since no matter how good jang-geum is she is still a woman. Privately, the lady queen tells the queen dowager she doesn't think the king will change his mind.The queen dowager replies the problem lies in jang-geum who accepted the offer. The queen's assistant tell the queen and queen dowager that they shouldlook for lady sook-won (yeon-sheng)who is a childhood friend of jang-geum's and she had arranged for the king to meet with jang-geum on the previous occasion.

Everyone in the court objects to the king's order and they draw up a pettition list to submit to the king to ask the king to reconsider. Min jung-ho's boss tells min jung-ho to talk to jang-geum to change her mind but min jung-ho replies there is no reason a woman cannot do their job.Master shin submits his resignation letter because he doesn't want to take sides.

The queen dowager calls yeon-sheng for meeting and scolds her for getting involved between the king and jang-geum.Afterwards, yeon-sheng faints outside.Jang-geum is called to her side.Jang-geum orders shin-bi to prepare for labor immediately.Chan-ee and min sang goon tell jang-geum yeon-sheng was called by queen dowager and lady queen about jang-geum's meeting with the king. Yeon-sheng goes into a complicated labor.During the labor yeon-sheng loses consciousness. Jang-geum begins needle treatment.Yeon-sheng regains consciousness barely and jang-geum tells her she must stay awake. The head guard reports to the king that lady sook-won is in early labor and she and the child are both in danger.The king asks how it happened and the guard reports the dowager and queen summoned for her about jang-geum meeting the king.

The lady queen and queen dowager are notified about lady sook-won's condition.Yeon-sheng gives birth finally and the newborn's cry is heard,but yeon-sheng is unconscious. yeon-sheng stops breathing and jang-geum cries as she blows air into yeon-sheng's nose and performs chest press on yeon-sheng, saying she cannot die like this.Yeon-sheng opens her eyes and jang-geum weeps with overwhelmed emotions.

Jang-geum is shaken by the event even though yeon-sheng is safe and so is her daughter.Min jung-ho comes to see her. jang-geum tells him she will decline the king's order.Min jung-ho replies she can't but jang-geum states she wants to be a medicine person who saves lives not puts lives in danger.The king and the queens are notified of the birth of a new princess and lady sook-won's condition. Jang-geum stays by yeon-sheng's bedside.Yeon-sheng wakes up and tells jang-geum if it wasn't for jang-geum she would've died.

Jang-geum goes to see the king and kneels before him to tell him she cannot be his general.Just then the head guard arrives with news that lady queen's son is ill and in danger. [edit] ep. 51

Just as jang-geum arrives in front of the king and the lady to decline the position of the king's main physician, the head guard arrives with news that the prince is ill.The king and the lady queen leave the court to visit their son and find out from master chung that the prince has a strong fever, cough and perpectual fainting. Lady queen is extremely worried and asks master chung to heal her son immediately.The master states he needs more time to diagnose the illness.The lady queen is upset and the king calms her down.

Privately, the king suggest to lady queen that they should assign jang-geum to treat the prince.Lady queen is upset and complains to the king that he doesn't care about this son which is her own,and that the king only care about the other son prince sae ja. Lady queen tells the king she told jang-geum to give up on prince sae ja because the king is not protecting her position and her son's position in the palace. The lady queen complains if the king had cared about their son more she would't have to go in such measures.The lady queen states she is merely a mother who's trying to protect her son.

Jang-geum runs into Min Jung-Ho who asks her why she is giving up on being the king's physician since it's a prestigious and hard-fought reward.Jang-geum answers she doesn't want to cause her teacher to leave the palace. Jang-geum packs a sack and leaves the royal court.The king sees her and flags her down to talk with her.The king tells jang-geum when she begged him to take her into the palace as a child, he was wondering what person would want to go to the palace, since he was resentful that he had to go. Then he got drunk over the wine she brought and next thing he knows he is the king.Jang-geum smiles.The king smiles back and tells jang-geum she needs to be responsible.Jang-geum is surprised and asks what for?The king replies she must be responsible for him being inside the palace,and therefore she cannot desert him and leave by herself.The king laughs and jang-geum smiles at the king's teasing.

The head guard tells the king that min jung-ho is the only one who supports the king's decision to make jang-geum his physician.The king asks the guard to bring min jung-ho to him. The king remembers min jung-ho as an excellent child scholar from a long time ago.Min jung-ho arrives.The king asks why he supports jang-geum becoming a physician. Min jung-ho replies though jang-geum is a woman she is both skilled and posesses strong integrity and confidence as evident through the elder oh/ choi-sg scandal. The king states min jung-ho is right.The most important quality of a doctor is personal skills and integrity,not their gender.Min jung-ho asks the king to make jang-geum his physician despite opposition from everyone else.

The other generals find out min jung-ho met with the king to give his support and become angry.The generals plan to get rid of min jung-ho from the court. Jang-geum and another nurse go outside the palace to heal the local ill and they find that there's a contagious fever disease going around.Jang-geum is treating a sick boy without worrying about getting sick herself. Lady queen and the king are notified that the prince is suffering from the contagious disease.The lady queen is upset and she wants to see her son immediately but the maids stop her so she won't get sick too. The king and the queen dowager witness the lady queen yelling at the maids saying she has to see her son and the queen dowager tells her to pull herself together.

The lady queen kneels before the temple and begs the gods to take her life instead of her son's. Jang-duk tells Mrs.gam to help her prepare the herb needed to fight the disease.Mrs.gam is teary because she is reminded that her two sons both died from the disease. The nae-ee-ohn masters and nurses wonder where jang-geum is since she's missing.The scholar brings them to town.Outside the palace, they see gam duk-goo putting on a skit to teach the beggars how to fight the disease. The scholar and the masters ask the beggars why they're cleaning.The beggars reply 'our nurse' instructed them to do so.The nae-ee-ohn staff ask who the nurse is.A beggar brings them to a hut where jang-geum is.

Shin-bi speaks to jang-geum from outside the hut.Shin-bi asks to go in and talk to her but jang-geum replies she can't because she is surrounded by diseases and she's still trying to find a cure for the disease.Shin-bi states the prince is also suffering from the disease and asks jang-geum to help.Jang-geum replies she still doesn't have a cure and sends all them away. The lady queen begs the king to save her son.The prince passes out and things don't look good.Lady queen continues to beg the king and the doctors to save her son.The king instructs his generals to do whatever they can to save the prince. Master shin goes to visit jang-geum who is alone in the hut with many sick youngsters. Master shin watches as jang-geum comforts the crying children who ask jang-geum if they're dying.Jang-geum replies no because she's going to heal them.Then master shin leaves quietly.

The lady queen refuses to eat.Min sang goon begs her to eat but lady queen replies her body useless since she is unable to do anything about her son's condition.Min sang goon states she cannot be the first to give up hope on his only son,the lady queen asks if that's something jang-geum had said before.Min sang goon replies yes.The lady queen suddenly remembers jang-geum giving her the same advice when the king was ill.Jang-geum successfully finds out how to heal the children.The beggars kneel before her with tears for saving their children.Jang-duk arrives and praises jang-geum and asks if she's found the cure.Jang-geum replies no but she found a way to fight the symptoms. The beggars are celebrating their joy.Just then soilders from the palace arrive.The beggars are scared and beg the soldiers not to take their children away since they're not sick anymore.

The lady queen appears from behind the soldiers and asks if the children are really healed. The beggars reply yes, that their nurse jang-geum had healed them.The lady queen goes to see jang-geum in the hut.The head guard calls jang-geum to come out and greet the lady queen.Jang-geum appears and the lady queen begs jang-geum to heal her son. Jang-geum returns to the palace and takes over the treatment from master chung.Shin-bi tells the other nurses to rest since they've been helping jang-geum with the prince.The other nurses state they have started to like jang-geum and shin-bi.Even nurse eun-bi who used to detest jang-geum comes to help jang-geum.Min jung-ho reports to the king the news about jang-geum saving the beggars, and the head guard arrives to tell the king that the lady queen brought jang-geum back to the palace to treat her son.

Jang-geum, master chung, shin-bi, eun-bi, and another nurse work on treating the prince day and night.Finally the prince is recovering.The lady queen and the king are informed of the prince's condition.The lady queen and the king arrive to see the prince.The lady queen tells jang-geum she is speechless in front of jang-geum,for asking her to use another child's illness as an opportunity, not knowing her own son could be in the same state. The lady queen apologizes to jang-geum and tells her she will from now on be her strength. The king tells his generals he wants to reward jang-geum by awarding her with gifts and in addition, by making her a high-ranked general. All the generals protest except for min jung-ho who replies he will carry out the king's decision.The generals meet and agree that they cannot let the king go ahead with it and they complain the king again in court.Just then, the head master from nae-ee-ohn, master shin arrives telling the king and the court that the supports the king's decision and all of nae-ee-ohn is behind his decision. The king asks why and master shin replies jang-geum treats her patients like how a mother will treats her child,with self-sacrifice and hope,an attitude and skill other doctors and nurses do not have. [edit] ep. 52

Master shin reports to the king that the medicine house supports jang-geum and recognizes that she is the best choice to head nae-ee-ohn as a ranked general. The elders in court protest to the king saying jang-geum cannot break the tradition but the king announces jang-geum is to be his main physician and a medicine general. Min jung-ho's boss tells him to persuade the king to re-think the king's decision but he declines.The boss gets furious and says in that case their mentor-mentee relationship is over. Back at nae-ee-ohn, master shin tells the nurses and the masters to accept jang-geum as their new boss.

Jang-geum treats the young prince with master chung as her assistant.The prince is reluctant to eat the medicine but jang-geum promises he can play in the yard with her if he does so the prince agrees and they play outside afterwards.The queen dowager arrives outside the king's corridor and sits on the floor outside.The king comes out and begs her to get up but the mother queen states she is merely punishing herself for teaching her son wrongly causing him to award a woman into the hall of male physicians. The king replies he will follow her wishes and begs her to get up.The queen dowager asks if he's sincere and finally gets up after the king states yes. Min jung-ho watches and then goes back to his office.

The lady queen meets with jang-geum and tells her it's hard to go against the queen dowager's will so jang-geum should be the one to give in. Jang-geum smiles and replies when she was little her mother scolded her for catching rabbits with the boys saying that is not a job for girls.The lady queen says she too wonders why she could not go to school with the boys. Shin-bi goes to see jang-geum at night and encourages her by saying everyone already knows jang-geum's skills with or without a big title.Shin-bi leaves and jang-geum takes off her socks to rub her aching foot.The king arrives in her room.

Min jung-ho thinks about writing a letter but grabs the pen set jang-geum gave him and heads toward jang-geum's room instead.Outside her room, min jung-ho sees the king's personal guards waiting with a lamp.Inside, the king apologizes to jang-geum. Jang-geum notices the king holds one of his hands into a fist whenever he talks and suggests taking a walk outside since it's a spring night.The king and jang-geum stroll through the palace as jang-geum explains how the weather affects the citizens and their health and how mother nature is key to illness.Then jang-geum suggests to the king to take his shoes off and walk on the ground to feel the way the ground vibrates like her teacher taught her in the past.The king is impressed by jang-geum's knowledge and takes off his shoes to walk around without his shoes on.

Jang-geum tells the king he should stroll everynight when he encounters difficulty in sleeping.The king asks how she knew he had trouble sleeping.Jang-geum replies he holds his hand into a fist whenever he talks which suggests that he is stressed and when a person is stressed they have trouble sleeping. Jang-geum also sugggests to the king that whenever he feels stressed he should talk to someone he trusts instead of holding it all to himself.

The king is once again impressed by jang-geum's knowledge and sensitivity and begins to walk more without his shoes. The next day in court the elder generals ask the king to punish min jung-ho.The king is angry and sends them away but they state they will return tomorrow.The king is angry and sits with his hand into a fist as he stresses about what's going on in the court.The head guard asks the king where he wants to sleep tonight and the king replies jang-geum's. The king arrives at jang-geum's room but tells the guard he wants to go to yeon-sheng's instead.When he arrives at yeon-sheng's the king changes his mind again and suggests taking a walk instead.

Next day the king talks to jang-geum about all his troubles.The king tells jang-geum he never wanted to be the king but he became a king,and ever since he wondered if he had the make up of a king. Jang-geum and the king continue to talk about their childhoods, and their memories as they laugh in between.Jang-geum tries to explain the meaning of the king's memories.The king replies jang-geum is teasing him but jang-geum says she is being sincere.Jang-geum tells the king to forgive himself about whatever he feels is his shortcoming and focus on the future. Min jung-ho watches as the king and jang-geum laugh.

Jang-geum instructs the head guard to put lots of apples before him since the smell of apple is good for the king and the king should eat lots of apples. She also tells the guard to tell the royal kitchen to prepare water kimchee instead of chili kimchee and to not offer the king green tea at night. The king asks min jung-ho how he met jang-geum. Min jung-ho explains he has known her since the days when jang-geum was a kitchen maid. He also tells the king how he met jang-geum at the library the first time, but jang-geum saved him once outside the palace before that.

The king comments how Min jung-ho and Jang-geum have a long history, but the king's history with Jang-geum goes back even more. The king explains the story of jang-geum as a child delivering wine to his place when he was still a prince and how she begged to be a palace maid.The king asks min jung-ho if he agrees that he(the king)and jang-geum have quite a destiny together. Min jung-ho nods.

Min jung-ho meets with jang-geum and tells her he understands her helping the king but taking a walk with him every morning will cause a stir among palace people.Jang-geum replies she understands.

The queen dowager meets with the king and the lady queen.Queen dowager asks why he meets with jang-geum every morning.The king replies she is healing his heart troubles but the queen dowager states that's nonsense and suggests making jang-geum a concubine instead.

At soo-rak-gan, min sang goon is teaching the new maids how to cook.Chan-ee runs in and tells min sang goon there's a shocking news.

Min sang goon takes chan-ee into her room and chan-ee tells min sang goon that the queen dowager has ordered jang-geum to be a concubine. min sang goon reports the news to yeon-sheng.

Chan-ee reports the news to the gam's who are surprised and worried about min jung-ho. Mr.Gam and Mrs.Gam begin to argue again about what's going happen to min jung-ho and jang-geum. Chan-ee who knows nothing about jang-geum's relationship with min jung-ho asks what's going on and Mr.gam whispers in her ears about the relationship. Mr. and Mrs.gam go to see Jang-duk, and Mr.Gam complains to Jang-duk about what's going to happen. They agree that jang-geum wouldn't be happy about it.

At nae-ee-ohn min jung-ho, the scholar, and masters chung and shin discuss how if jang-geum becomes a concubine then she wouldn't be able to practice medicine again.

The nurses ask Jang-geum if what she wanted was to be the king's concubine. Shin-bi defends Jang-geum by saying she only wants to practice medicine. Jang-geum leaves and runs into min jung-ho.They exhange looks but they say nothing to each other.Jang-geum goes to see the lady queen and explains herself. The lady queen assures jang-geum if the king doesn't want it to happen, then there's nothing the queen dowager can do.

The king thinks about what his mother said to him and wonders if he thinks of jang-geum more than just a medicine woman. The king goes to see Jang-geum, and Jang-geum begs the king not to accept the queen dowager's suggestion. The king tells jang-geum he didn't know his own feelings until the queen dowager said something.

The palace elders are happy that Jang-geum has been ordered to be a concubine since she won't be practicing medicine then. In the court, the elders beg the king to accept the queen dowager's order.

The queen dowager comes to see the lady queen and asks her why she hasn't insisted on jang-geum becoming a concubine. The lady queen replies Jang-geum is a nurse and the king only sees her as a nurse. The queen dowager gets angry and orders the lady queen to insist on making jang-geum a concubine.

Min jung-ho practices arrow-shooting until his fingers starts to bleed. He goes to see jang-geum. Jang-geum takes care of Min jung-ho's wound. Min jung-ho watches jang-geum mending his wound and says silently, "This is the hand that I should have held onto then. Now I may never be able to hold it again."

Chan-ee goes to tell min sang goon and yeon-sheng about jang-geum and min jung-ho's long relationship. Yeon-sheng asks jang-geum if it's true that min jung-ho is the one jang-geum loves. Jang-geum begins to cry and yeon-sheng cries with jang-geum and asks jang-geum what she will do now. Jang-geum shakes her head indicating she doesn't know what to do and cries more. Yeon-sheng goes to see the king and tells the king jang-geum's life is her work and if she becomes a concubine she will not be happy,then begs the king to disallow it to happen. The king agrees jang-geum's work is very important to Jang-geum's happiness. Yeon-sheng mentions Jang-geum and Min jung-ho love each other deeply. The king is shocked and sends Yeon-sheng away. After Yeon-sheng leaves, the king drinks wine and remembers his conversation with Min jung-ho about his first meeting with Jang-geum.

The king goes to see the queen dowager. She tells the king and the lady queen to make preparations to make Jang-geum a concubine. At court, the king keeps his stare at Min jung-ho, while the elders again beg him to accept the queen dowager's order. The king tells his guard to call Jang-geum in to see him. Jang-geum arrives at the king's room. Alone with Jang-geum, the king tells her to sit closely to him. Jang-geum sits down and looks up as the king stares at her. The king asks jang-geum if it's true that she and Min jung-ho love each other, and Jang-geum replies yes. The king is furious. [edit] ep. 53

The king asks jang-geum if she likes Master Min jung-ho.Jang-geum replies yes. The king stares at her,tells her that he is the king of this nation and asks her if she knows what consequence her answer can lead to.Jang-geum replies she knows,and states that she is merely a woman who has found medicine to be her livelihood.The king angrily tells jang-geum to show up to their daily morning walk tomorrow as usual.

Jang-geum leaves and arrives at Master Min jung-ho's office.She nervously tells him what happened and is worried what might happen to Master Min jung-ho.Min jung-ho replies she did well and feels proud that she recognized him in front of the king.Min jung-ho says he would rather jang-geum tell the king her true feelings about him and face the fatal consequence than have jang-geum lie about her love and protect him.

The king and his guard arrives outside min jung-ho's office.The king overhears their conversation and becomes furious,he leaves. The head guard coughs,to signal that they're there.Jang-geum and min jung-ho come outside and see the king leaving.The guard tells them the king wants them both to show up to the walk tomorrow.

Next morning, the king puts on a good spirit and asks jang-geum how she and min jung-ho recognized each other,later if they didn't know each other the first time they met. Jang-geum replies she left her father's gift to her accidentally when she saved min jung-ho, and later they were able to recognize each other through the knife/brush set.The king asks to see it.Jang-geum replies she doesn't have it now as she had gave it to min jung-ho.The king is taken back(a little jealous)and changes the topic.The king tells the guard to prepare for arrow practice.

The king asks min jung-ho to accompany him in shooting arrows.The king tells min jung-ho they'll each shoot 5 times.(If min jung-ho wins, the king will give him his royal bow, if the king wins, min jung-ho must give the king jang-geum's knife/brush set). Min jung-ho obliges since he has no other choice. Jang-geum watches as the two men shoot arrows toward a red target.Min jung-ho shoots 4 good ones.The king also gets bulls eye 4 times.The king shoots his 5th arrow and misses the center.Just as min jung-ho is about to draw his 5th,the king tells min jung-ho he fancies jang-geum and asks if he feels the same about her. Min jung-ho shoots his arrow to the bull's eye and replies yes.The king is furious again and grabs his bow and arrow,points toward min jung-ho.Everyone's shocked.The king hesitates then points the arrow toward a flying bird instead and leaves.

All day jang-geum can't concentrate as she worries about what might happen to min jung-ho. yeon-sheng calls jang-geum to her room.Yeon-sheng tells jang-geum she told the king about her and min jung-ho so everything's going be ok.

Chan-ee and min sang goon ask jang-geum what's it like to love a man as they giggle.Jang-geum says it's a warm feeling but bursts into tears and says'What am i going do.What am i going do.' The lady queen asks the king to give her instructions on what to do regarding the matter of making jang-geum a concubine.The queen asks the king whether or not she should carry it out. The king doesn't reply and looks in deep thoughts.The queen senses the king likes jang-geum and states tomorrow she will announce to carry out the order of making jang-geum a concubine.

At night, min sang goon brings apples to the king.The king asks min sang goon if jang-geum told her to bring them to him.Min sang goon replies yes.The king grabs an apple,smells it and states something so fragrant and good for you should be kept nearby at all times. Min sang goon replies yes but senses the king is speaking about something else.The guard arrives to tell the king that min jung-ho has come to see the king. Min sang goon leaves and runs to tell jang-geum that min jung-ho is in the king's room. Min jung-ho tells the king that he had once tried to run away with jang-geum because that was the only way he thought he could spend a day with jang-geum, but they returned the same day because jang-geum did not want to turn her back on the palace and her medicine practice. Min jung-ho tells the king he doesn't want to block jang-geum's path with anymore sadness and asks the king to grant him death and he will gladly take all the blame.To let jang-geum be all she can be and use her talents,that is the way min jung-ho expresses his love for jang-geum.

Min jung-ho returns to his office and jang-geum is waiting for him nervously.Jang-geum asks him what he said to the king.She asks if he told the king that no matter what he would be by her side.Min jung-ho says nothing and grabs jang-geum into his arms to embrace her. Yeon-sheng goes to see the king and begs the king to grant her death for she made a mistake. The king asks what is the meaning of death,and the meaning of love. The next day, the lady queen hands her assistant the document to carry out jang-geum's inauguration as concubine.But the head guard arrives telling the lady queen the king has declined making jang-geum a concubine. The king meets with jang-geum and tells jang-geum he will not make her his concubine but asks her to stay by his side as his main physician,as an order from the king and a plead from a man.

In court the king asks his generals if they recognize jang-geum as the one who saved his life, the one who found a treatment for the contagious disease the prince suffered from, and if she is the one with highest skills in nae-ee-ohn.The generals are speechless.The king states jang-geum is to be 'dae' ("great")jang-geum from this day forward and she will be awarded the title of the king's physician. A general protests but the king states he will not hear one more complaint about it and orders min jung-ho to carry out his order at once.Jang-geum is robed in a special attire and before the nae-ee-ohn staff, min jung-ho reads the king's order aloud. Jang-geum accepts the document with the king's order and bows before her colleagues.

The generals ask the king to punish min jung-ho.The king hesitates and agrees.Min jung-ho is taken away by guards.Chan-ee informs jang-geum about the news min jung-ho is now an outcast and sent into exile.The nurses wonder what they should call jang-geum from now on since technically she should be addressed as 'master' but they settle on 'dae jang geum'.Jang-geum runs around palace looking for min jung-ho.Jang-geum goes outside the palace to look for him.Jang-duk hands her the trinket jang-geum gave min jung-ho and states he has already left the town.

Jang-geum finally catches up to min jung-ho and the guards who are escorting him.Jang-geum cries and states this can't be but min jung-ho tells her to return to the palace because she has travelled a difficult road to where she is,and from now on she must be more alert than ever for the road before her will be even more difficult than ever.Min jung-ho tells jang-geum to forget everything in the past cleanly.Jang-geum asks if he can forget everything. Min jung-ho replies he can and he already has.Jang-geum with tears replies she can't forget him and begs him to take her trinket at the least,and she watches as the soldiers take him away.

Back at palace, jang-geum examines the king.Later, jang-geum asks if she can have a piece of land to cultivate more herbs and study more medicine.The king agrees and jang-geum begins her farm project.

Jang-geum updates the king on her herb progress but looks around where they are and the king realizes jang-geum misses min jung-ho.Jang-geum studies in the library and remembers her enounter with min jung-ho at the library where they first officially met.The king is getting old and jang-geum continues to look after him as she studies herbs and food science.

Jang-geum goes by a creek and remembers the way min jung-ho carried her on his back during their 'run away'.Then jang-geum sees an injured rabbit and takes it back to the palace to perform surgery.The king's lower organs are shutting down like jang-geum feared they would some day.The king is dying but he tells jang-geum she is not to blame for his own aging body. some of the generals want to hold jang-geum responsible for the king's condition but the nae-ee-ohn staff state jang-geum has done more than she can to save the king. Jang-geum wants to try surgery on the king that she used to save the rabbit, but jang-duk stops her saying though it worked on animal once it is too risky to use on human.

Jang-geum goes to see the king and asks the king to trust her once more.The king asks what she means and jang-geum replies she knows one method of opening up his internal organs which is to use knife and do surgery on him.The king is shocked by the concept. [edit] ep. 54 (FINAL EPISODE)

Jang-Geum asks the king for permission to operate on him to cut off the blocked part of his intestine, since it's the only method to save him. The king is shocked by the idea. Master Chung and Master Shin insist Jang-Geum cannot do such a thing. Jang-Geum shows the masters the rabbit she saved through surgery. The masters ask how the rabbit could've endured such pain. Mr Gam and Jang-Geum explain that she used a needle to numb the nerve nearby before performing the surgery. Jang-Geum demonstrates what she means on a fish saying fishermen do this to keep the fish fresh during transport. The queen asks Jang-Geum if it's true that she suggested to the king that she cut open his stomach. Jang-Geum replies yes and the queen scolds her saying it is an unprecedented impossibility and even mentioning it is an offense against the king.

The king's generals plead with the king to receive treatment from nae-ee-ohn master (the male physicians)instead of Jang-Geum who is "pushing her limits by riding on the king's favor". The king, barely gathering enough strength to talk, tells his generals to leave. Outside the generals run into Jang-Geum. The head general tells Jang-Geum they will not give up easily. Jang-Geum begs the king to accept her treatment. The king senses his death coming and smiles at Jang-Geum instead of answering her. Jang-Geum states that she truly wants to save him. The king replies that it cannot be done, and that no matter how skilled she is she cannot save a dead man. The king tells Jang-Geum she is a great doctor whom everyone loves and respects. Jang-Geum, in tears, again begs the king to agree to her treatment. The king states that when he goes to sleep he can hear Jang-Geum's words circling his ears and he can rest well.

The king studies Jang-Geum as she tends to him. The king smiles at Jang-Geum. Jang-Geum leaves and goes back to work. The head eunuch comes to tell her that it is the King's order that she go to the east gate and follow the orders of the guards. A few guards wait for Jang-geum and one of them covers her head with white sheet. Jang-Geum is taken to a boat and sent away to where Min Jung-Ho has been banished and now works as a farmer. The king has arranged for their meeting. Back at palace the generals are angry that Jang-Geum has disappeared.

Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho tearfully embrace. The guard tells Min Jung-Ho to receive the king's last royal order. Min Jung-Ho bows and kneels to receive the king's order. The king instructs Min Jung-Ho to take Jang-Guem and go to the nation of Ming (China) and tells him to tell her that he is grateful that she has kept him alive so long and apologizes to Jang-Guem for sending Min Jung-Ho away. Also, he was grateful that she did not bear any resentment towards the King for this. He wishes her well and hopes that she will learn more in a even bigger country.

Along the journey to the port, they hear the citizens cry out in front of the bulletin board as they read about the news that the king has risen to the heavens.

Jang-Geum is upset and tries to get on the boat to return to the King. The guard says that it is too late and the King is already dead. The guard shows Jang Geum the wanted poster for Jang Guem. He tells them that this is what the King was afraid of and that is why he was ordered to abduct Jang-Geum and take her to Min Jung-Ho. He shouts at Min Jung-Ho to carry out the king's last royal orders and to take Jang Geum away. Min Jung-Ho drags Jang Geum off as the guard runs toward the soldiers to distract them.

[8 years later, year 1550 a.d., remote town in outskirts of joseon nation]

A little girl named So-Won runs toward her father, Min Jung-Ho, with dirt on her clothes and fish in a jar. Her mother, Jang-Geum, appears from behind the girl. So-won is scared and Jang-Geum is angry.

Jang-Geum punishes her daughter for going out without permission but Jung-Ho rescues So-Won from further punishment. (The little daughter is full of curiosity just like the little Jang-Geum.)

Jang-Geum practices medicine by saving whoever is sick in town. So-Won goes along with Jang-Geum to help her whenever she is called to see a patient. Min Jung-Ho teaches the local kids to read and write. On this day, So-Won runs to tell her father that the townsmen are bullying Jang-Geum for wanting to do a caesarian on a pregnant mother.

On her way, So-Won runs into Gam Duk-Goo who says he is from the capital and asks about where Jang-Geum is. The little girl points to the wrong direction and runs back home to tell her father about her mother and the strange man who was looking for her. Min Jung-Ho starts packing their stuff and father and daughter go to town to grab Jang-Geum. The three start running on foot. Gam Duk-Goo sees Jang-Geum and her family but they disappear before he can catch up to them.

Gam Duk-Goo returns to Hanyang and reports his sighting to his wife and Jang-Duk. Both women are elated that Jang-Geum and Jung-Ho are still living in joseon (Korea) with their little daughter. Yeon-Sheng goes to see the queen (lady queen) and begs her to pardon Jang-Geum. The queen replies that it is too bad Jang-Geum is in nation of Myung (Ming China), or else she would have brought her back to the palace.

Yeon-sheng reports that Jang-Geum has been in Joseon all these years. The queen is pleasantly surprised. Chan-Ee (also a sang-goon) and Min Sang-Goon are relieved and happy by the queen's response.

So-Won continues to help her mother with her medicine practice. One day, So-Won walks back home with Jang-Geum after treating an elderly woman. So-Won hides behind Jang-Geum when she sees her father running toward them. Jung-Ho worriedly tells Jang-Geum that So-Won is missing. Jang-Geum tries to hold back her laughter as So-Won teases her father. When they go back, they see soldiers surrounding their home. They have come to bring them back to the palace.

Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho are given back their old attire and escorted back to Hanyang in a wagon. As they enter the palace, So-Won asks questions non-stop, she is surprised by everything she sees.

Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho reunite with their former colleagues. The staff of nae-ee-ohn, the cooks of soo-rak-gan, and the upper generals of the palace circle them with smiles and nods. The queen arrives, telling Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho how happy she is to see them and asking why they have lived in exile all these years, and not shown themselves earlier. The queen states that the king was proud of them both and felt bad about what happened to Min Jung-Ho. The queen states that Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho will have their old positions back and asks them to return to the palace.

Min Sang-Goon, Yeon-Sheng, Chan-Ee, and Shin-bi are astonished by how similar Jang-Guem was to So-Won as a child. So-Won continues to entertain them with her non-stop chatter about everything her mother has taught her. Jang-Geum and Jung-Ho bring So-Won to see the Gangs and Jang-Duk. Gam Duk-Goo and So-Won recognize each other immediately and Gam Duk-Goo understands why she reminded him of Jang-Geum when he ran into her in the remote city. Jung-Ho asks Jang-Geum whether she wants to return to the palace or go back to where they've been living. Both decide to leave. Jang-Geum tells the queen her decision. The lady queen replies she is sad but will respect her wish.

Jang-Geum gives the palace one last look and steps outside its gates to her awaiting husband and daughter. The three start to walk back to where they came from. Jung-Ho asks Jang-Geum what the palace meant to her. Jang-Geum replies that the palace gave her the chance to cook and the chance to practice medicine, but it also took away Jung Sang-Gong, Han Sang-Gong, and her mother from her. The palace was a place that made her feel she had everything when she in fact had none; a place that made her feel like she could do anything when she was in fact powerless to do anything. Jang-Geum states that the palace was a sad place for her. Min Jung-Ho smiles and asks if the road they travel is not sad. Jang-Geum replies yes. Min Jung-Ho is happy but tells Jang-Geum that even so she cannot cut people open since such a practice is still not accepted in joseon. Jang-geum replies it should be since it can save lives. Just then they discover So-Won is missing. But So-Won runs toward them to tell Jang-Geum that a woman nearby is in pain. Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho follow So-Won to the lady's house. The woman is in difficult labor and will die from giving birth. Jang-Geum tells Jung-Ho that surgery is the only way to save both mother and child. At first Min Jung-Ho is against it but he gives in to Jang-Geum in the end. Min Jung-Ho and So-Won go out to collect water. Min Jung-Ho spills most of the water on the way back to the cave and is admonished by So-Won, saying that her mother always said that the patient is more important. Min Jung-Ho follows her instructions. Jang-Geum successfully saves both mother and child by doing a caesarian delivery. Jang-Geum ,Min Jung-Ho, and So-Won sit by the woman and smile as they welcome the newborn into life. Min jung-ho says, "This is not the era for this woman. She will always ask, "If it can be done in order to save lives... Why not?".

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